Saturday, February 28, 2009


The recent passing of The Cramp's Lux Interior totally devastated us and we felt compelled to do something to mark the occasion.

So, on Friday March 13th we will host a musical celebration of the life of Lux. This will be a night of music The Cramps taught us - filthy, fucked up rock n' roll, rockabilly, strip music & swamp sleaze, and of course a healthy dose of music from the mighty cramps themselves who showed us that the ROLL is as important as the ROCK.

Venue - stereo Doors 11 - 3.
Full twang-o-rama sound. Entry - £5

(Info courtesy of Twitch, thanks to Alan for the heads up)

Some spamming tosspot has infiltrated my hotmail account so apologies if you receive a message on account of this. It's been reported and the relevant steps have been taken but that doesn't take a way from the fact that it shouldn't have happened in the first place. If it happens again then it's bye bye hotmail.
RIP - Randy Bewley (Pylon)

(Thanks to Marty for the info)

Friday, February 27, 2009

This time next week, all going to plan, I’ll be in some boozer down “The London”. The occasion? The Quattros will be hitting the Dirty Water Club and if that’s not cause for celebration then I divnae ken what the hell is.

A few things to run by you this Friday evening. I’ll be staying pretty close to the ol’ “midden heid” this weekend so if I can resist the urge to fester in front of the TV catching up on dvd watching, then there’ll be intermittent action with regard to music stuff. Can’t be any more specific at this junk-ture… So whilst on the subject of movies…

Dead by Dawn returns to Filmhouse 30 April - 3 May 2009 with Spawn of Dawn returning at midnight on Saturday 2 May 2009. Passes will cost £65, Spawn of Dawn tickets will cost £25. Both are available here. This is the UK's premier horrorfest - accept nae substitute.

It always seems to coincide with my being away, and this year looks like being no exception but maybe the schedule could be shuffled a bit.

Murray Ramone found this Scott Kempner clip for your viewing and listening pleasure…
He also reminded me of this. I think I might have posted a link to what might have gone down when Rabbie met Iggy but maybe not. I certainly meant to.

Empress of Fur are at DWC tonight. I always liked them. Wish they were on next week.

Still, you can’t have everything…
Grumpy Gonzo on Bill Hicks

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I should have posted Maia's video last week but for some reason, I completely forgot. My faculties ain't at their best right now...

Fanzine project at the National Library of Scotland...
RIP - Wendy Richard

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

RIP - Antoinette K-Doe

(Houndblog post)
The first single from the debut Two White Horses album. Out March 18th on the Stand By Your Band! imprint...

Two White Horses: Good Times Are Gone Forever
Say, are YOU getting enough SIT & Die Co.?

Doctors agree* -- a monthly measure of SUSQUEHANNA INDUSTRIAL TOOL & DIE CO. promotes healthfulness and regularity! *Note: Doctors have not been consulted and do not necessarily agree. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 26th (and the last Thursday of every month!) at OTTO'S SHRUNKEN HEAD TIKI BAR & LOUNGE 538 East 14th Street (just west of Avenue B) in Manhattan / Two readily absorbed shows, from 8:00 sharp until 10:00 / No cover!
Digestively yours-

Michael, Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co.
"Ballads, Boogies & Blues"

P.S. An added dose is available on Tuesday, February 24th at Zebulon in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, at our pal Lily Sickles' birthday party. One SIT & Die Co. set at 10pm (featuring saucy special guest The Baby Maria), followed by Lily, herself, fronting a musical supergroup of some kind. Oh, and cake. It's free and, yes, you're invited!
I'm proud of the fact that I completely managed to stay away from the computer last night. Sir Jocke of Ericson sent me this "trailer" for an upcoming exhibit in Stockholm. I never heard the "Preraphaelites" but if J says they rock then thats good enough for me. A wee bit culture off the beaten track for a midweek morning. Don't worry, the clatter and bang will be back soon enough...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Monday, February 23, 2009

My friends, I Are Droid are making a video for their rawktastic new single "Before The Fall".

Check out these instructions and help 'em out!!
Thanks to everybody who showed up for the screenings last night. It was great to hear the film get a hearty round of applause after the final credits. Hopefully there'll be a few more evenings like that down the road apiece.

It will come as no surprise that my intros were a stream of (un)conciousness. I was pretty giddy by the time of the second one because I knew then that no-one could be disappointed. Let's call it "Gibber" - my hybrid of Google and Twitter. It's great when your faith in something turns out to be wholly justified. My demeanour would be a lot less sour if that happened more often. I think the Film Festival as a whole broke all their previous records. There are no plans to make it "Cannes on the Clyde" as Allison Gardner succinctly put it. This is a good thing. Roll on February 2010!
I see a lot of music documentaries and am often disappointed or deflated by the time they’re over. Not so with ”The Wrecking Crew”. A lot of love and respect went into the making of this.

The film took 12 years to complete. Denny Tedesco made it to celebrate the amazing lives of his dad, guitar player Tommy Tedesco and his colleagues. Since the piece was completed, Earl Palmer passed away in September 2008. It’s important that such a document exists, not only for those who are familiar with their work but also for those who have yet to discover it. Like “Standing in the Shadows of Motown”, this is an insight into the people who were the bedrock of the greatest records ever made. This one is more personal and therefore affecting than “Shadows”. There’s a sort of overlap which isn’t touched upon, that being when Motown moved to the West Coast, some of these musicians took up the slack on those too.

At this point it would probably be easier to make a list of the great tunes that they weren’t on. Those they did though include all the Wall of Sound sides that have sent shivers up and down all of our spines over the years and The Beach Boys. Doctor H reported recently that they were even the house band on the Lancelot Link and the Evolution Revolution sessions! These musicians combined intuitive playing with real heart and soul to create a backdrop for an amazing array of artists.

You can’t programme what these folks made with some software. Synthetic orchestration is no match for the full-on analog assault that their sessions wrought.

The pace is just right and the tone undeniably upbeat. Discovering that Tommy was the guitar player on the "F Troop" theme (not to mention Bonanza) really made my heart soar. To be able to hear folks like Al Casey tell their stories is such a valuable resource and you won’t be able to believe how cool Carol Kaye is. Denny Tedesco’s access to the cast is what makes this tick with a passion. It infuses the whole deal with actual reality as opposed to the devices that directors often scatter through this type of film.

