Thursday, May 10, 2007

So I'm not sure how long this is all gonna stagger along for. Intermittent bouts of terminal sluggishness and just plain frustration can be an explosive combination. What can I tell you?

There's info to convey but the hardware hasn't been playing ball. What worries me more is that when it wasn't here the other evening, it was like somebody had cut off my life support. That's not healthy. Even somebody as blinkered as me can figure that out. Back later. Perhaps.

"we often went to the movies. the screen lit up and we trembled. but more often than not, madeleine and i were disappointed... this wasn’t the film we dreamed of. this wasn’t the total film that each of us had carried within... the film that we wanted to make, or more secretly no doubt... that we wanted to live."

monorail film club presents
jean-luc godard’s masculin fĂ©minin
and tout les garcons s’appellent patrick
gft, rose street, glasgow
sunday 20th may 2007, 7pm

introduced by stephen pastel with after film discussion and music in cafe cosmo