Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Don’t have time to write about last Friday night right now but in the spirit of a picture painting a big bag of words then here are several millions worth.

The Fleshtones will have landed by now and will be heading for Bristol tonight.


December 5: The Frathouse, Stag and Hounds, Bristol, England

December 6: The Albert, Brighton, England

December 7: The Well, Leeds, England

December 8: The Dirty Water Club @ The Shacklewell Arms, Hackney, London, England

December 9: M├ęphisto Pub, Saint-Quentin, France

December 10: Poppodium SuperMarkt, Den Haag, Netherlands

December 11: Le G...ibus, Paris, France

December 12: L'Autre Canal, Nancy, France

December 13: Le 106, Rouen, France

December 14: Mjc Douarnenez, Douarnenez, France

December 15: Le Stakhanov, Nantes, France