Hopefully down the line – when not if it snags proper distribution – some of the individuals who made the documentary will make it to the UK in person. Please go to the site and sign up to the mailing list. Pronto.

Earlier on in the day, I saw the “Who Killed Nancy” film. Alan G Parker was there to introduce it but had to bail to attend a screening at The Cameo in Edinburgh. The evening previously, I’d watched Don Letts "Punk: Attitude" (thanks Martin) and there seems to be some bleed in terms of the interviews. WKN is interspersed with some really irritating graphic animation. The interview sequences make up for this somewhat as the story unfolds. You’re left in no uncertain terms with the fact that Sid didn’t “do it”. It was a big boy what did only he ran away and has never been tracked down. In his absence, Rockets Redglare is also cited as a probable culprit. In total, I enjoyed the film but feel it would have been tighter without those cartoons. In the closing credits I noticed a typo on “Otto’s Shrunken Head” where some of the interviews took place. I have to deduct points for that.

But then again, there was Glen Matlock's poster for "The Rebel". Wouldn't mind having one of those...

It’s no secret that I never rated Buzzcocks. nothing anyone can do or say will ever convince me otherwise. However, Sam Taylor-Wood’s short film, “Love You More” that accompanied WKN is a nice little slice of nostalgia. More details here.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I'm going to see this today, prior to TWC. Don't know much other than it has Handsome Dick, Howie Pyro and John Holmstrom in it.

Will file the verdict (on the documentary) in due course...
This is going down in Coventry this coming Friday... (Thanks Ian)

Tonight at GFT, Glasgow.

Two screenings at 6.30pm and 8.30pm.

To underline the previous message from Eugene Reynolds...

"It's not over at all!

A few misunderstandings, compounded by some cross purpose communications, have given cause to the rumour that we have split up.

We will be under new management, but HAVE NOT, repeat HAVE NOT - split up!!!

Plans for dates in Japan and the US are underway, as well as some UK touring activity later in the year.

Meantime the band are working on material for the follow-up to the acclaimed "Can't Stand The Rezillos" album.

Even we didn't know we'd split up!!!

The Rezillos"

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A preparation, recommended by Doctor H...
This just in from Planet Rezillo...

Hi Lindsay

Eugene here.

The REZILLOS have not split. Some weird hacking went on. Terminated.

Even all the band members are still alive and kicking (what else) so even that other rumour can be nuked.


Facebook notes, importing blog entries and generally frittering away my existence whilst lapping up the sonic excellence of North Fork Sound. Ain't that what Saturday mornings are about?

Looking at the new Filmhouse brochure that just came in, I notice that "Gun Crazy" is being re-released in April. Far as I know anyway, it's not been re-made with Pitt and Jolie or whoever. The thing that struck me about it was the rating. PG - contains mild violence, threat and smoking scenes. As if society wasn't far enough up around the U-bend. they have to poison our minds with this filth. Anyway, it'll be braw to see this on the big screen.

And while we're still at the flicks, "Transatlantic Feedback" will also be hitting up theatres for a short run in that self-same month.
Couple more cool Lux things you might have missed.

Zoom in online by Sean Rogan (Thanks to Mike and Katie)

Black & White by David Pelfrey

"Feels So Good To Feel"... you know it!!

So, you've been to the early showing of TWC tomorrow night and you're looking for somewhere to head to? The Martial Arts should be onstage at around 10pm. Maybe you could trochle along to The Halt Bar...

Over there in da Netherlands... Fistful is coming up for 5!

RIP - Snooks Eaglin (Thanks to Ben for the link)

Great piece at The Houndblog.

Friday, February 20, 2009

This just in from (and also Martin and Jonathan - thanks fellas)

"Sorry folks!
The Rezillos have split up.
We know it's happened before but we're pretty sure it's for real this time.
Thanks for being with us on this manic journey.
We have no idea what happens next –but the world will hear from some of us again!

Update @ 9pm - This is being disputed. As soon as I hear anything conclusive then I'll add it. Possibly not tonight though...

Update @ 5am 21/2 - Incase you never looked at the comments from Bryan Swirsky, he spoke to Jo and Eugene and the band has NOT split. I'll report any developments as I get them.
Thanks to Jos at Fistful for the head's up on this...

Good Morning! You're getting this because you're on the Rob's House Records email list and we've got a new label to introduce. Welcome: Sing Sing Records. We're (legitimately) reissuing our favorite punk singles from the late 70s and early 80s. First pressing is 500 copies of each but we're definitely up to represses and/or basically keeping these in stock if you guys want em. So, here's the first batch:

Sing 001 :: ROSES ARE RED - Can't Understand b/w Your Love Is Like A Ballistic Missile

"A five-piece punk band formed in the first half of 1978, Roses Are Red suffered a series of personnel changes before a March 1979 line-up featuring Chris Thompson (v) and Nicky Hallam (gtr) with Vibrators members Greg Van Cook, Ian 'Knox' Carnochan and John 'Eddie' Edwards recorded this self-produced single at Elephant Studios, London, and privately issued it in June, receiving positive responses. The stand out track is Your Love Is Like A Ballistic Missile, and infectious punk song built around a catchy chorus: a DIY punk gem which has developed a steady reputation among collectors...." [45 revolutions]

Sing 002 :: RUDI - Big Time b/w No. One

"The first punk band to emerge from Belfast, Northern Ireland, Rudi was formed in late 1975; although before punk broke, the original lineup toyed with glam sounds and even had two drummers! This lineup consisted of Ronnie Matthews (gtr/v), Brian Young (gtr/v), Drew Brown (d) and Graham 'Grimmy' Marshall (bass/vcls). By the time their first single was recorded, Graham Marshall moved to drums and Gordon Blair joined on bass. "A single, cheaply recorded at Templepatrick Studios on February 1978, emerged in the last week of April '78, housed in a fold-open cover with artwork inspired by the 1932 movie 'The Mummy' (with Boris Karloff) on the front. A punk/powerpop song of superior musical level, Big Time was the perfect introduction to Rudi: crisp, tight, energetic and contagiously melodic. The flip was a good '77 three chord garage-punker, which confirmed the band's talent." [45 Revolutions]

Sing 003 :: THE ZIPS - Take Me Down / Don't Be Pushed Around / I'm In Love / Over & Over

"In 1978 John McNeil (v/gtr) and Brian Jackson (gtr) recruited Joe Jaconelli (d) and Phil Mullen (b/v), and launched The Zips onto the New Wave. They released their debut single, The Zips EP, in April 1979, a favourite of Radio Clyde, and the late-John Peel on Radio One. The 500 copies swiftly sold out, and it was followed by a new single, Radioactivity, on their own Tenement Toons label.

