Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Even with the preventional shot in the arm from the doctors the flu still caught up with me this season... so here I am, sittin' bleary eyed, fever-ish an unable to sleep, tryin' to find some joy in these Youtube Nuggets; Amboy Dukes, Barbarians, Castaways, Chocolate Watchband, Electric Prunes, Knickerbockers, Nazz, Seeds, Shadows Of Knight, Standells, Strangeloves, 13th Floor Elevators.
I think the new TripTych bill is announced today(?)... it includes Billy Childish show at The Panoptican in Argyle Street.

Caught the Scott Walker documentary 30th Century Man on Sunday. He's an interesting geezer that doesn't seem in the slightest bit insane despite his strange, dark leanings. Don't expect to learn much of anything about him just sit back and soak it in. The mystery of his oeuvre is what makes it tick and that is left pretty much intact. Hopefully the terrible sound on the print or digital media isn't something that will be evident when it does the rounds. I expect it'll be screened on BBC4 before too long. Now I need to seek out Pola X...

A brief upswing arrived yesterday in the form of a new Hello Saferide track "I Was Definitely Made For These Times". This will appear as a limited edition release on Regal/Parlophone on May 14th. Cd and vinyl, get ready to pre-order...

It's a dark foreboding morning and it's pissing down. It'll take something like the arrival of The Boonaraaas album to counter the gloom. Fingers crossed then...

And that's about it... oh yeah, Paul Burch is in Edinburgh a week from today at The Pleasance.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

I know, the archive seems to be "down". Being too much of a dope to be able to fix it myself, i've contacted the cavalry so hopefully we can keep the marauders at bay until things can be rectified. Info still seems to be available via Googling so i'm hornswaggled if I know what's up. Thanks to everybody who let it be known though...
Thanks to all those who responded to last week's Dr. Feelgood post... Just located two more youtube links from the same TV show (1 & 2).

Anybody out there has similar material by the Count Bishops, Ducks Deluxe and their ilk?

Saturday, February 24, 2007

So let’s see, before anything else there are a few things I’ve been meaning to mention here but for one reason and another never got around to.

A new “season” of Classic Scottish Albums started on BBC Radio Scotland this week with the subject of the first Proclaimers album. Reminded me of seeing them open for The Cateran at The Onion Cellar or whatever it was called in Edinburgh. Trying to get people to believe that these two bespectacled chaps were “a Scots Everly Brothers” fell on deaf ears at the time and the rest is history. As always the great David Scott Esq. is the glue that holds these things together and next weeks programme is about Alex Harvey. Tune in via the RS play it again feature, click the listen again link at the top RH and scroll to "Classic Scottish Albums". I’m sure you know the drill by now.

Brijitte West of the New York Loose has a new venture which those of you who are parents might like to check out. Cool Kids Music kicks off with an artist called Mr Ray. Whether or not he took his name from the Suicide song is not known. Incidentally, the NYL album has been delayed due to unforeseen circumstances that are frustrating for all of us. When Cargo have the problems ironed out then we’ll clue you in immediately.

Maia Hirasawa’s debut single on Razzia is out on March 7th entitled “And I Met This Boy”. It’s as sweet a pop nugget as you’re likely to find and serves as a taster for the album “Though, I’m Just Me” on April 4th. Have a listen at her myspace dovecot.

Got a “sneak” mp3 of the title track of Lucky Soul’s “The Great Unwanted” and now I remember who singer Ali Howard reminded me of, Aimee MacDonald. So I googled the Sixties comedy siren’s name and y’know? I couldn’t find more than one mention. And no photos. When you consider the obscure guff you can dig up on almost anything this is peculiar. But anyways, things got even weirder this morning when Janice Forsyth actually mentioned AM on the bloody wireless. Anyway, this is all concurrent to the music. The LS cut is a lush, husky affair of the first order. Somewhat retro-futuristic and (hopefully) headed for the airwaves soon. Meanwhile, why not have a toot around their site.

In a more rock’n’roll vein, today those fine Girl Trouble folks are hosting the following show in Tacoma…

The great Rich Stim has been instrumental in making my father’s album of Pipe tuneage available in itunes. Hopefully I’ve not made an arse of conveying the info and blurb to the cdbaby site to make it all go smoothly. To have had Davie Scott play and produce the thing and then have a member of MX80 whap it onto the internet isn’t something any of us foresaw.
Thanks guys.

And do you think I can find the scribbles with regard to the other stuff I meant to mention? Of course not but it’ll all come out in the, er, wash.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Whilst I'll never be mistaken for a teenager, I am frequently bored. And there'll be no waffling on from me tonight on account of me being the chairman, innit!? Might feel more like prattling on tomorrow, maybe's not. Catch you on the flipside...

And not related musically but keeping up the TV theme, the next instalment of Sounds Of Sweden is these two guys with televisions on their nappers ala Man or Astroman.

SOS (Sounds of Sweden) presents:
Sweden's answer to The Postal Service, TELEVISION KEEPS US APART and quirky Glasgow troubadours ZOEY VAN GOEY
Friday, March 23, 9PM, 4GBP entry - Bacchus, 80 Glassford Street, G1 1UR, 0141 572 0080

For our April outing, we're showcasing the freshest in fresh young talent!

