Sunday, July 26, 2009

So there he goes, Mr Lindqvist is on his way back to Stockholm and the authorities are working hard to restore whisky supplies to Glasgow. Ha ha. It went very well and it was good to raise a glass (or was it two?) to absent friends.

Not only that but he brought with him the biggest surprise that I ever got. A "guldskiva" for "More Modern Short Stories" which was a gift from my esteemed homies at Razzia. As an honour goes, I am shocked and stunned and pretty bloody chuffed as you'd expect. I never saw that one coming.

Tha album is just about to to be released in Germany via Universal too so watch out for that. It will have the addtion of "The Quiz" and "Long Lost Penpal". So as the gravity of this accolade sinks in, the next question is - where to display it!? Got to catch up on this and that now. It's shaping up to be a busy August and this time next weekend we'll already have pulled into that eighth month. How exactly did that happen?