Friday, September 17, 2010

Phew. Rock’n’roll. Sometimes you need a reminder why you bother and I’m very happy to report that I had a close encounter with the very finest that money can buy last night.

Eric and Amy showed an appreciative audience what entertainment is. Like a two person variety show that should be doing a season at the London Palladium or Kings Theatre or somewhere grand. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry (as I almost did when Amy dedicated “Don’t Ever Change” to me!) and well, it could well restore your faith to a pilot light type peep. Tonight, they’ll be doing it all again at Stereo in Glasgow. I’m not entirely sure when you’ll get another opporchancity to see them up here so I suggest you take this one. Mr Goulden gave those guitars what for last night alright.

It’s true, I’m biased. These kids are family and you always want your family – actual, spiritual or whatever – to have it large. These two deserve several tonnes more love than they get and many far lesser mortals eke out a living on way, way less. Theirs is a bijou blockbuster of a performance on any given night and I have a feeling that the pilgrims who head along to Stereo tonight are in for a real treat. There’s even have a new song that name checks the city. It’s called “Do You Remember That?” and I can guarantee that you will.

“…. There’s an awful lot that’s good in this life” like Amy sings in “DEC” and sometimes I’m apt to lose sight of that. It’s very cool to be reminded of what’s important.