Friday, July 17, 2009

Teenbeat ticket action and a whole lot more...

Teenbeat ticket action and much more!

Scientologists gone too far?

(Thanks to Art Fein for the link)

Another week down, still undecided about The Dolls on Monday but that is forever away at this juncture. All that matters right now is this cup of coffee, the dark chocolate tunnocks and catching up on a few bits and pieces that'll keep you amused.

Continuing to pdf old issues of NBT but I'm not entirely sure they'll be possible to read. The excrecable quality of the xerox, coupled with the cringeworthy content may never see the light of day. We'll see. It was evidently very much of the moment and not meant to survive so perhaps I should do the decent thing and keep 'em buried.

Stefan Conrad's sophisticated brand of cyber boom boom is available on your computer tonight between the hours of 6 and 8pm GMT. Tune in here. The Brutes are running amuck in Edinburgh tomorrow night following their ransacking of Nottingham last weekend.

Time to finish me snack but I'll be back so don't say you weren't warned.