Saturday, December 15, 2007

Now here's something that you won't find in any of those high street rat-runs.
Isabel Samaras limited edition, Alt. Nativity Shindig jigsaw. Other Christmas shopping tips include The Fleshtones SWEAT and the Bomp books. Punk 365 too. Also the Munster DVD series has just issued The Nomads show from Madrid earlier this year. All of these can be found on this here interweb thing. You don't even have to leave the house.
That has to be the signal of a good deal.
Those good people at Double Crown have prepared another seasonal collection that offers an alternative to "Here's the same old repackaged Christmas Bollocks Vol 2549b". Although I doubt you'll be able to snag a copy at the supermarket with your turkey and sprouts.

I made an attempt to go amongst the hordes yesterday but was beaten back. Wonder if there are classes you can attend to make you be able to stomach the wanton abandon of the mind that seems to get even worse at this time of year? But anyway, I'm glad J weighed in with a wee post last night. I was struggling and couldn't even begin to think about switching this damn thing on.

Nobody's reading this anyway, right? You're all out on the high streets or strasses or whatever they call the main drags of your part of the world? Doing your bit for the season. Away from the pulsebeat (Hi Art!) of the planet going to hell in a handbasket. I'm trying to figure out a strategy for today but could well end up staying put in the bunker here. Decisions bloody decisions...