$6 each / plus shipping.

Remember, these are legit reissues which means we're paying the bands so no complaints about prices. In fact, if you've seen these on ebay anytime in the last few years, you'll know you're getting an amazing deal.

Order now and check out our fully-functional website at

Records will ship sometime next week. Also available soon from: Revolver, Matador, Goner

Up next: Jetz - Catch Me, Rudi - I Spy, De Cylinders - I Wanna Get Married
I'm feeling a tad weary. Not sure why exactly because I sure as hell haven't been exerting myself. Spent much of the day thinking about how Ivy is coming to terms with Lux's passing on this, her birthday. It's bad enough when someone exits your life stage left for whatever reason but when you're as joined at the hip as those two were then it boggles the mind.

I hope she's doing as OK as is humanly possible under the circumstances.

Otherwise, there are two or three other things to write and also my "Wrecking Crew" intro to think about. I need to switch off for a bit to gather me thoughts and scribble longhand whilst listening to music or watching a movie. Per'aps both. Two weeks today, the Quattros roll into London, just what the rock'n'roll doctor ordered in terms of a tonic for this jaded afterburn.

Hope to see a squad of you dahn there...

I'll be back early, not nec bright tomorrow morning. Have a luvverly evening/day/night... delete as applicable.

Thursday, February 19, 2009



"We are extremely excited to announce a Crystal Stilts in-store this Monday, 23rd February at 7pm. Their stunning album, "Alight Of Night" landslided our best of 2008 and its now available in the UK on the Angular label. Crystal Stilts are mesmeric, 3-D sound, Velvets/Flying Nun/Mary Chain classicism with poignant, crisp lyrics. We've already hailed them as the most exciting walk out into the (gloomy) winter sun in quite a while. The Pastels will DJ."
If you're in Madrid...

Or New York maybe...

I still have some loose ends that need to be tied up. see you tomorrow...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

RIP - Joe Cuba

RIP - Louie Bellson
Still fizzing after seeing Boner and his crew ham it up on the Brits? Let Lola Dutronic bring you back to earth...

A missive from Long Rydin' Sid Griffin...

Hello pickers and s-h-one-tee kickers,

The Coal Porters fly into bonnie Scotland tomorrow to play three big, big shows. If you like bluegrass at its fun-est and alt-bluegrass at its finest then look below for the places to go and to be seen.

19 Feb @ 20:00
The Inn at Lathones St. Andrews, Scotland (has a nice school and posh golf course)

20 Feb @ 20:00
The Inn at Lathones St. Andrews, Scotland (bring your cap & gown or your plus fours)

21 Feb @ 20:00
Midlem Town Hall Midlem, Scotland (near the grand town of Galashiels)

Bluegrass came outta Scotland and now we are sending it back... hang on... that didn't come out correctly... I mean... ahhhhh... well, you folks know what I mean.

The Decaffeinated Kid
Ever wonder what Wilko Johnson channelling Charles Laughton in a "See You Jimmy hat" approximation might look like? ladies and gents, the latest next big Swedish thing! (Thanks to Ulf for the link)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I recall looking at the clock this morning at 4.26am. Figured I might have another half hour before getting up to have an hour on here prior to work. Either the alarm wasn't set or it's knackered, either way, next thing I new it was after 6 and that set me up (not) for the remains of the day. The one cool thing that happened though was that I got a message from the great Hal Blaine. The man who has played on more great records than anybody. Doctoror H tells me that the "crew" even played on the Lancelot Link and Evolution Revolution album!

So here's a couple of things to keep you amused while I ponder my strategy...

Barney Hoskyns has two signings coming up to coincide with his Tom Waits book "Lowside of the Road" being published by Faber. He's at:

Wednesday 4 March

6.30 pm – Waterstone's, 82 Gower Street, London, WC1E 6EQ

Thursday 12 March

7.30 pm – The Bluecoat, School Lane , Liverpool L1 3BX


Sister Chris Marlowe found these MC5 pictures whilst dealing with the personal effects of her friend, Bobbie Kaminski, who passed away recently. She thought you folks would like to view these never seen artefacts. No details on the location or date are available but feel free to speculate. Chris also found the SAHB pass which has special cultural significance in this year of "homecoming".


If you're in the New Jersey locale, all roads lead to Asbury Lanes this Saturday night. Check the venue website to confirm showtime...


PJ posted this at the BLR list, website doesn't seem to be active yet but stay tuned for further info!

Thursday 9th - Saturday 11th July

BLAST-OFF! festival is a WILD, WONDERFUL and WAY-OUT happening in Nottingham.

It will be a BLAST of international GARAGE PUNK, BEAT and ROCK AND ROLL!

Including the ONLY AND LAST UK SHOWS of two of the greatest bands on the planet:


as well as a host of incredible bands that will include (in no particular order):

Madrids shakin'est rock and roll party band: LOS CHICOS, possibly the last ever appearance of masked wrestling mayhem merchants: THE COYOTE MEN, the dancing'est followers of Frat: LOS IMBASILS - franco/scottish garage ye-ye kings: LES BOF - Super-sleazy dancefloor-fillers: DOKTOR COMBOVER - Russian fuzz-freaks: THE CAVESTOMPERS - Horror-surf creatures from Spain: THE COSMIC VAMPIRES - Stomping voodoo-garage wildmen: THE EVILTONES - Glasgows greatest garage-punkers: THE BRUTES - the loudest and most rockin' girls in Denmark: CHERRY OVERDRIVE - And of course, a party wouldn't be a party without monkeys! Crazy apemen: THE TORPEDO MONKEYS

All this AND a monster daytime record-fair/retro market for you vinyl and vintage freaks, Insane international dee-jays, all night dancing, gorgeous go-go dancers, delerious decor, far-out films and art show and MORE!

