Friday, April 23, 2010

Mark Hagen on Malcolm Mclaren

It was remiss of me earlier... meant to say that Penetration are in Perth tonight (Friday) at The Corinna and tomorrow at Stereo in Glasgow...

Further to my banging on about drinking water, I found some pills and was all doped up last night. As a result, I fell asleep just as the electoral debate kicked off. Mind bendingly dull is what I recall about what I did see although I did clock The Daily Show pisstake. Very funny indeed although reality in this case is way more twisted than any spoof. If one of them would just use “I’m Your Puppet” as their campaign song then I’ll vote for them. Or probably not, because that kind of integrity doesn’t exist in the wasteland that is politics here in the UK. If they spent as much time representing the public as they do on all this showbiz crap then maybe, just perhaps, everyone wouldn’t consider them a bunch of chancers.

Trust is a very important commodity. Once it’s broken then it can’t be gotten back. These sad sack parasites can’t be trusted because they’re surrounded by bobbers and weavers. Still, come May 6th something will have to give and I think that UK PLC will be in for a proper rogering on flipside of the dilapidated razzamataz.

It’ll get worse before it gets better but hey, it’s Friday. Let’s consider this on Monday.

In other news, The Batusis UK jaunt appears to have been postponed. In some respects this is good news because maybe I’ll be able to make the rescheduled show. But for those who were looking forward to it, maybe in light of not making it to either of the Suicide/Stooges gigs in London on May 2nd and 3rd, it’s likely to be a tad disappointing.

Iain had his advance tickets, numbers 1 (pictured) and 2 and he doesn't want to cash them in just yet...

RIP - Chuck Pulin

It’s not just Friday. It’s the NBT blog’s seventh birthday, as in the day that it went online. Still just a toddler with 4880 posts. Sir Jeroen Vedder set it up and despite him having seemingly gone away and gotten a life, he does tune in. Say hello to J via the comments facility. It was May 10th 2003 when I first put my fingers to the keys. I didn’t actually remember that but looked back in the archive and there it was.

This stuff lives forever, it’s pretty odd. A virtual version of yellowing newsprint that divnae discolour. Thanks for your continued indulgence and for linking/spreading the word, that sort of jazz.