Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Autographs on Revolver, found this via Ms Mona's B-Girls tip on fb earlier...

Hard to comprehend that it's just about a year since The Sonics blew through London. I imagine that a bunch of you kids will be taking in the LBB festivities over the impending weekend? No such gallivanting for me but I have a pass out from the salt mines for a week. At this point, there are plans to extricate myself from a number of ruts but that could all go south or down the pan, depending on how you like to describe what will likely amount to procrastination. So long as I keep away from futzing about on facebook then that’ll be something…

A schlep to Glasgow and Edinburgh could be on the cards, actually – it’s the MC Lars show on Wednesday. Couple movies, couple pints of Guinness mayhap? Just the two mind. Some gardening depending on the weather... I'm sure you get the drift. All subject to change.

Let’s get to some info then. It’s been a weird day with some kind of fug implanted where my common sense, such as it is or was, usually lives. This could make sense or not. Oh yeah, and this has nothing to do wit ICP or juggalos or whatever their crew call themselves…

Maybe some of you folks would like to try out Freekly?

I guess it works along the lines of when you order something from Amazon and it suggests other gear you might like? Anyway, it's a tie up with Rocks Backpages and it will deliver yer actual "rock writing" to your portal of choice.

I don't use iTunes or an iPod so I can't tell you if it does what it sez on the tin or not.

It does have an ever growing archive to draw upon though so it's potentially a very good source of information indeed. Particularly for future generations who are yet to discover that before the days of cut and paste, there was actual opinion and sometimes even passion involved with all this malarky.

I've also started to post on the RB blog. The idea is to float stuff on there that might not have made it to the pages of what's left of the inkies yet. We'll see, there's a lot of good stuff in there too so why not have a rake around. It goes like this, you head over to RBP via this link.

You’ll see an ad in the far RH column offering you an invite for a week so click on that and do the bizzo. Let me know what happens after that because I’m not tooled up for the full bhuna.

For those of you in the US, Eddie and the Hot Rods are headed in your direction! Click on the poster to enlarge and find out when they're hovering close to your zip code.