Monday, March 30, 2009

Wanda Jackson at The Jazz Cafe in June. (Thanks Andrew) and, while we're on the subject of legends, Mose Allison is at Pizza Express Jazz Club, London on June 15th - 21st.
Daylight fucking saving? What's that all about then?? Is it designed for lazy blighters that find it hard to get out of their scratchers or something. Far as I can tell it serves no purpose. And don't lay that "it's for the kids getting to school" bollocks. The molly-coddled little dears more often than not get dropped off by a parent or friend of same. The days of rugrats actually using shanks's pony to get anywhere are all but extinct.

So it was all a bit frantic this am. Just as well I had the new Wooden Shjips to audially sandblast on the journey to work. More about "Dos" closer to it's Holy Mountain release in May.

The priority tonight is to complete my Adiam D epistle so take a look at this and follow the instructions implicitly.

By the way this was post #4000.