More fabulous acts and delinquent entertainment to be added soon, including one fantastic headline band.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Less than a week to the GFT screenings of The Wrecking Crew so that's the priority at the minute. Rounding up an audience and everything that goes along with that.

This of course means that there is no time to post owt here. IF I get stuff done tonight then maybe things'll revert to what passes for normal tomorrow. I'm skeptical about my abilities at this point so lets see how it goes...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

As I headed toward the cinema yesterday afternoon, I was thinking about "Blue Film Woman" and recalled that it reflected a stock market fall and also a no-smoking song. How far we’ve travelled...

Saw the trailer for Anvil there and was pretty moved, it peaked my expectations somewhat. A couple of hours after watching this, I find out that the band has appeared at the first Glasgow screening. Classic Hutton disorganisation. Does it live up to all the one-liners on the poster? Not exactly but I guess that’s all part of the promotion. To my mind the way it’s been put together is a little contrived but then again what isn’t. Reality stopped being real quite some time ago.

If, like me, you have a penchant for dodgy metal then you won’t be disappointed. The obvious nods to “The Tap” are a bit unnecessary because Lipps and co are going through things that would even have tested Tufnel and St Hubbins. The drummer's real name is Robb Reiner so how’s that for life approximating art. The devices don’t detract from the overall enjoyment though and the two "lifers" are the saving grace. When was the last time you were at a movie and heard the names Grand Funk and Cactus dropped?

Made me think that there’s a great movie to be made about Black Oak Arkansas

Afterwards I met local “rawk” alumni Bill Wells and Stevie Jackson. Details of Belle and Sebastian recording a version of “Thumb Hang” have not been confirmed.

Not Quite Hollywood is as high octane as its subject matter and there’s a shitload of information and clips to process. The soundtrack is pretty intrusive but only because it’s bloody good. Incidental muzak this ain’t and it even includes “Black Eyed Bruiser” by (Little) Stevie Wright. Ozploitation movies have been as groundbreaking as their rock’n’roll over the years. On a scale of how far can too far go, much of this goes straight off the measurable scale. Smut, gore, explosions and kung fu are merely the tip of the iceberg. I’d completely forgotten about the Bazza McKenzie vomiting scenes. You want the recipe? It’s available right here. This trailer is not safe for work...

The February issue of Sonic magazine, Sweden's foremost music digest comes with the customary cd. But it's not just another comp, it has an accordion powered cut entitled "Stenad i Stockholm" by a combo called Persson's Pack on it. So I'm thinking, Lennart has a pack? Like Terry Knight?? There was a Grand Funk ref in Anvil yesterday so I couldn't resist that. I can't tell you anything about PP at this point but this track is a duet with Annika Norlin so you know what that means. Exactly. To be featured on their forthcoming album, out February 18th... (Thanks to Mr U for the heads up)
Audrey sings Nico - listen at myspace...
RIP - Susan Walsh (Chicklett)
In case you missed it, The Rezillos appeared on Radio 2 last night, on the God's Jukebox show hosted by Mark Lamarr. Along with some top chat – in which Mark couldn't help admitting that Fay was "cool" and suggested the title of the upcoming album should be "You Can't Be Too Disappointed" – the band played recent single "No1 Boy", "I Can't Stand My Baby", "Yesterday's Tormentor" and brand spanking new song "Ambulance". What's more, there's a session recording of River Deep Mountain High available on Mark's BBC webpage.

If you're short of time, the Rezillo sections of the show start around 24mins, 1hr 25mins and 2hr 27mins. Please note some people outside the UK, sadly, won't be able to access the material.

Note - actually, I'm not sure but if you use the listen again feature, it may be available further afield. I know that I can use that from other European countries (such as P3 in Sweden) so maybe it's worth a try?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Check in here for your Valentines Album courtesy of Shock and Awe!

Probably not for the faint of heart but delivered with the compliments of the day.
Camera Obscura are about to get moving... their new record is coming on 4AD.
If you missed Howie Pyro's Intoxica trib then you can acquaint yourself with it here.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Managed to drag my backside to Edinburgh for the Wild Japan screening of “Blue Film Woman” and it was a good move (No, I didn't mean to type movie - smartarse). It’s set me up for my schlep to the Glasgow Film Festival tomorrow. “BFW” is something of a curio, being a mix of very soft porn and a mildly twisted psychedelic revenge goes awry.

Might be a bit po’faced to flag up the look and composition but some of this is stunning, particularly the scene in the square with all the pigeons. This was a newly made print by all accounts which looked amazing. Although hardly recommended as fun for all the family, some of you folks would get a kick out of this. Admittedly it drags here and there but a cool lounge version of “La Mer” compensates. Seems to be precious little info available via google but perhaps this elaborates a little more.

Coming soon, the verdict on Anvil and Not Quite Hollywood
Lux obit from The Telegraph (Thanks to Tom for the link).
RIP - Estelle Bennett
I am grateful to Art for letting me post this here...

My Cramps Year

I first saw the Cramps when they opened for the Boomtown Rats at the Santa Monica Civic. It was quite impressive, especially the vigor with which Ivy kicked pit dancers off the stage. Then I met them in the early 80’s when Phast Phreddie brought them to my apartment when they first moved to L.A. Earlier that night Lux had sung one song with the Blasters at the Whisky, his first and last ‘guest shot’ I believe.

One afternoon a year later I saw Lux and Ivy walking on Hollywood Blvd near Graumann’s Chinese and signalled hello. I joined them for ice cream at CC Brown’s, where they told me about the difficulty they were having finding a manager who understood their music. “Really?” I said, and asked for the hot fudge they hadn’t used. After three more meetings I realized they were asking ME to manage them.

Life Is Short

I said yes and immediately left with the Blasters to go to europe. This was propitious because there I could gauge whether any overseas labels wanted to sign them: they didn’t. I thought the Cramps were widely known ‘over there,’ and they probably were, but not at the record companies, some of whom said they never heard of them. This was in the spring of 1982.

