Sunday, May 06, 2007

After many weeks of unseasonably good weather it seems as though we're spiralling back towards winter. I guess that's where "ne'er cast a cloot until May is oot" comes in. At least the waterbeds on legs will go back undercover so it's not all bad. Then there's the mutating viruses. Anyway, I'm still dealing with a dodgy shoulder and have been hunting for stuff in this indisposed state. Did I find what I was digging for? Well no, but I did unearth mucho other stuff and I'm sure what I was looking for will turn up. I believe there was a programme on TV about hoarders last week and wonder why I wasn't asked to appear. Might have a flutter on ebay if it means that some of it could be paired up with folks that might appreciate it enough to free it from a box every now and again.

Then there's the case of the puff candy frankensteins. It's not some group, although maybe it oughtta be. No, this was a chocolate-coated confection made by MacNab Confectionery in Larkhall, Scotchland. They were great and the little newsagent up the top of Foundry Loan in Larbert sold these delicacies. I used to buy them by the box and I found the address of the company with a phone number. So naturally I tried to contact them but they're John (long gone) it seems. "You must have the wrong number" was like a dagger to the heart. I wanted to score some of these sweeties and dust up some memories of a positive variety. To share them with folks across the planet that never had the pleasure. You know whaur good intentions end up now don't you? Must have been a crime to love such frankensteins which leads me to the news that The Dolls are playing Joey's Birthday Bash on May 19th. There still seems to be ticket availability so if you can go along and play tribute to the great man.

I seem to have difficulty getting mail through to aol addresses, they keep bouncing back. Hopefully this is just temporary but its a pain in the hindquarters alright.