Saturday, August 27, 2011


Heartening to witness a decent turnout at Tuts for some honest to goodness homegrown rock’n’roll last night. Looking at the upcoming gig listing, I never heard of any of them. Perhaps that says more about me than the booking policy but let’s leave that open. Oh there was one – G Love. I presume that’s the “Special Sauce” guy? Not Gerry??

Anyway, The Reverse Cowgirls make a reasonable racket and opened the night. If I were being objective then I’d say they’d make a better impression at this point if they trimmed a couple of songs from the set but my ADD isn’t their problem. The Brutes were something of a revelation and delivered just the right amount of genetically enhanced garage pummel. The gear shift in “Real Gone Gasser” especially hit the spot.

And what about The Primevals? This was evidently a dry run for a time when they can fill the Barras. Some cool stagecraft involved and proper lighting plus a proper stage. They were having fun up there and I really hope that they get to do it all again soon. I believe that London in for a pounding on Saturday October 8th at The Water Rats, Kings Cross.

A certain London combo that enjoys an overt amount of ass-kissing for way, way less might like to check out how it oughtta be done.

Many thanks to Ms Linna...