Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Just a wee follow up on yesterday's opus. I've been searching for reports on Sakert! ruling Hultsfred and one particular thing really got my goat. To the effect that the fact their lyrics are in Swedish and this was offputting to the person who wrote it. It made me want to partake of a little shot-putting right on to his noggin. Maybe bang some sense into there...

Now where was the festival? Have a guess?? Sweden? Absolutely right. What language is the band's record in? This is where it gets difficult but bear with me. I've no idea why I was so sensitive to such abject stupidity. Maybe it's because this person got to witness it and I didn't. If you read my thing down there you'll understand that it really doesn't matter. The noise songs touch your soul beyond language. Everything else is a bonus.

So anyway, that's the beef. I'm going to kick back with a wee beer and the brand new S&LQ.

In the off chance you can't do likewise, check out this great pop song!