Monday, May 19, 2014

Haven’t much felt like writing on here lately but on Saturday night, I witnessed something magical, the Wreckless Eric 60th Birthday extravaganza at The Lexington. London was jumping this past weekend, with Barrence Whitfield and The Pink Fairies also providing an antidote to duff music across the capital. Opting for the Pentonville Road option, I got to the venue just as Scott and Charlene’s Wedding were finishing. Shame really because they sounded alright. However, having been partaking of a wee social – and rather stupidly not having anything to eat – then this is the way the cookie crumbled. Taking position in the Amy-zone (I think that’s what Gurbir called it).

And so it came to pass. The Lex – is it OK to call it that? – was a total triumph. Celebrating a man who deserves an ovation like this and way more every night. Seeing him with a “band” for the first time in a lifetime was just an utter treat. Along the way it was like The Velvet Underground jousting with The Troggs. During "Depression", Amy started to channel a Martin Rev-style intensity. The “Johnny Remember Me” percussion undertow on "Joe Meek" was nothing short of magical. “Tell Me I’m The Only One” kicked it all off and if this isn’t the best Chip Taylor song that Chip Taylor never wrote then I’m fucked if I know what is.

“Reconnez Cherie” started a singalong where if you shut your eyes you might imagine a Hammersmith Odeon full of people rhyming “zodiac” with “pacamac” and well, “Whole Wide World” brought the house down. It was very, very moving. The show was an utter victory and a vindication of Fire Records belief in a totally unique talent. And this wasn't just a band. It was a unit already. Even after so few shows. With "outfits" and everything.

Most of you know that Eric (and Amy) are like family to me but I’m not pissing up your collective backs here. Sadly the remainder of the shows won’t be with the band but please try to catch him on the coming week’s worth of solo shows if you can.

22  HUDDERSFIELD, The Vinyl Tap, in-store appearance
23  LEEDS,
Belgrave Music Hall - - wegottickets
25  MANCHESTER, The Castle Hotel
26  LIVERPOOL, The Lomax
27  EDINBURGH, Voodoo Rooms
He’s also doing some in the US but we’ll get to those… taking in the sodium glare with Eric Goulden is a grand experience. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Lest we forget the privilege of such utterly captivating entertainers...

This is the reception that he should get every night...