Saturday, July 07, 2007

A report from the "the trenches" in Denmark by Mr Percival...

Roskilde, Denmark - one of the longest running festivals in Europe. I nearly made it here in 1983 when I was the right age for such occasions (19) with my pals Dave and Chris but it was not to be. I never thought 24 years later I would finally put in a appearance with my 18 year old daughter Ellen.

On Thursday it LASHED down with rain making the site an absolute quagmire. Fortunately I had brought my boots with me. I have never been a big festival goer and I was rapidly thinking "what the hell am I doing here?". Glad to say that Friday has been a dry day and the music has been fun.

First up were Camera Obscura, who many people had told me I would like. When that happens I tend to be cautious but they were indeed correct and the band from Glasgow put on a great first gig in Denmark before speeding off to the airport to head home for T in the Park (or P in the Dark as Lindsay calls it!)

Next up was New Young Pony Club. All the rage currently back home. What I had heard I liked and my daughter loves them. They were very good . Poppy electro rock with great hooks and a lot of fun live. Probably not the the taste of most NBT readers, but worth checking out just in case.

Next up was the legendary Roky Erickson. I know the Scandinavians love their garage rock legends and they do not come much more legendary than the founding member of the 13th Floor Elevators. 60 in 10 days time (1947 was a good year with Iggy and Lux also entering the world) and he was in great shape. I’d don’t think I’ve seen quite so much hero-worship in a very long time. The tent was packed out with the local Viking descendants going absolutely crazy. Roky was clearly having a great time with his very tight band. I don't know a huge amount of his material but "You're Gonna Miss Me" closed the main set and " I Walked with a Zombie" ended the evening with the crowd literally baying for more. He could have played on all night and kept the locals very happy. A great set from a true legend who has been a massive influence for so many great bands. Well worth seeing if you get the chance.