Saturday, September 13, 2008

As the Glasvegas thing gathers momentum, it seems like it’s not a hoax then. Somehow these folk who have largely portrayed as the next O*sis have made a record that those donkeys could never come close to. The subway posters say it’s their “Definitely Maybe”, I say your arse. True, we’ve heard it all before, most recently courtesy of The Raveonettes, but it’s a pretty glorious racket all the same. Those who don’t reckon that there’s a touch of the Bay City Rollers/Slik thing to it are deluded. That’s not a slur, merely a statement of fact.

So I headed into Glasgow last night after work. Got the train at Larbert and when I sat down, I looked across the carriage and a girl who was the absolute double of Annika Norlin was sitting reading. Now if I didn’t know better I’d have sworn it was. I nearly spoke to her to make sure but didn’t want to appear as even more of a weirdo than usual. Anyway, as I was going into town to work the HS campaign a wee bit, it was a tad disconcerting.

Picked up the ticket for this coming Thursday’s David Simon event at GFT, another major coup for the venue that ties in with the republishing of “Homicide” by Canongate. REALLY looking forward to this…

So ultimately, I hooked up with my old bud Barney Hoskyns who was in town with fellow Rock Backpages colleague Mark Pringle to spread the RB gospel at a Glasgow University event. The concept of going to University and learning about rock music or it’s place in academia at all is surely going against the grain but that’s the way of the world. Good luck to ‘em. My being installed with the belief that music was the devils work surely steered me to where I am now. Spotting Annika looky-likeys in the train and having to admit that I think the Glasvegas record is top fucking banana. If it comes with the territory...

My grandmother is somewhere, shaking her head and saying that she told me so. If I’d stuck in at school, things could have been so different. If it weren’t for being so obsessed with music then I might have made something of my existence. Maybe the next stage of my development lies in this academic twilight. Nothing is clear cut and I have just as many delusions and low-folluting opinions as the next guy. Maybe more. Bill Drummond was on the wireless expounding his latest fallacy this morning, evidently he hasn’t heard “It’s My Own Cheating Heart...”.

Anyway, I hope this posts after all this. Maybe it’ll just fly off into the ether and maybe that’s for the best. Either way, I’m on this rocket. Nothing to do now but see where it lands.