Television Keeps Us Apart has been compared to The Postal Service, and justifiably so. They combine mechanical beats with backing tracks and poppy hooks to create some truly infectious tunes. Single 'Ticket out of here' is irresistibly catchy tender pop with upbeat electronics. Not much is known about the young duo of Carl Sunesson and Axel Yngvell, who met as students in Linköping, a university town south of Stockholm. They toured Sweden in autumn 2006, but have been hidden away in the studio recording their debut album, so this will be their first outing of 2007.

Zoey Van Goey is a band made up of Matt Brennan, Michael John McCarthy, and Kim Moore. Hailing from Canada, Ireland, and England respectively, they assembled rather accidentally in Glasgow and now happily make music together. Making their debut performance in September 2006, this band is brand new but already drawing favourable comparisons to adventurous trios like Yo La Tengo and Deerhoof. Packing out shows in Glasgow, Zoey Van Goey are quickly gaining a reputation for their beguiling live performances and onstage banter. Quirky, talented, and cheerfully subversive, the three multi-instrumentalist ragamuffins trio flirt with Casio keyboards, laptops, violas, and accordions, in addition to the more traditional fare of guitars, drums, and vocals.

Internet resources:

Forget the RRHOF corporate piffle and get The Dictators inducted/indicted into the White Castle Hall of Fame. After all, they put the company on the map way before Saturday Night Fever came along.
Slip, slyd and sign up for Mr Gene Suttle's campaign HERE!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

There's only one thing better than this live Fleshtones DVD and that's to catch them in person. Where of course, you can pick up a copy of this fine momento of what is easily one of the greatest live acts on earth. They'll happily administer that super-rock jag that at the following venues...

24 March - Magnetic Fields, Brooklyn, NY
11 April - Grand Mix, Tourcoing, France
12 April - La Coope, Cleremont Ferrand, France
13 April - La Nef, Angouleme, France
14 April - Gagarine, Athens, Greece
15 April - L'ampli, Pau, France
17 April - Astrolabe, Orleans, France
18 April - Le Plan, Ris Orangis, Paris
19 April - L'autre Canal, Nancy, France

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I quite literally just received this (Thanks Laura!). The long-awaited follow up to "Go Get Goo Goo" is "Five Steps Ahead" and it's gonna be walking all over us courtesy of Sounds of Subterranea in March!! More info as it becomes available...

Mr Helsing wishes it to be known that...

THE THANES - A NIGHT IN GREAT KING STREET 10" LP - LARSEN (LZ079) It's here...NOW! The new 10" live LP by Scottish garage-beat purveyors THE THANES - A NIGHT IN GREAT KING STREET - issued on fabulous French label Larsen (LZ079). Features never before issued tracks, such as the group's urgent cover of the Q65 nugget "I Despise You", plus many on-stage favourites, including "The Lovely Laura-Anne", "It's Just A Fear" and "The Next One". Start bugging your local record shoppe to order your copy, like now!"

Other news... Got an e-mail from Tony Blair this morning. Me and 1.8 million+ others. It had to be rescued from my junk mail. This was because I signed the road pricing petition that's been in the headlines. And actually, I'm not so much against road pricing as I am agin the tracking that it would allow the all-enveloping surveillance industry to undertake. Lord knows, is the mobile phone epidemic not hellish enough. Not that there's much to glean about my comings and goings but it's the principle. Actually, if there was a halfway decent public transport infrastructure then I wouldn't even have a bloody car. However, the likelihood of such a thing in this backwater is slimmer than a very slim thing on the proverbial slim-athon slimfast diet.

Taken to yon logical conclusion, if I didn't have to earn a crust then I'd seldom leave the house at all. But anyway, all this guff with carbon footprints, etc., until our co-habitees in burgeoning economies start screwing the napper then there's little or nothing our hapless attempts to restrict climate change can do. We're on the rocket people, but what you can do is resolve not to waste energy for your own self. Nobody else. Just you. I also had to listen to some bollocks about "ethical trading" from someone who gets printing done in China rather than here in the UK where the triple standard and creative accountancy reign supreme. Pity about my fellow travellers who are just trying to get by. Anyway, I guess Tony didn't catch any of the Hold Steady shows because there was no mention of them in his message. Or maybe they're not britpop enough. That could be it. I'm tempted to make a sinking shjips crack but I can't be arsed.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co. says "hail to the chief" this week with a presidential performance worthy of William Henry Harrison -- all within the ever-stately confines of Otto's Shrunken Head, naturally!
THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 22nd / (And the last Thursday of every month)
OTTO'S SHRUNKEN HEAD TIKI BAR & LOUNGE / http://www.OttosShrunkenHead.com /
538 East 14th Street (just west of Avenue B) in ol' Manhattan, NY / Two BIG shows, from 8:00 sharp until 10:00 / No cover! /
Yours in the oval office- Michael, Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co.
"Ballads, Boogies & Blues"

Monday, February 19, 2007

Lindsay's Alice Cooper ticket reminded me of this bizarre little item that was reprinted in a Dutch music mag way back in '71; a pet registration card from the Amsterdam Hilton...
For one reason and another, I don't have the energy or the inkling to rabbit on the keyboard tonight. Found some old ticket stubs yesterday and thought we'd go for a little nostalgia instead... Article #1 - my first REAL rock'n'roll concert... November 1972.

Article # 2 - In honour of the wee frisson that ran through J's YouTube post of last week...

And finally - Article #3 - a certified classic, another example of a CBGB's bill hitting up the UK.
Cheetah Chrome was toting Glen Buxton's guitar at the time...

Thankyou and Goodnight...

