Saturday, March 11, 2006

Death rattle from the tombs...


The Doll Rods will be making an assault on sections of Europe as follows... their new album "There Is A Difference" is heading your way courtesy of Swami.

Shows list updated 18/03

march 24 France tba
march 25 France St Etienne Thunderbird
march 26 France Chalon Dum Dum
march 27 Switzerland tba
march 28 Switzerland Zurich
march 29 Croatia Varazdin Gimnet
march 30 Slovenia Ljubljana Orto Club
march 31 Italy Cineglio Zion Rock Club
april 1 Italy Cavriago Calamita
april 2 Italy Roma
april 3 Italy Lecce Candle
april 4 Italy Madonna del Albero Bronson
april 5 Italy Torino Spazio 211
april 7 Italy Vitoria at Helldorado
april 8 Spain Santona Tropicana
april 9 Spain Castellon Ricoamor
april 10 Spain Madrid at El Juglar
april 11 Spain Madrid Gruta 77
april 12 Spain Caceres Belle Epoque
april 13 Spain Ponferrada Freakland festival
april 14 Spain Orense at Rock Club
april 15 Spain Andoain at Gaztetxe
april 16 France Marmande garorock

Photo by Fabrizio Costantini