Plus there was a big snag, which I discovered after a second, solo, trip to London. The band considered themselves free from I.R.S. because certain provisions of their contract had not been fulfilled. However, disentanglement from a record company was not that simple. For a year I tried to get something going at American record companies. All the time, the cold shoulder and also “Are you SURE they’re not on I.R.S. anymore?”

The tragedy of this is that they could have “owned” MTV in its early, content-short years. The field was wide open and they certainly had the visuals to match the music. But no professional video or record company was there for them.

My friend Pat Faulstich, an executive at CBS Television, had me bring them into the building: he wanted to pitch them to the network for an Addams Family type rock & roll tv series. Nick Knox was smoking, and the anti-smoking guy whose office we visited seemed too frightened to tell him to stop. But nothing came of this. The session I booked for them at Gold Star never came to pass because Nick Knox got sick. Shel Talmy came to their Roxy show to consider producing them, but left shortly into it, his ears ringing.

When we parted it was without rancor. It was Xmas, 1982 and they weren’t on a label so they said it was over. I agreed.

Full Of Stuff

I played Lux “Louisville Lodge Meeting” by Louis Jordan during a thrift-store trip to Downey. In that song there’s a fracas at a fraternal lodge and the Most Exalted Potentate gets knocked in the head. It led him to write “The Most Exalted Potentate of Love.” I stood silent at the demo session: they were extremely not open to suggestion: their sound was theirs alone.

I took a publicity photo of them on the corner of the roof of the laundry room behind my apartment bldg. I recently saw a photo of Mario Lanza lifting weights on that same rooftop; he must have lived there in the 50s. This is, I believe, the only link between these two acts.

The band made all their money on shows. When I became manager they cut me in for 20% as a fifth member, which was very generous. After each of their Friday and Saturday night shows at the Peppermint Lounge in NY I collected $7500. (This was not a typical ‘take.’ In-between towns paid far less.) I couldn’t put it in the house safe at the Lexington and no banks were open so I carried it around New York in my BOAC flight bag. I didn’t wear an ascot or a diamond stickpin so I didn’t look worth holding up.

I enjoyed working with them. As in other reports, Lux was a pussycat when not onstage. We had interests that overlapped, but my expertise in rockabilly and weird things is only 3 on a ten scale so around them it felt more like zero. I introduced them to Mopar man Rip Masters, who advised them on keeping their 1956 Dodge running, and to Jimmy Maslon, who later directed their videos for Ultra Twist, Like A Bad Girl Should, and Naked Girl Falling Down The Stairs.

The band had a clear philosophy. Though horror movies, garage rock, rockabilly and other things are commonly noted as their ouvre, Lux said it forcefully more than once: “We are about one thing. Sex. S - E- X.”

Six or seven years ago in my monthly column ( I postulated that Steve Martin based his dentist character in ‘Little Shop Of Horrors’ on Lux. Some people wrote back that they felt the same.

The last time I saw Lux & Ivy I was in a throng. It was 4 years ago, outside a Disneyland-annex concert hall, waiting to get in to see Jerry Lee Lewis. I was just another ant in the colony as the two of them arrived, gliding through the crowd like a knife through butter, Lux looming overhead in a black and white striped sport coat and black buttoned-up shirt, Ivy wearing a veiled black hat the width of a car grill.

Their whimsical splendor made me smile.
Even now.

Art Fein
Hollywood, CA

Thursday, February 12, 2009

After the spurt of activity over the past week I'm keeping this trim.

Tonight I shall watch the "Young At Heart" episode of The Honeymooners in celebration of the Miller's 20 year Anniversary! Atomic passion indeed!!

And on that note, I bid you goodnight...

Oh, Mike Purkhiser remembers his brother "Rick". (link via StaySick, where else!)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Roger Armstrong of Ace Records remembers Lux.

(Thanks to Sébastien Favre for the link)
Kid Congo Powers' Lux post (link via Staysick)

Roy Trakin obit (Roy was the guy that said "The Cramps will either be Kiss big or Trashmen obscure" in NY Rocker) (link courtesy of Randy Haecker)
Catch The Rezillos on Mark Lamarr this coming Saturday (Valentines Day)
X have been added to the Breeders curated ATP!

(A wee touch of dyslexia earlier - thanks Cookie)
Indulge me, the other reason that we're all here... I fell down a YT rabbithole, what can I tell you...

Blimey, thanks Russell (via PKM)

SEX IN JAPANESE CINEMA FROM THE 50s TO THE 70s is now in full swing at Edinburgh Filmhouse!

The inimitable Maia Hirasawa makes her US debut tomorrow night (Thursday 12th) at The Hotel Cafe in LA. Onstage at 11pm, a wee bit late but she's worth staying up for.

Maia's debut album is available in the USA on Thrive Music as of this week. Her follow up, is released in Sweden on March 25th. Watch this portal for more info.
I wrongly thought that this was Matt & Kim from the Bowery Ballroom in NY last night... in all the excitement I didn't check the date properly... you should watch it anyway... photos from last night here.

and from Portland...

Dundertåget translates as Thunder Express. It’s the post Hellacopters domain of Robert "Strings" Dahlqvist so you’ll have some high hopes registering on the monitor there. Well, prepare for those to be surpassed because the band’s debut is what you rock-starved kids have been waiting for. Forget all those identikit losers, and I include Primal Scream in that. "Skaffa Ny Frisyr" is "Get A New Haircut". I remember Peter Zaremba saying "If you can't let it down then baby, take it off". I'm not sure if one's barnet material falling out qualifies but...

"SNF" is several shades more fun in every department than the latest AC/DC. When that guitar kicks in during “Ifrån Mej Sjålv” (“From Myself”thanks Ulf) you’ll be reminded of the majesty that this maligned genre can conjure up. It’s almost as exciting as seeing Alice on the OGWT in 1971. “Lika Som Bår” extends a Big Star type pop sensibility into an arena rock setting and makes me thing they should cover The Box-Tops “Soul Deep” in their native tongue. Full scale lighters ahoy for “Vi Ses Nog Aldrig Igen”.