Sunday, February 18, 2007

If it wasn’t for Mr H then christ knows how long it would have taken me to discover "Unknown Passages – The Dead Moon Story". Of course, I was aware of the band and the rabid passion with which people who had seen them had for this Northwest trio. Never having had the luck to catch their live thing, DM was something I appreciated from afar. For me, their recorded output never did them justice and was a factor i never considered re-addressing until I clocked this. Go ahead and disagree if you want to but there’s something about this documentary that adds that all important fourth dimension and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Dead Moon has achieved success far and beyond material sales or the conventional trappings of what passes for it day to day. Dead Moon Heads who have been baptised at one of their shows have every right to be protective because this combo was a real treasure.

If they’d ever made it to this part of the world there would be a faction of Deid Moon Heids here also but they didn’t and sadly the band is no more. This testament to them exists though and it will only help stoke the legend. As cool people go, I don’t think they come any more groovy than Fred and Toody Cole. And Andrew Loomis their drummer helps propel the whole thing with a singular abandon. A long-haired, often bevvied diplomat of the first water with quite the collection of Nomads t-shirts. It’s made me listen to the records with fresh ears. Now I can flesh it all out. If the people who program the Edinburgh Film Festival had been doing their job circa 2004/5 then I’d have seen this and maybe been able to rectify the fact that I never saw them before it was too late. Dead Moon is a singular example of something that will live on forever because the fire that fuelled it comes from deep within the souls of real believers. This film is the "It's A Wonderful Life" of rock docs. Maybe they could come back as the George Bailey Trio?

This is available in the UK from Volcanic Tongue and in the US from Magic Umbrella. If you come outta the end and you’re not a fan then there’s something wrong with you.
When it comes to stretching a cross-cultural pop canvas then nobody can extend it to the limits of the Pilot.

Taking in literary and musical landscapes of every imaginable type and blending them to come up with something like "Secrets From The Clockhouse" takes a specific ability. So step inside the world of Sushil K. Dade, a man that would seem to apply the laws of film direction to create cinematic music that will provide a soundtrack to your wellbeing. A concept? Not sure but it’s thematic heart beats with a collective spirit bound to a consciousness which covers as many bases as I’ve ever heard co-existing comfortably in one setting. From psychedelics through folk to free jazz. It's all part of the beat that belongs to Future Pilot AKA.

There’s a rendition of Sun Ra’s “Nuclear War” that brings together Thurston Moore, Kim Gordon, Davy Henderson from The Fire Engines, Mike Watt and wir ain Stewart Cruickshank. I didn’t believe it either until I heard the evidence. Sounds weird, right? Well it couldn’t be more un-weird if it tried. This is a deeply commercial exercise that’ll reward repeated visits. The skewed-ska of “Eyes of Love” should have been a hit already, being that it features Stuart Murdoch and Sarah Martin from Belle and Sebastian. Karine Polwart’s one-minute long “Lights Of The City” ushers in the recurring theme of the piece which acts as the cement between the various movements.

"Secrets from the Clockhouse" is on the Creeping Bent imprint. Distributed by Cargo.

The first festival of rock documentaries from former Yugoslavia
Jeffrey Lee Pierce on Dutch TV: Pt 1 & 2...

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Last night I managed to drag myself out of the house and into Glasgow. Firefox AK was opening for a Canuck combo called Junior Boys and you have to take your superior electro-pop action where you can find it. Firefox AK is the alter ego of Andrea Kellerman. Her album "Madame, Madame!" came out on Razzia last year and she also dueted on the HS “Long Lost Penpal” cut.

When she took the stage, the JB crowd was beginning to trickle in. Unfortunately the laws of economics dictated that it was a solo performance. With some of the backing tracks on ipod and augmented by guitar and vocal, the material from the album sounded a good deal gutsier at a volume you can’t really achieve at home. A rock edge was evident that perhaps isn’t definable in the studio stuff.

The music comes from a place on the corner of Neu and La Dusseldorf. There are elements of Kraftwerk but this trans-european expression has a warmth that rarely emits from the man-machine ouvre. There’s also a sense of the OMD sensibility with a hook. She’s quite a compelling performer even in this possibly nerve-racking situation and every inch a proper pop star in waiting. The room was a bit more full by the end of her set. This is the curse of the pre-club gig circuit and the bane of support act life. “What’s That Sound” has hit pre-programmed all over it and if there was still such a thing as Saturday morning pop shows then “All Those People” would connect with the kids and they’d all run out to buy the single. Now I guess they just run to their keyboard and download it. Doesn’t seem the same somehow. Check out the songs on her myspace page, suspend the requirement to rock out in a conventional sense. You might like it. I know I do.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Velvet Tinmine Radio

"This is Ben and I host (what I'm pretty sure is the only radio show) that plays nothing but 70's Glam Rock. Get 'yer boots, put 'yer lipstick and eyeliner on and tune in to 91.3 FM WBNY every Friday from 12 to 1pm in Buffalo, NY or to WBNY.ORG anytime!!!!" (Velvet Tinmine blog)

Link c/o Jos de Groot.
The Hold Steady are on the cusp of perceived mass audience acclaim, A Kaiser Chiefs for the "auld yins" in waiting maybe. Extremely accomplished and flashing strands of skewed pop music history. The preaching style of the singer, Craig Finn, is both entertaining and grating. I haven't heard the albums and possibly don't need to. The throng in Glasgow seemed to be ready to sing and clap along in all the right places. Blimey, there goes Cheap Trick, The Replacements, pomp era BOC and wild and innocent era E-street, Thin blinkin’ Lizzy. Even George Castanza channelling TMBG. They're capable of throwing considerable rock shapes. Guitars skirl but the real deal-breaker is the keyboards. That's what pegs it above your standard shouty indie angst.

