Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More top flight rock'n'roll action headed for Spain next week... The Master Plan!


Tuesday 27th -
Santiago de Compostela/Coruña (Radio Club)
Wednesday 28th - Valladolid (Porta Caeli)
Thursday 29th - Burgos (Estudio 27)
Friday 30th - Bilbao (Kafe Antzokia)


Saturday 1st - Barcelona (Monasterio)
Sunday 2nd - Vila-Real/Castellon (Japan Rock Club)
Monday 3rd - Orihuela /Alicante (La Gramola)
Thursday 6th - Valencia (Matisse)
Friday 7th - Madrid (Rock Kitchen)
Saturday 8th - Vitoria (Hell Dorado)
Sunday 9th - Ponferrada (Cocodrilo Negro)

Guess it started yesterday evening when I was trying to put something together for this. The dry throat, the aches and eyes like peeholes in the snow. By this morning, it was a little worse but I managed to drag myself out the door. At this point, having just about made it through the day, there’s a couple of things that HAVE to be attended and then the idea is to go and lie in a heap over there (points).

I noticed that someone making a point with regard to RSD should be “Record Shop Day” here in the UK. Provided that we’re all still here, I think that’s a valid distinction and would certainly second that emulsion. By the same token, it is hoped that someone might have figured out a way to keep the “collectables” (absurd word in this day and age) away from the touts. I’m not sure that I even believe the figures that are bandied about with regard to how many are available. In these days of limited edition chocolate bars, the term is quipped to be stretched out of all recognition. I’ll tell you something though Paul, that Kit Kat was a wee stoatir!

I just realised that having sent a couple of packages by air mail this past few days has been a bit daft. Nothing will be moving until the volcanic action ceases. Big mama nature might have a taste for kicking our pasty arses. After all that, maybe a few of these will come to the surface...

From the new set of covers by The Iain Shaw. Contact him if you’d like a copy and tell him who sent you.