Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mjeeelloooo! Sorry to be back a-knocking on your inbox so soon after last time,
but we just wanted to make y'all good lookin' kids know about this new track we've done.
It is a cover version of the new single by our friends and labelmates from First Floor Power. It will be released next week on their 12 inch maxi single called "The Jacket" and includes mixes from Karin form The Knife, Bjorn from Peter, Bjorn and John and a couple more that we don't really know so much about. Just like we did with the Blues Explosion track and the Superheroes track before this one we recorded our own old school version of the song instead of doing a remix. The spectacular result is boldly entitled "Le Jaquet" and you can listen to it on our myspace-site right about now (find the link under "The Skinny"). If you decide you NEED to own it - and we can understand if you do - then you'll have to get it on Vibrashop.com as soon as it is released next week.

Apart form that all is well in TBG-land. We had a get together last weekend to brush up some old songs for the upcoming shows in the weekend at Debaser in Stockholm (on friday) and at Rust in Copenhagen (saturday). Hope to see a lot of you out there!

The special shows with Sci-Fi SKANE and Snake and Jet on may 23rd in Malmö is also shaping up. There's gonna be cajun food, cold beer and a couple of cool DJs. All for just 100 kr.
Check the flyer and be there.

The T to the B to the inevitable G