The choice of opening bands didn't help. Derivative, not bowfing but utterly unremarkable, laid out the stall for the all-conquering visitors. The New York Fund - terrible name, not altogether bad. had one approximation of Freebird that almost held my attention. The Checks - Dearie me... no bouncing jokes please. All the supposed music bibles tell us that this HS will be huge. My money is on another act with the same initials. But what these guys do have are the ingredients down pat like a high-end ready meal and are a reasonable diversion. I just listened to Craig Finn's appearance on Tom Morton's show from yesterday afternoon (Wednesday if you want to access the Radio Scotland play it again facility). He's on some kind of mission and his combo are like a big blockbuster movie waiting to happen. There's no lasting afterburn but it's kinda fun during it's running time.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines Day then... named after a Hello Saferide song. My plans to post a bunch of stuff last night crashed and burned in front of the TV. Had a stint at the dentist and sundry other chores conspire agin me. But anyway, today won't be much more productive i'm afraid. But here's a couple of things you may care to attend this weekend...

But first, Duglas Bandit (along with Messrs Blake and Wells) have recorded a special song for your day. Check it out here!


Thursday 15th February

THE DOUBLE-SIX CLUB - at the Jazz Bar, Chamber Street, Edinburgh. 12pm til 3am. Free admishun.

Ska, Soul, Mod-Reggae & Easy 60s - with DJ's from The GO-GO.

This will be a monthly event, with next one being Thursday 8th March, then every second Thursday of the month after that.


Firefox AK at the ABC2 on Friday 16th


Southern Tenant Folk Union (The great Pat McGarvey's CP side-project)

Saturday 17th at The Village, Leith...
Sunday 18th at Brel, Glasgow (part of El Rancho Relaxo)


Meanwhile, the hot V day ticket is The Hold Steady at the Cathouse in Glasgow tonight. Will they cut the spread-on chocolate? Your reporter will clue you in (much) later.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

How can you top this????

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Bintangs - Café De Stad, Utrecht 11-02-07

Most of you garage fans probably know the Bintangs from their mid-60s recordings that are scattered over Pebbles-like compilations. Good as that stuff is I actually prefer the band's 70s work, when they finally found their own voice somewhere halfway 'tween Exile-era Stones and Wilko's Feelgoods (Try findin' their 1975 album Genuine Bull if possible) Anyways, it was probably 1979 or 80 when I last saw 'em and at that point they were one of the few truly powerhouse live-acts over here in the Netherlands, along-side the Rousers and Nitwitz. Durin' the 80s I kinda lost focus on 'em as most of their shows seemed either farewell gigs or reunions! So it was with some reserve that I accepted the invitation from my friend Jos to tag along and catch the Bintangs at a local bar earlier today.
The place was crammed with about 100 people (if that) and as soon as the band hit the stage all my reservations went straight outta the window. Poundin' out the Diddley beat like there was no tomorrow, they delivered again 'n again playin' nothin' but top notch material spannin' their entire career. Both hits (Ridin' On The L&N, Snake In The Grass) and cool surprises like Exciting Accident and Arthur Alexander's Burning Love. From the original 1961 (!) line-up only Frank Kraaijeveld remains but this current line-up rocks as hard as the one I saw a lifetime ago, never venturing into Stevie Ray Vaughn territory but playin' the R&B game as prophesied by the Pretty Things and/or Downliner's Sect. A lost art-form if ever their was one...
Thumbs up to those at Café De Stad who set this up. It was great to once again see a band like this play in such a modest setting and not in one of the over-sized, over-prized, over-organized soulless places that are the norm these days. A Pubrock-like experience in 2007, what a breath of fresh air...
I did have a mind to go see a couple of movies today but the weather is so godawful that didn't happen. So here are a few loose ends to tie up from the past couple of days...


Some Youtube footage of Art Fein's annual Elvis Bash from January 8th 2007


The Tielman Brothers as recommended by Kevan Aman.


Roky plays Southpaw in Brooklyn on April 13th.


From PJ @ Dirty Water Club... this offer is supposed to be for people on the DWC list but you can either pretend or better still join it if you fancy some of this action...


Fortune Teller Records presents:


A 20-track compilation that includes The Dirtbombs, Mighty Caesars (Billy Childish from the '80s), Snatch (1st time on CD for I.R.T - a Sniffin Glue fave from '77), Minor Threat (who never normally contribute to compilations!), Robert Pollard (Guided By Voices), Television Personalities (two exclusives/covering Kelis and The Who), Schwab, Stewart Home (writer of Slow Death, Pure Mania), X Ray Spex (live at Rock Against Racism '78) and comedians Simon Munnery and Gary Le Strange.

Album is limited to 1,000 numbered copies only.

If you mention that you saw the album advertised here you save money on the shop price! E-mail info@fortunetellerpress.com

Yes, you get it for just £7 + £1 p&p (in the UK)!

Just one copy per address and the offer applies for a short time only so be quick.


