Thursday, July 06, 2006

Regular stoppers-by will have noticed that my posts of late have been a bit spotty. This is because of stuff beyond my control labeled "real life" or what passes for it.

Anyway, some things that I've meant to run by you folks in the Glasgow locale...

Volcanic Tongue have a store at 1129 Argyle Street, G3 8ND. Tel: 0141 204 3322...

Picked up a free tabloid thing calle THE SKINNY which provides a comprehensive "Whats' On" guide sorta like The Village Voice for Central Scotland and beyond. In there I discovered some info on the upcoming Evie Sands/BMX Bandits show at the ABC2 on July 16th. Evie's band will include Norman Blake and Davie Scott. You can pick this up almost anywhere so check availability if you're jetting in from wherever.
On the subject of the Scottish Music Scene, folks are invited to check out Martin Kielty's BIG NOISE and pitch in should you see fit.
Was just talking to Sir David of Arnoff who caught the Gun Club movie in LA. There's no bloody music in it. Just talk. Interesting as that could be, what the heck is up with not including the whole point of such a beast in the first place? Wasted opportunity or rough cut awaiting finishing touches? Lets hope for the latter. Wonder what's coming up music-wise in the EIFF programme due July 12th. The Monks? Luna? The Upper Crust? Probably none of those but a guy can dream, right? And coming in September...

The Stripchords @
Sonic Reducer, London, Saturday July 15th - FREE!

All hail, sweaty kits'n'glowing kittens! Well, the summer is well and trooly upon us, and with temperatures hitting the early 30s in Londinium, what better way to make yer weekend special than with a Saturday night at Sonic Reducer? Saturday July 15th will see instro twang sleazemeisters The Stripchords play the 'Reducer, soundtracking their acclaimed selection of vintage 8mm burlesque flicks, with the addition of live go-go dancers! As one patron of the 100 Club put it: "That's not jazz!" And who are we to argue?
The Stripchords will take to the stage at 10.30pm.
Videos, and downloadable tuneage is always available via ... As per, BigKegShandy and Teenslain will be spinning platters that may or may not matter, and if the first 'Reducer at The Spitz is anything to go by, the place will be jumping madly by the witching hour ... So expect the seasonal mix of soul, funk, garage punk, beat, R&B, ska, mento, calypso, reefer jazz, and any other kool trash we can gets our greezy pawses upon! Plus the new Jack Oblivian 45, of course ... See ya the bar!

Selah, BigKegShandy & TeenSlain
Sonic Reducer @ The Spitz (gallery space)
July15th, Spitalfields Market, The London E1
8.30pm-1am, FREE ENTRY Tube: Liverpool Street