Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Southern Fried Festival - Perth, Scotland.

July 31st - August 2nd

Thank you Duglas!

As you folks are no doubt aware, I couldn’t give a shit about the fitba but I LOVE Spain, so congratulations to any of my crew out there who do give a hoot. Condolences to wir homies in Holland who might be a little downhearted after the event but it’ll wear off soon I hope. The passion with which the Spanish people embrace everything should be a lesson to us all.

I think that I’m down with this idea of Kickstarter. Just recently, it seems there have been a good bunch of projects that can be helped get off the ground. It’s quite healthy in these days of vultures circling around to feast on the talents of others. It’s now possible to let the individual take control rather than be directed by those that put up the money. Like with regular donations but without the admin take. The downside is that one can’t invest in them all however much they might want to. As it is, there’s a positive revenue stream and an opportunity to make something happen outside of the regular terrain.

Here’s something you may care to consider

What else do I need to tell you before my alloted time runs out on this thing?

Oh yeah, Scott Kempner website up and running - get all yer Top Ten info right yonder.

A limited edition 7" of Dean and Britta's sublime versh of "I'll Keep It With Mine"? Yes please.

RIP - Tuli Kupferberg

The Fugs - Crystal Liaison from sebastian f sorrow on Vimeo.