Maria Bartiromo (link courtesy of Mr Percival)

From the opening chord of “My First Band”, the work of Ben Vaughn shot up the NBT charts and has cruised the top of those hallowed halls ever since. To me, this guy’s songs are up there with your Dylan, Young and Newman and in my book he’s been known to surpass all of those. “Vaughn sings Vaughn (Volume 1)” sees him revisit some old material. Dusting it off and giving it a fresh new coat of the lacquer that only he can give it. The Desert Classic era Vaughn has come a long away from the North Jersey days but the music still retains that inherent beach-music bounce that it always did. These songs breathe in all types of atmospheres. Just with a lone acoustic guitar or with a band in full flight. The liner note states that “the songwriter – longtime dealer in pop gems – has been perhaps overshadowed by Vaughn the composer.” Very possibly. If you’ve never heard these songs then prepare to be blown clean away. The version of “I’m Sorry (but so is Brenda Lee)” is pure E-Street band and swings like it came straight off Darkness On The Edge Of Town. There are four songs that I don’t recognise. “Beautiful People” is a ragtime paen to give a thought to those perfect individuals. I swear there’s a cheeky wee sliver of Brian Manson’s song of the same name in there but maybe it’s just me. “When?”, “Hotamighty” and “Dead Inside” are the others. Old favourites that get the spring clean are “On The Rebound”, “Shinglaling With Me” and “Lover’s Leap” and a good few more. Back to Peter Gilstrap’s liners… “It’s the first in a series of albums that will offer the complete and utter cataloguing of all songs Vaughn”. That has to be good news. Ben may well have a big house with a (desert) yard these days but he hasn’t lost anything in the process. That he’s able to re-present this material to a whole new prospective audience is indeed a beautiful thing. And if you didn’t pick up “Designs In Music” when you were asked to some moons ago then why not score both of these at the same time. Click here for the scoop or make contact via myspace.

The Sibleys “Tuesday” was recorded live on May 24th (a Tuesday – natch, 2005?) at The Palms Restaurant in 29 Palms. The neighbourhood that Ben calls home these days but that’s not the reason he ended up producing this, their debut album on Satisfaction Records. The facility was closed to customers that day while the band layed down their sparse, sprightly sun-kissed blues. There’s something about this stuff that reminds me of Beat Happening mixing it up with The Roches in terms of feel. It doesn’t sound like either. There’s a kind of Badalamenti score-mood quality to the material. “Shadows” wouldn’t have been out of place in the soundtrack to “Wild At Heart”, it has that grandiose simplicity. “I Don’t Smile (If I Don’t Want To)" has a “Velvets do Gloria” undertow. Seems like it could burst out full speed at any moment but never does. There’s a fractured displacement to “Tuesday” that is possibly down to the relative isolation of where it was recorded. There’s plenty of heart in the performance and this roadhouse spot will no doubt jump on occasion. The Sibleys display a Cowboy Junkies kind of malevolence that could endear them to a vast audience if they snuck in via something like All Tomorrows Parties. Someplace where people have an attention span.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Somewhere along the road to 2007, things have gotten snarled up. A game-show host type smarminess has been mistaken for entertainment. In essence, a true entertainer is a rare beast these days and one of the outright characters of this fraternity was the late, great Tiny Tim. Considered in some quarters as a novelty act by lazy, tunnel-visioned malcontents, his voice has been known to polarize. It displayed a richness and soul of a great orator. Of someone who interpreted classic and contemporary material with an otherworldly abandon.

These three recent releases of rare and unreleased material recorded in Australia are a timely reminder of this genius. They really don’t make them like this anymore. The project has been put together by Martin Sharp in a kind of Alan Lomax capacity, this Australian pop artist and co-writer of Cream's “Tales Of Brave Ulysses” (!) is ready to share his adventures with new generations who have yet to discover the greatness of Herbert Khaury’s alter ego. In the liner notes he declares that “it has been my greatest honour to march some miles with this ‘soldier of showbusiness’”. That last part is key to the whole phenomenon, this hippie Harry Lauder belongs to a great lost era before style was coached to overtake substance.

“Chameleon” is a reissue of the original, very rare album that came out in the early 80’s with unissued bonus tracks of takes from the same sessions. It must have been a total gas to have been there. With his renditions of “Stayin Alive” rubbing shoulders with relative standards like “The Great Pretender” and “Tiny Bubbles”. And how many people could tackle “The Mickey Mouse March” and come out unscathed.

“Wonderful World of Romance” was originally only available as a “direct-to-disc” album for promo purposes only. This only covered the second session until now and has an additional 11 takes and different cuts. WWOR is Tiny Tim somewhat “unplugged” along with piano, cello and trademark ukulele. performing material from the early 1900’s. “Wandering Down Memory Lane With You” is an amazing title. I imagine that some of this will sound plain weird in today’s wired world and it’s all the better for that fact. Solid, sonic uke.

“Stardust” is 26 previously unreleased tracks which includes an alternate take of “Highway To Hell”, with a vocal that sounds like Paul Rodgers on helium. His unique ability to cherry pick material from all eras and stamp them with that unbridled falsetto, sounds like. You get “Nobody Loves A Fairy When She’s Forty” sitting alongside “People Are Strange” on Planet Tim and it seems like the perfect fit.

These releases are all curated perfectly with extensive notes in very cool 16 page booklets printed on quality stock. Lovingly tailored to complement the recorded content. All three are available on the Zero Communications imprint from Japan.

(Many thanks to Susumu Hirakawa)

At the risk of any conflict of interest/stating of the obvious/preaching to the converted/other… I just need to convey that The Nomads double vinyl Nomadic Dementia is now available and it sounds totally immense, “16 Forever” is flying outta the speakers as I type.

