Thursday, November 29, 2012

Godard on Godard! It's really happening. This Sunday, 2nd December, 8pm at the GFT. Godard's dazzling mid 60s super-coloured masterpiece, Pierrot Le Fou as selected by Vic Godard.

After the screening Stephen Pastel will host a Q&A with Vic giving consideration to the influence of Jean-Luc Godard and European Cinema on the early Subway Sect.

Pierrot le Fou: Ferdinand Griffon (Jean-Paul Belmondo) leaves behind his Parisian wife and child during a party and takes off on an adventure with Marianne Renoir (Anna Karina), the family baby-sitter with whom he had an affair five years earlier. The following morning a man is found in Marianne’s apartment with scissors sticking out of his throat…
Jean-Luc Godard, 1965 starring Jean-Paul Belmondo, Anna Karina and Graziella Galvani. Tickets:

This is part of an amazing Vic Godard weekender, VIC.ism -

Saturday 1st December, 7.30pm, Stereo.

VIC.ism kicks off with a gig in which Vic and the Sexual Objects will perform Subway Sect songs.

Sunday 2nd December, 4pm, The Poetry Club.

Afternoon Tea with Vic Godard and friends – musical performances, recollections and recitations, jazz. Tea, scones and sandwiches will be served. Tickets £5 on door or £3 advance from Monorail Music / Tickets Scotland
A beautiful vintage 1960 Bedford Bus will be on hand to transport ticket holders from Monorail Music to the Poetry Club, and later, along to the GFT.
Bus timetable:
Monorail Music to The Poetry Club 3.15 and 3.45pm
The Poetry Club to the GFT 6.15 and 6.45pm
The live performances will also feature a Sound of Young Scotland mobile exhibition of photographs
taken by Harry Papadopolous. These projections will feature photos of Vic along with the Scottish
groups (Orange Juice, Josef K, Fire Engines, etc) that were inspired by seeing Subway Sect on the
White Riot tour thirty five years ago.