Thursday, August 02, 2012

If I had the time, and could be bothered with ebay, then I’d be shedding a load of excess weight in the form of stuff. I do have the inclination but not the patience to put up with the guff that comes with that particular territory. There has to be a good holiday’s worth lying around here gathering dust. A bit like myself. And I keep adding to it, seemingly not having learned the requisite lessons.

The Nomads annual Blidosund bash is underway. Always an event that I intend to attend, one of these nights... may the bar takings break unprecedented records tonight. “Solna” is still very fresh and as we wait on the rest of the planet to catch up, we all gotta meet up at a Nomads show someplace soon. Which brings me back to the ditching stuff because then I could afford to take in a couple of upcoming gigs. Now memories, I believe you can pack them right up until the lights go out.

I’m banking on beyond but I’ll take ‘til if that’s how it pans out.