The Beasts of Bourbon and Demolition Doll Rods have also been let outta the traps and are looking sleek in their digipaks. All of these are available via Munster now.

And also it appears that this Cramps book is finally available from Amazon. (info via Staysick)

Friday, February 09, 2007

The absolute apex of the weekend, for me, has to be driving away from work on Friday. The furthest point from having to my carcass back there. I'm weary of the treadmill but needs must but what better way to get geared up for "the weekend" (in the spirit of Friday night as befits the DFFD credo) than a swatch at three NEW YORK LOOSE videos on YouTube. Thanks to Pilly for the heads up. This should set you up nicely to snaffle the new NYL comp that's just about to be issued by Sleazegrinder and will be available via Cargo here.

If ever there there was a combo that deserved to go the whole road, it was this one. Exactly how Brijitte never ended up as a rock'n'roll icon is one of the great mysteries. Maybe they were just too good. That is so often the case... anyway, let's kick off your Friday night with the Loose... SPIT, RIP ME UP, BROKEN
Full details on the comp when I get a hold of it. I'll be back at some juncture but maybe not tonight. My eyes are like pissholes in the snow as it is (how topical!) and well, maybe I is sickening for something or even just plain sick. But not in a good way. The hatch is batoned down. Stay tuned for further bulletins.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

The John Miller posse is headed for The Netherlands...

Heard the one about Johnny Ramone and The Mozzer? Mr Percival sent me this link.

I'm actually more concerned that the person who wrote the piece can't spell Bela.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Glasgow's Rhythm & Blues all stars The 5 Aces (formerly The Boogaloo Investigators) play 60's Beat dancefloor fillers and are ably supported by Twisting Surf Beat Instrumentalists and house band Preston Pfanz & the Seaton Sands at Beatsville - Henry's Cellar Bar, Morrison St. Edinburgh, Saturday 17th February. 11pm - 3am, £5/4
It’s an "adults only" weekend for Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co. – as we go from the bawdy to the profane in the borough of Brooklyn! We’ll keep you warm, alright, with back-to-back nights of patent-pending "ballads, boogies & blues" and highbrow humor decidedly not suitable for children.
Well, maybe just the special, very gifted ones...

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 9th / WASABASSCO BURLESQUE at the Living Room Lounge / Hosted by GiGi La Femme & Nasty Canasta! / http://wasabassco.com/ /245 23rd Street (at the corner of Fifth Avenue) in Brooklyn, NYC / We start the show with a fully-clothed set at 9:00 / $5 cover /

46 Third Avenue (at the corner of Atlantic Avenue) in Brooklyn, NYC / 10:00 – Greg Phoenix /10:45 – SIT & Die Co. /12:00 – Johnny Carlevale & His Band Of All-Stars! /
$5 "suggested donation" /

Ribaldly yours, Michael, Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co.
"Ballads, Boogies & Blues" http://SITandDieCo.com

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Fancy seeing something with a little Mike Judge does Disney via a Kricfalusi twist?

Then clock this Säkert video...

Also Stacey has found out that Firefox AK are playing in Glasgow on February 16th as part of a tour with Junior Boys (?). No, me neither but if you fancy some choice electro pop then cut along. I'm expanding my musical horizons all the time me... innit.

Monday, February 05, 2007

RIP - Billy Kelly

from John Miller:

I received the sad news today that top Glasgow promoter and friend of mine Billy Kelly has passed away after a long battle with cancer.

I know many of my friends have had dealings with Billy when their tours hit Glasgow as he was the main man behind Soundsfine Promotions who ran the Big Big Country and Big Big World festivals as well as numerous top gigs in between. They also promoted gigs in other parts of Scotland.

Billy was also a frequent visitor to festivals like SXSW where he came into contact with many more acts and other like minded promoters.I had hoped to see Billy at the recent Dale Watson concert in Glasgow but it was not to be as he was in hospital but I did have some correspondence with him afterwards.

Billy gave me lots of work and the chance to open for some great acts including, Dale, Big Sandy, Slaid Cleaves and many many more. I also got to see many more class acts, most times for free as Billy wouldn't ever let me pay. I for one will miss the enthusiasm, nay passion, that he had for music.

My thoughts at this time are with his wife, Anne, and their children Billy and Vicky.

It is one hell of a sad day for roots music in Scotland.

John Miller

This was a shock and John is right. It’s a sad day for music of all persuasions.
In my opinion, this guy presented a level of service to music promotion and gentlemanly conduct that is rare in the trade he was in. His attention to detail and old school way of operating was an inspiration. He always had time for you, there was none of the self-important nonsense (I’m being diplomatic here) that so often comes with such territory. He built up the Big Big Country and Big Big World events that took place in May and October respectively. The difference was that he curated as well as promoted. That was the ace he had up his sleeve.
My last contact with Mr K was to try and get him to book The Bambi Molesters for BBW, some Croatian surf for the broad canvas. He told me he’d try and work it out. It didn’t but I’m sure it would have happened eventually.

Billy Kelly made a difference and I consider it an honour to have known him. I hope he’s riding those high plains and my thoughts are with his family at this sad time. Cheers Billy, thanks for everything...
This coming Friday at Debaser in Stockholm (Rock City!)

The Scientists and Alan Vega are part of The Dirty Three curated ATP festival in Butlins, Minehead this coming April...

Well, we've reported on a group called The Monks, a TV show called Monk so let me introduce you to Tommy Erdelyi's (nee Ramone) bluegrass combo, Uncle Monk.