Not that is sounds like a museum piece. I get pelters for claiming that this stuff sounds fresher than The Clash. I believe it does so get the fuck over it. The events of the past week have taught me not to compromise any belief system, however flawed it might be.

Produced by the swingin' triumvirate of Mattias Bårjed, Konie and Robert himself, the only downside against 'em sweeping the planet is that it’s all in Swedish. In many ways however, its a strength too. It’s a commanding language to present this music in. Scandanavia in general has an inherent rawk gene that most cultures bred out long ago. They imbibe it with a glamour that pretty much fled the UK and replaced it with pantomime hairy bikers. And that's just the women. Actually I'm half-kidding but only half mind. The band also includes Jens Lagergren (I Are Droid/Hello Saferide), another guy that you can guarantee will be synonymous with quality. Not content with knocking out a great sound, they’re also sporting a “Starz” type logo that is begging to be stencilled and spray painted on every conceivable garment and surface you can find.

Go listen now, lose yourself for a bit. I wish I still had the hair to do them justice… people always called me a dunderheid anyway so maybe it was affectionate, who knew. Oh yeah. It’s on Razzia, natch. Home of the hits!!
Rock Trauma. Not a Flintstones character but the online bi-product of Happyland.

(Some of it this ain't work-safe but what fabulous writing - thanks to HT for the heads up)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

(The Wildest Weekender of the year returns for its fifth year!)
Easter 09 (10/11/12 April)


In the four years since it started, Le Beat Bespoke weekender has built an international reputation for being the wildest party of the year. Combining the very best live bands old and new – previous acts have included Arthur Lee and Love, The Sonics, The Chocolate Watchband, The Horrors, The Remains, The Buzzcocks, The Fuzztones to name a few – with DJs from across the globe playing records until dawn, it's the thee-day party tailor-made for all lovers of the '60s underground and beyond. 2009 marks both the fifth instalment and the best one yet. Over three nights and days on Easter Bank Holiday weekend, DJ Dr Robert (compiler of the renowned compilation album series also titled Le Beat Bespoke) and his New Untouchables team have assembled a killer line-up that'll be unmatched anywhere else all year.

Since it was first released in 1968 The Pretty Things' 'SF Sorrow' album has grown in stature and reputation to the point where it's now a regular fixture on magazines' Greatest-ever albums lists. Recorded at Abbey Road in in 1967 at the same time as 'Sgt.Pepper's…' and 'The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn', 'SF Sorrow has inspired everyone from The Who and Blur to The White Stripes, MGMT and Oasis. This Easter The Pretty Things will be performing the album in its entirety for only the third time ever and seven years since a sold-out show at London's Royal Festival Hall back in 2001 - not to be missed.

South Carolina soul sensations The Flirtations have long been idolised by soul fans for peerless '60s singles like 'Change My Darkness Into Light' but they've recently won a new audience when their Northern Soul classic 'Nothing But A Heartache' was featured on a KFC advert. Headlining on Sunday evening, expect the main ballroom to be treated to soul music that's as danceable as it is heartfelt.

As usual, LBB is as much about new bands as it is old, and the NUTS team have trawled the world to bring some of the best new talent to London this easter. Two German bands make their British debuts: German fratrockers The Montesas and Cream-style power trio Louis Lament have both built up a reputation on the continent for being unmissable party bands. On Saturday afternoon legendary garage club Dirty Water will be showcasing some of the bands on its new record label, including Ireland's The Revellions, Scottish beat act The Wildebeests and London's King Salami & the Cumberland 3.

Live music is only part of what makes LBB so great, though: it's a party planned by people who like good music for people who like good music, so when their international DJ line-up does their thing, you can expect to hear the very best in everything from Garage to Rockabilly, Folk to Funk, Psych to Soul, Freakbeat to Britpop, Ska to Club Jazz and all points in between. Plus there's the most beautiful go-go girls, the trippiest eye-candy visuals, the freakiest cult cinema, guest club nights, an all night bar, art exhibitions and a huge retro market selling choice vintage furniture, clothes, vinyl and pop artefacts.

Getting a mini-Friday afternoon feeling because I'm off tomorrow. It won't last but the plan is to try and deal with stuff that I left at my bahookie in the wake of last weeks seismic loss. There is a new message on The Cramps website which provides a link that donations can be made to the animal charity, Best Friends. (Thanks to Mike for flagging that via Staysick)

There's an East coast celebration of the man at Henry's in Edinburgh this coming Saturday. Don't think I'll be able to get there because I'll be in Glasgow but maybe. Anyway, here are the details.

Further info here

Monday, February 09, 2009

Brother KP on Lux at So Many Records...

Some radio stuff, I was out last night so I missed Dirk's show, anybody know if it's archived?

Anyway, the great Howie Pyro hosts a special INTOXICA tonight... here's a few listen live it is at 9pm california time... there is a chat room & a webcam...there are archives in 2 places... on my myspace page in the top right corner (sorta) in a white box. but way simpler & easier is the actual archive here: the lux show won't be a stretch at all from what the show usually is, as you might imagine...thanks - howie

The 150% pot success that is Robert Johnson tells me that there's a Cramps special on P3 Rock at 22.03 Stockholm Time (That's 21.o3 in the UK) on Thursday.

I know, I said I'd draw a line in the virtual sand and here it is


Unless something I think you need to see or hear comes up.

RIP - Blossom Dearie

(thanks to DTS for the info and links - The reaper needs to lay off for a bit...)

Sunday, February 08, 2009

If it weren't for WFMU and North Fork Sound this past few days, it's perfectly possible that I'da blown a fuse.
The good taste of the Swedish population is once again displayed by their catapulting of Adiam Dymott into the Top 10. Check out "Miss You". I'm dedicating it to Lux on behalf of all of us. Adiam's album is out on Razzia, March 18th and I for one can't wait to hear it.
Matt and Kim vs Lily Allen. That should be an entertaining bout.
NYC, this Tuesday, for free. A bargain at four times the price of entry.
These photos were taken by Kris Guidio at his and Nina's place in Liverpool. Spring 1981 (I think).

