Thursday, January 19, 2012

As my family and I pilot uncharted waters – and my own baked and (deep) fried heid - it’s not a conducive time to be pounding a keyboard. Circumstances are out of control and keeping this thing up to date or even regular isn’t really an option. I don’t do the “device” thing because I don’t have the hardware but eventually I’ll drag myself past the pedal powered PC. Just don’t hold your breath.

Meanwhile, here’s more J.O...

I remember being at A + R’s at Ocean beach, SF listening to his (Sunday morning?) radio show. We talked about going up to where it was broadcast from but never did. But what a guy!

RIP - Johnny Otis

(Thanks to Dave Stuckey via facebook)

And on a happier note - Ms Rigby has migrated her diary to Wordpress and asks that you have patience while she gets to grips with it. You know that she's worth it.