(Thanks to Mr Percival for the link)

Using up the last remaining vacation days means trying to tie up loose ends... but there are so many which have unravelled to the point of no return. But anyway, some stuff that'll keep you amused for a wee while...
Mr H flagged up this Wooden Shjips article at Dusted. You can also listen to their shjotguntastic "Shrinking Moon For You" as a musical backdrop.
Mr Rafferty dropped me this link for the new Joan Jett video. And you figured they didn't make them like this anymore? So did I... did I ever tell you that I stood next to JJ at a Flamin' Groovies show once?
Ben ran these clips past the Staysickers... this version of "The Explosives" seem a little clunky to me in their attempt to bolster Roky but i'll let you make out your own mind. Mr Gart also reminded me about this New Bomb Turks dvd from their show at the Cas Rock in Edinburgh some moons ago. There's every chance i'm in it...
Bjorn provided this link to the Barracudas film available as bitesize chunks on YouTube some time ago but I only just found it (er, remembered) when i was looking for something else.
I was never what could be construed as a Clash fan but some of you might be, so check out Strummerville.
Songs The Nomads Taught Youse, J found this on ebay... and at the other end of the financial spectrum, Mr Percival hepped me to this.
So that'll keep you going meantime. Just heard that today is the day that people are most likely to call in a "sickie". Why don't they have pre-publicity for that type of event? I wasn't born to work or follow. Such is what passes for life.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Have you seen these Motown Complete Single collection things? Six volumes so far and quite possibly the best dressed bespoke items that i've clocked in some considerable time. Sort of pricey, supposedly limited (but it doesn't say to how many). Dropped by Capt. Crunch's this avo and got to have a good old rake through them all. If I had 3 hundred-knicker to spare then i'd invest in a set. One of them even has the Mynah Birds 45 that Neil Young played on amongst the contents. Also got my ticket for the Glasgow Film Festival.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Mr Arnoff just reminded me that there's an Alex Harvey doc, The Last of the Teenage Idols on BBC Radio 2 tonight at 8pm (GMT). Presumably it'll be on the listen again feature also for at least a week. Also, on the R2 front, Brian Matthews returns to Sounds of the Sixties at 8am (GMT) NEXT Saturday (10th) after a lengthy illness.
I received this forwarded message from my friend KP yesterday and while I wouldn't normally post something like this here, it's something I feel fairly strongly about so don't mump, got it?...

"I was just wondering if anyone watches what is posted on myspace videos? Shouldn't people be prosecuted for abusing animals if they're making videos of killing and torturing them and posting them on there? This petition requires Myspace to turn over abusive videos and their perpetrators to the proper authorities!"

Personally, i'd cheerfully watch clips of the abusers being tortured but that's just the kind of person I am. Could be a treatment for a new TV phenomenon? You never know...
Time for a state of the (indoctri)nation address, such as it is. In a bid to keep this interesting for all of us. To turn up stuff that you want to hear, see and well - hear and see. The emphasis is on directing you to the source. This may sound like repetition but as time grinds on - it bears to be said now and again. Been looking at the stats and we get a little over 7000 hits per month. Not too shabby for something that divnae actively canvas for business or ads or any of that other shite this interweb floods we with. Periodic considerations of doing another print issue have pretty much been crushed completely. I'm constantly reminded to never say never but never is the most likely timeframe. Apart from when I’m totally delusional. Did a wee experiment on myspace to find out if I'd get bombarded with info to pass on and never got more than maybe a half-dozen responses. Maybe this "tool" isn't as sharp as it’s alleged on the packaging.

Away from the pulsebeat of music etc, (hey Art!) the town centre here is up for redevelopment. Or what passes for a town centre. In reality, any soul the place had is long since gone in any sense of retailing or anything else. People go to the stripmalls now. It saves putting the heating on. They trudge around those hanger-size, will to live draining places for hours ala dawn of the dead. Actually Romero’s crew were far more savvy. Last Saturday morning, I took my completed “regeneration” comment form to the local library and deposited it in the box that lies in front of the crap display board with the supposed layout. I bet that somewhere there's one of those terrible "Money For Nothing" type fly-through presentations too. Anyway, let's leave that consideration in the meantime. Came out, looked across the road and noticed that the bingo hall had an agent sign outside. I duly contacted said agent and as of today, no info has been forthcoming.

Turns out that, because of the smoking ban, the place has closed. Long before it became a place to yell "house!", it was the local cinema. The place we went on a Saturday morning and/or afternoon. Ultimately it was the place we managed to sneak underage into our first X rated picture. I think the first one I saw was called “Helga”, an, er, “documentary”. However, I remember “The Good Guys and The Bad Guys” better. Around 1970-ish when I was really wee. According to the Scottish Cinemas site, it ceased to be a moviehouse in 1971. So, a little digging turned up a local report that offered the useful tripe – “if it was knocked down it would allow greater access to the new Asda”. It looks like it’s attributed to a local councillor, but I have it on authority from that individual that it was not. The mentality that would even think about making such a bottom burp out loud far less in print is essentially what we’re up against. Not that opening it as an arts venue would be in any way sustainable but you’d think they’d want to retain some sense of history? You’d think. I’ve got a bee in my proverbial bunnet about this. It’s just another one of these symptoms. Maybe they should flatten the whole town, tarmac it. Make an even bigger car park for the supermarket wars to be fought out in. Maximum succour for the scumhordes. Some effort will be made to make sure that this building doesn’t come down without some noising up of Historic Scotland and whatever other organisation that is supposed to muzzle those idiots that are inclined to bow down before the almighty buck. If the Bo'ness Hippodrome can be redeveloped then surely at least some stops can be extracted to keep the old Empire Electric going for a few years yet.
So, more music stuff coming up soon. Meanwhile, check out Herbie...
If you're anywhere near the banks of the River Charles this weekend, then this is the hot ticket. A hopelessly oversubscribed moment in history. Wish I was there...


