Sunday, October 21, 2007

To paraphrase one of my favourite songs, “I’m (not) sleeping well at all”. Was up in front of this thing trying to play catch up a couple of times during the night. It’s a losing battle but the show needs to roll on. And that it will.

The latest issue of Dig It! (#41) and the latest issue of this French mag continues to show the competition a clean pair of heels. It contains a piece I did on Hello Saferide, kindly translated by Brother Patrick and a new Primevals interview by Alain Feydri. Gildas just keeps ‘em coming, I just hope that his countryfolks appreciate the effort and passion.

“These Ones Are Bitter”, the latest by Ben Weasel and his Iron String Quartet is available on vinyl now and once they’re gone well you’ll have missed the boat. As multi-dimensional as the digital sounds are they’re no match for the wallop that a real bottom end can deliver. I expect local seismologists have been wondering whjat’s up. Oh yeah and there’s a cd copy included in the bargain $11.99 price. Mine worked out at an Andy Jackson including airmail.

It was a measurable downer to hear that The Hellacopters are calling it a day so catch their big rock action while you can by grabbing their “Same Lame Story” 45 via Bootleg Booze. The album is due in early 2008 and it’ll see them out in full flight as a collective great looking, cool sounding casualty of the great unwashed to catch on to their charms.

Ever come across “Hindi punk”? Well I hadn’t, until now and the EP “The Remarkable Sounds Of India” by The Knockouts. This 4 track includes a version of “53rd and 3rd” and can be found as part of the strange, wonderful world of Topplers. It is indeed as peculiar as the description suggests but damned good.

To call The Things spirited is an understatement. Their "Wild Psychotic Sounds" EP finds familiar ingredients thrown into the pot in peculiar measures with some organ propulsion to keep it interesting. There is essence of a lot of your favourites here and word is that they pack quite a live show. It certainly sounds like they’re having fun and are likely gearing up to appear as The Cramps on Stars In Their Eyes somewhere down the road. “La La La La La” land beckons.

The Suicidal Birds are two Dutch girls that kick up an inordinate ruckus with a drum machine in tow. There’s something peculiarly compulsive about their intense stripped down blues rock. "Versus Life" (Tocada) was all recorded at home, it would be interesting to see how it translates into a live experience because it sounds like a LOT of energy was harmed during its making. The SB's remind me of Magic Dirt and I like the way they write all the N’s backwards on their cd inserts. Visit their myspace and see what you reckon. “No Summer” is like the B52’s being tortured with a dischrdant Twilight Zone vs Batman theme.

There have been many groups called The Stilettos over the years and this lot are from The Netherlands. Actually they’re from Utrecht, Mr Vedder’s home turf. They’re christened after the blade and not the ladies (or Lux’s) footwear and pretty sharp they are too. Sounds like pub rock recorded in Ohio around 1979 and anybody who got their jollies to the New Bomb Turks will find much to dig here. The title is "Stimulus Black Box Response" (Tocado) is all jumbled up on the jewel box insert. Not sure if that’s intentional to be part of the vibe but if it is then I’ve taken artistic licence to make it easier for you to read. It would make more sense as a set of 7” vinyl but you can’t have everything. Have you seen these guys J? Whassadaverdict?? The band’s last album was on Sounds of Subterrania, home of The Boonaraaas!!!

God Fearing Athiests is a Glasgow band that's deep mining an Athens, Georgia flavoured American aesthetic. Peter Lacey's vocal doesn't sound like it would come from the West Coast of Scotland that's for sure. "Rustbelt Sun" is the intersection between Jason and the Scorchers and debut album period Eagles. A little world weary and none the worse for wear as a result. If you like roots rock in an Uncle Tupelo stylee then there muckle in store for you here.

And well, I need to go attend to some chores now but I'll leave you with these...

If you happen to find yourself in Slovenia and its environs over the next few days then check out Young James Long should you get the chance.

Stop in for a meeting with Ed Kuepper at the I-94 Bar. The fabled website is set to move into the label business so more about that in due course.

Some fab YouTube action from The Fast courtesy of the PleaseKillMe daily...

Kids Just Wanna Dance

Love Me Like A Locomotive

and finally what's this? Footage of early Primal Scream priming up their Maggie May rip for "Country Girl"?? No, er, wait a minute it is "Maggie May" and it's in Glasgow so what gives? The uke player is wearing the closest he could find to a "Plink" t-shirt.