This is the last stuff that I'll post for the moment. Time to break out of the vortex and head on back to what passes for the real world. One of the main clatters over the side of the noggin all this has presented to me is that life is indeed short.

The man holds up a bar of his name brand soap at their UK debut show.
Camera shake could be attributed to the effect of what was just witnessed.
A life changing experience.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

From Leeds in September 1981

(I finally found some of the photos I've been digging around for all day. More tomorrow.)
This is pretty neat (x 3)
Several folks have asked me about my memories and those are in a state of flux. I've written about the band many times over the years. Maybe I will again but not right now.

What I can say is that I am humbled by the number of ex LOTC members that have been in contact. Citing their membership numbers and expressing what the club meant to them. My intention was for the “organisation” to reflect how special the combo it set out to represent was. It was that simple and there were 701 solid members when it came to a close.

I don't think I ever grasped how huge the whole thing was. Or consciously believed that my entire existence is founded upon what was forged back then. The band was a catalyst for many hundreds of thousands of people to get sick and stay that way. The “Legion” lit a fire under many friendships that continue to burn here in 2009. We must have been using some boss kindling.

If you’re planning some kind of celebration of Lux's life then let me know and I’ll blog the word. It’s time to temper the sadness with some full blown high jinks. Break out the stuff.

Friday, February 06, 2009

From Mickey Rooney of The Primevals via myspace -

Hi, My friend Colin has arranged an event dedicated to the late Lux Interior. I will play tunes known and not so known by The Cramps and will include songs highlighting their musical journey from artists such Andre Williams, Sonny Burgess, Red Crayola, Stooges , Ramones, Charlie Feathers, The Groupies, Little Willie John, Suicide, Elvis, Link Wray , Count Five and loads more as well music The Cramps have directly influenced such as The Gun Club, Panther Burns and The Fleshtones. Colin has promised to show some live concert footage such as Napa State Show and various other stuff he can find.I feel at this time it will be good to share in the greatness.This is free show and our services also will be without any payment.

Start 7 till midnight- THIS SUNDAY! - FEBRUARY 8th @ MONO in Glasgow

- Lets Rock Them Bones!

Best Mickey Mono, Kings Court, Glasgow
(Thanks Patrick)

From French TV (via "bloodynoserudy" @ the staysick board)
There's a guestbook at The Cramps website.

(Thanks to Mike McEchron for the info via Staysick)
Some obits...

The Guardian

The Independent

NY Times (Thanks Duane)

Blurt (by Rob Miller of Bloodshot Records) (Thanks Iñigo)


Rollins on Lux in LA Times (Thanks Iain)

Thursday, February 05, 2009


I met Lux in 1981. I played drums in a Philadelphia punk band called the Sic Kidz and we opened a bunch of shows for The Cramps. Our singer was good friends with Lux and Ivy from the Max’s and CBGB’s days so I was welcomed into the Cramps inner sanctum right away. I say inner sanctum because they had to be careful who they befriended. Their music struck a nerve with some of the weirdest people I’ve ever seen. It also touched a lot of well balanced rock fans but they had to be cautious about opening themselves up to just anyone.

Watching Lux on stage was like watching the entire history of primitive rock and roll before your very eyes. The stage became an insane playground where literally anything could happen. And it usually did. He was totally committed to turning each venue into a temple of wild abandon and freedom. Mike stands were broken, blood was spilled, wine bottles flung, and female audience members molested. All within the first song! It was nuts. His sense of purpose was astounding. Truly incredible to witness. More than once, I was intimdated by his performance and found myself hesitant to go back and say hi.

But after each show, Lux would sit quietly in the corner of the dressing room talking about music and films with a big goofy smile on his face. He was very child-like, open and curious. And funny as hell. He and Ivy were the most voracious pop culture hounds I’ve ever met. Records, movies, books, comics, you name it. And it wasn’t just about the past either. In the mid-nineties I was hired as a sitcom composer for 3rd Rock From The Sun and the show became a hit. I figured then and there that my punk cred was shot. But one of the first people to congratulate me was Lux. He watched the show every week and loved it.

At one point in the early eighties, their drummer Nick got real sick. They had a summer tour booked and I was one of the people asked to consider filling in. I said yes of course but luckily the tour never materialized. I say luckily because I wasn’t as strong-willed and disciplined as Lux and Ivy back then. Every night their fans would line up at the dressing room door to offer them a veritable world of sinful opportunities. Drugs, sex and who knows what. Not that they were saints but wow, they could have easily gone the way of Charlie Parker or Johnny Thunders. The opportunities were there. But Lux believed in The Cramps way too much to let that happen. And he absolutely lived to be on stage.

The last time I saw Lux was in Spain. We were both on a bill at an outdoor festival being held in the middle of a field in Basque country. I did my set, chatted with him and then positioned myself in the photographer’s pit to watch them destroy the Spanish fans. And destroy they did. It was a cold night and steam was emanating from Lux’s body throughout the show. It was other worldly at times. When it came time to turn “Surfin’ Bird” into the unfinished symphony that only Lux heard in his head, I looked around and saw 30,000 delirious people going nuts. I knew right then that I was witnessing what they call a great “rock moment.” Which is what I felt every time I saw the Cramps. Today they would say that Lux “brought it.” Personally, I prefer to paraphrase James Ellroy and say this: “He didn’t just deliver a song, he came to your house and installed it!".

Thank you, Lux. Tell Elvis I said hey.

I am indebted to Ben for letting me share this. In the unlikely event that you haven't heard his music, I envy you that "first time effect" . It is primo, listen here.
Edinburgh, February 14th...

A day of Elvis-sized proportions. Thanks to everyone who has left a message or checked in. You expect people of this stature to be around forever for some reason. We're all realising just exactly what these people and their skewed worldview did to us all those years ago.

I hear also that Dewey Martin (update 7/2 - thanks PJ) of the Buffalo Springfield has also checked out. Can't find any links for that though.

Uncomfortably numb covers the general state of your reporter tonight. If you go to The Cramps website, all you'll see is black. A sea of the stuff. Somewhat fitting under the circumstances.
It goes without saying that Lux's passing will hit us all to varying degrees of being sledgehammered. The Cramps influence has permeated every strata of popular culture. Music, film, fashion and beyond. I have had no direct contact with the band for more than a quarter of a century. Being involved with the LOTC was an incredible privilege for me and it generated a nuclear amount of goodwill that burns to this day.