Join the A-Bones with Muck & the Mires teh Miscreants and the Great Gaylord (direct from Radio City!) and a slew of action packers and special guests at a no holds barred benefit for Q at Brooklyn’s fabulous Magnetic Field. Emcee con fabuloso for the event is LENNY "Nuggets"/"Doc Rock"/"The K" KAYE! Bands will blast, raffles will be held, peanut butter delicacies will be savored, and mayhem will reign supreme while MISS K (no relation to Lenny!, except in good
taste!) spins wild wax with none other than THE EMPRESS a bevy of boss jocks all night long. All proceeds from the door and raffles go direct 100% to Question Mark. As all Q’s mementoes burned, please bring copies of pix and clippings and we’ll send all to Q! Alice Cooper has donated his PANTS and an autographed picture for the raffle! How's about THAT! See you there! Doors at 7 PM!

"Veteran rocker Question Mark was devastated after his Michigan home of nearly 40 years was burned to the ground last week, killing five of his pets. Question Mark, who had a number one US hit with "96 Tears" with his band The Mysterians, also lost memorabilia dating back four decades, including a gold record and an organ thought to have once been owned by Pink Floyd."

The night -- emceed by the legendary
will feature boss live music from

DJ sets from Lynne K (Carnival Of Lost Soul) and Connie T. Empress (Empire State Soul Club), as well as rock'n'roll raffles throughout the evening (prizes will include original rock posters, photos, t-shirts, vintage memorabilia, and more). Full list of raffle sponsors to come, but so far they include Norton Records, Nights With Alice Cooper, Steve Ritsua, Abkco Records, Little Steven's Underground Garage, Mary Weiss (The Shangri La's), Dead Flowers, Guitar World, Empire State Soul Club, Magnetic Field, Coyote Recording Studios, Bumble & Bumble, Collectibles, and Theresa Kereakes. If you cannot make the shindig and still want to help, you can donate via the Magnetic Field page! All money will be added to what we raise the day of the event via the door, and various items that will be on sale.

Friday, February 02, 2007

News via e-mole... Roky headed for Europe this summer!!

Long Gone John wishes it to be known that "my house is slowly being taken apart at the seams or so it seems...i'll be moving to olympia soon...a lot of my stuff has been shifted to the grand central art center in santa ana for a show called "pictures of the gone world" it opens this saturday (feb 3rd) and runs through march 18th...i went to see it today and all things considered it looks pretty cool...the film, "the treasures of long gone john" will screen twice saturday night at 6:00 and 8:30 (free to the public) also showing will be gregg gibbs new film, "the gone world" which i think is about anorexic penguins in the belgian congo or something like that...pass this along to concerned parties if you are able... thank you...thats it...like that...over and way the fuck out!!"

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Mr H in Montana sez "Your future is before you unless you are turned around" and he's not wrong. And while you ponder that, consider this recommendation from the man...

"Acid Archives a book offshoot from LYSERGIA by site operator Patrick Lundborg with help from unindicted co-conspirators Aaron Milenski and Ron Moore is already in its second printing. The book covers the American and Canadian rock underground from 1965 - 1982 and if you are a regular reader of NBT, then you're going to want to check it out. The book, ostensibly a collector's buying guide, focuses on giving rarity and value ratings to over 4,000 (many hopelessly obscure) vinyl LPs from the aforementioned time and place, but functions as so much more. Plus, many of the vinyl rarities are easily obtainable in CD format. New light is shed on some familiar names--Music Machine, Chocolate Watchband, David Crosby (!)--by the authors who write from an enthusiast's rather than a collector's perspective, but the bulk of the book is given to things like this about Boyd McCoy of Rochester, NY and his band's live '72 rouser: ". . .a live example of prime drink-spilling lounge music made up of mostly hard rock and soulful funk cover songs. Instead of the usual homogenized, family friendly lounge act, Boyd and the boys are a trashy, grungy and out-of-control intoxicated whirlwind.!" I don't know about you, but my interest is piqued. AA can be divided roughly into five broad categories psych, prog, garage, folk and outer limits. Many of the records covered began as self-produced basement jobs (Stone Harbour, 1971 Ohio "Extraordinary . . . basement psych with songs fading in and out of the speakers, cavemen drums, primitive electronics and murky fuzz lurking in the background") or intriguingly unclassifiable--and often tortured--swipes at "art"(Robbie the Werewolf 1964 L.A. "Remarkable early private press that manages to be a folk LP and a parody of a folk LP at the same time. Half of it is monster-fan-piss-takes on standards such as . . ."Tip Toe Through the Tulips" the other half is Robbie originals hitting an unforgettable apex with the echo-laden Count Dracula track, "...watch out for those vampires some of them are QUEER.") Foreword by Mr. Mike Stax who gives the word, " ...englightened music listeners can separate the hip from the hyped, and begin to navigate their way more readily through the strange and fascinating world of Underground sounds." Oh, and lots of cool pix too. Check with SUBLIMINAL SOUNDS if you want to score a copy."