Sunday, April 01, 2012

NBT is 35 today. I don't really have the energy to regurgitate the story again. Actually there's not much of a story because I have no clue as to how I got here or WTF I'm talking about most of the time. This has intensified lately.

The last thing I feel like doing of an evening right now is blogging but I need to fight the urge to ice it altogether.

It was a surprise to see that two issues (2 + 5) made it to Mick Jones' Rock'n'Roll Public Library exhibit that just closed yesterday down in "the London". See Martin Percival's photographic evidence here.

So yeah, this entity has followed me over the hill. Like a faithful dog or horse or whatever. No amount of shoo'ing seems to work so it seems like you're stuck with me Would be nice to have Jeroen and Steve drop by but they actually seem to have lives so good on 'em.

Roll on them Easter holidays. Just under two weeks until Dave Alvin gets here, a faint glimmer on the horizon.