Thursday, November 22, 2007

I hope our US friends are whooping it up on their Thanksgiving holiday today. There was definitely a twinge of jealousy present as I drove through the murk toward Mordor this morning. There were a bunch of things you might care to check out in the dying embers of that NMD travesty yesterday. Your old mate and mine, Sid Griffin was on on Tom Morton's show talking about his new book, Million Dollar Bash. And on Iain Anderson there was Amy (W)Rigby, Wreckless Eric and Kapt. Kruickshank. You can listen to these via the Listen Again feature. There are a lot of great stations in the ether these days and Radio Weasel is a must listen. You almost don't have to collect anything these days. It's possible to hear stuff that's new to you all over the shop. An attractive alternative to clutter. Listening to some of the "talking about music" piffle on Radio Scotland yesterday certainly has me thinking about jettisoning the whole sorry palaver.