Friday, December 25, 2009

Maybe you managed to get away from the mêlée and are sitting in front of the screen looking for one last Christmas music jag to wash away the bilge you might have been subjected to... here's a wee message from Prof. David Scott...

"forgot to send the info before - typical me really - here goes. there's also a lengthy blog about the album on MySpace and at

An expanded version of A Sunflower At Christmas is available for download now. It includes brand new recordings of The Holly and The Ivy and a new song called Come Chase The Snow as well as previously unreleased versions of Strawberries In The Snow and Battersea Bardot. It's available at iTunes, Amazon, Juno, Play, emusic, peoplesmusic and Napster...

Hope you enjoy if you get a chance to hear it. Merry Christmas one and all."

There are aspects of Christmas that don't suck but they're not easy to find amidst the widespread panic. If it were up to me, I'd work through this period and take my vacation on the flipside. Check out The Hound's angle on the subject (if you didn't already) - it pretty much chimes with mine.

And likewise, If you never grabbed the Moon Duo seasonal tuneage then do so now. It's on the WFMU site (thanks Steve) so you don't have to piss about with that twitter bollocks. Christmas music, like old films and one or two other shards sometimes have the ability to create an alternative universe in which all manner of possibilities are well, possible.

At this time of year I often think how much better the world would be if The Cramps had recorded a version of "Christmas In Jail" like we talked about. It's at times like that that I have to accept that maybe my priorities are a little different from most of the other people that share this planet. Not you. Or You. But most. I do detest the commercialism and innate need to consume and prefer to sit it out. Some folks don't understand that and never will. This is their problem, not mine. But fear not folks - It'll all be over soon enough. Then you have the new year bullshit to get through and we're home clear. Stay tuned for bulletins, etc. We never close. At least not for long... first port of call this Christmas morning is The Sympletones DVD. My thanks to Sir J Wunderle of the Springfield parish for bestowing this upon me. Beats the eff ford out of anything the programmers have come up with for the TV schedule.

The reaper... much like we folks who don't have kids - he don't observe the holiday season...

RIP - Vic Chesnutt