Saturday, September 27, 2008

Listening to WFMU here and Miriam is on Rex's Fools Paradise where they're doing a programme on the upcoming Norton Mad Mike comps. All of this stuff is further out and more contemporary than most any of the stuff that's "new". And what's with the "brickie look"? I've no beef with that particular skillset but hopefully the building trade will bounce back soon and they'll stop infiltrating the entertainment business. I don't think that Elbow are awful (I'm half inclined to make a snidey derriere quip here) but c'mon, at least Gomez was a reasonable name. Presumably named after Mr Addams...

I'm at that stage again where I can't really be arsed with 90% of the stuff I've amassed over the years. I could get shot of it and just tune into a handful of internet radio stations. You can exist completely outside of any mainstream notion in a world where you never need to hear Foals, did I miss a "the"? Who knows or cares. Of course, I do have the urge to hear alleged new phenomenon and am almost always left wondering where I should send the cotton buds. It comes with the territory. Maybe there's a course I could go on that would teach me not to give a fuck. Anyway, this Mad Mike Monsters stuff is just amazing and it will restore your faith in the artform known as music.

It's the countdown to The Dictators Spanish schlep for just 4 shows. Are you going? This here webathon will be represented at the opening salvo in Barcelona. All those who wish Sergeant Pepper never taught them limey bozos to "play", raise dem hands.
Something else I missed, heard about it a few minutes ago listening to Michael Shelley on WFMU via Phast Phreddie...

RIP - Nappy Brown
RIP - Paul Newman
So far so good today but I'm not taking any chances.

Have you heard that Jack White/Alicia Keys Bond theme/track whatever they call these things in this day and age? Woah, stinker alert! Still haven't been to see how The Scientists figure into that recent Guy Richie flick. It's all a matter of priorities...

There are chores to be done though. More later perhaps.