My experience of the man was that he was a charming, funny and cool powerhouse. I never stopped caring even although I didn't exactly love some of their later records. To think that we'll never see him clattering about in those heels again is heartbreaking.

Some perspective is required now as reality sets in. A chunk of all of us has left the building.
My e-mail is melting down but it's true...

RIP - Lux Interior

Update at 1.45am(ish): I need to be up in another three hours so I need to shut this thing down. Been trying to answer e-mails but it's time to take transcendental stock of what happened. My condolences go out to Ivy and his family at this time. If it weren't for them then none of us would be here or doing what we do. You know it.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

About 10 minutes ago, Duglas T Bandit called me to say that he had been told that Lux Interior died over the weekend. When I fired up the computer there were 20 messages asking if i'd heard anything. The answer is no and I sincerely hope that it's not true.

Having said that, I'm trying to substantiate this. In these fucked up times, I guess it's not out of the bounds of possibility, however this internet thing has a lot to answer for so let's all hope that it is indeed a crock.

Update: I'm about to shut this thing down for the night but let's not forget that these are intensely private individuals. If it does turn out to be true then it's a pretty devastating thing. Have faith though and more importantly, don't add to the possibility that it could be nothing more than rumour.
I had to turn the radio off tonight. These arsehole politicians carping back and forward while we basically head for the U bend. The dawn of "correction" has become like groundhog day. Today, I found out what I would get should one be made redundoid and don't mind telling you, it isn't chuffing much. Can't say I'm worried because it's happening to bigger and better than me every minute of every day but it is a bit pre-occupying though.

With regard to the aforementioned carping, I prefer action to blah. One of these drongos looks like Frankie Howard and the other looks like he just crawled from the furthest reaches of Harry Enfield's Y-fronts drawer. Neither of the dumbasses is up to the job at this point in our collective downfall. There's a big "for sale" sign sticking out of the UK mainland and nobody is buying. There are precious few assets left to strip anyway. So, there could be a new adventure on the horizon. It's unlikely to lead to an increase in blog posts though so you can breathe a sigh of relief on that particular score.



Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Suzy & Los Quattro
with The Rubinoos in Spain this week!

5th - Apolo 2, Barcelona

6th - Plateruena Kafe, Durango, Vizcaya

7th - Wurlitzer Ballroom, Madrid (This is a fabulous joint, kids!)

Less than a month until the UK Quattro shows. Make it a date!!
I have a couple of pieces of good news to impart in this short burst.

Firstly, "No Blokes In The Boonaraaas!!!" has disbanded as a result of Tine rejoining this fab combo.

Secondly, Scott Kempner is working on songs with Syd Straw. Good news.

However, here's where it gets a little odd. If you read these comment things then you may have noticed that I suggested to Joss that there's a film to be made about Record fairs. He then told me about "Vinyl" of which I had no idea.

So I went to YouTube, as you do and I found the following clip of the film maker, Alan Zweig. It scared me because I kind of recognise some aspects of what he's talking about to symptoms of my own condition. Now I need to see the whole thing and feel like it might be somewhat more unnerving than any horror film. Anyway, you've been warned.

The Cramps Fetish Night
Saturday 14 February, 8pm – 1am

The Victoria, 110 Grove Road, London, E3 5TH
£10 entrance, £8 with a can of hairspray!

Themed rooms; Lux Interior Parlour + Poison Ivy Dungeon

Live performances; The Cramps Fetish Night House Band + Moses Strongpeace And His Exploding Antlers + Trixie Malicious + Femme Ferale Zombie Go-Go Girls!

The Cramps Fetish Night is a valentines toe-kissing of rock n roll band The Cramps. Launching this February at luscious boozer The Victoria in London’s east end, with fabulous themed rooms, the Lux Interior Parlour and the Poison Ivy Dungeon.

The parlour is a psychedelic powder room filled with huge cans of hairspray and jungle soft furnishings. The dungeon is a dark and brooding boudoir, with a gory human buffet and shrines to the scarlet lady.

Live entertainment is from The Cramps Fetish Night House Band comprising underground heroes from the London scene, also go-go from Trixie Malicious and Femme Ferale Zombies. Not forgetting the highest hair competition, with a trophy for the hair closest to god!!!

The music policy is strictly depraved garage, psychedelic rock n roll, surf, 60s punk and 50s schlock. The Cramps Fetish Night operates an enforced dress code. Non-believers will not be tolerated.

Suggested dress; bird with a word, Brigitte Bardot’s washcloth, like you’ve got good taste, Jayne Mansfield’s rotting corpse, for the love of ivy, psychedelic safari, die fast don’t live.

Monday, February 02, 2009

No disruption to report in this 'hood but "the London" has ground to a halt after something like 6 inches of snow. We're supposed to take a hammering tonight but I'll believe it when I get up tomorrow and find out I can't get to work. Once again, the UK has proven itself to be utterly incapable of handling something that really shouldn't make one iota of difference.

It's just damp and slushy here. Fairly unpleasant with the possibility of slipping and landing on one's tucus high. And I have to go bloody out in it... maybe you do too? You have my sympathies if that's the case. I've mislaid the links I was gonna put up here. That's clever isn't it?
It's actually snowed overnight so that should present some fun in getting around today.

How about that, the weather report was actually right(ish) for once. Let's hear it for "severe disruption across Britain". Provided that you're not stuck in it or have been affected.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

There's stuff to attend to that means a lengthy post here today won't be happening. Plus there are a couple of movies on Film 4 this afternoon that have caught my attention. The "Bless This House", a TV show spin off period piece that actually resonates with the present day. Plus its bloody funny. And also "The Bells of St Mary's" with Crosby and Bergman. I figure I'm due some time off for reasonable behaviour.

Meanwhile, read Tim Broun on The Ruts at Perfect Sound Forever.

I found a clip of Annika Norlin doing "Glory Days" at Debaser Medis in Stockholm the other night. It's only partial but you'll get the idea.