Monday, August 24, 2009

Weary would best describe my worldview today. Been doing some sums and despite from some grand plans to go and catch some of my fave acts and people across Europe, the cold hard facts present a case of a localised credit crunch. Or is it the triumvirate of snap, crackle and nae pop thrills for the time being. Still, as much as my gallivanting gas has been put on a peep there's still a lot going on around here so I shouldn't bitch and whine too loudly.

There's always someone worse off than yourself after all. Right? And the Scots might be at the arse end of the popularity stakes right now but I found it in poor taste yesterday that the leading item on the news was England winning something called "The Ashes". Then it went on to report on these terrible fires in Greece where they're not light on that particular commodity right now. Draw your own conclusion as to the inappropriateness of all that.

Ah, that's what you come here for. A little levity mixed with international comment... Oh, it's not? I must have got that wrong. Won't be the first time.

Musicwise, The Thanes and Lord Rochester appear to tearing it up at Henry's Cellar Bar in Auld Reekie on Thursday (27th). That's what it said on the poster outside.