Thursday, June 29, 2006

August 4th, 5th 6th 2006: Ace’s friends at Club Bang! Bang! kindly tipped us off about a new festival they’re involved in this summer featuring a stellar line-up including Ike Turner & His Kings Of Rhythm.

The Rhythm Festival is a new kind of music festival. In Club Bang! Bang! main man Jim Driver’s own words, “Not that we've got anything against the likes of Glastonbury, Cambridge Folk Festival or Guilfest (we love Cropredy) – we've been known to attend them ourselves! – it's just that we want to do things differently. Differently as in smaller, friendlier and even more geared towards the audience. For a start, we've picked the sunniest weekend of the year. And just in case the weather falls a teeny bit short of our expectations, we're organising plenty of indoor areas and entertainment, plus masses of marquees.”

With a self-imposed capacity of under 5,000 the aim of the event is to offer a family festival for people who like festivals but who don't like rip-off burgers, one-minute-wonder bands and indifferent booze. The event will also include a funfair, an alternative therapy field, literary events, a wine bar, real ales and ciders, cream teas and children's entertainment.

It’s all sounds good to us, for more details, see the festival website:

The Rhythm Festival
August 4th, 5th 6th 2006
Tinwood Arena
Clapham, Near Bedford

Confirmed artists (in alphabetical order):

Doing radio is an odd thing. Particularly in a small cupboard sized studio at an hour when i've generally passed out in front of the TV. It's fun and I get a little nervous when I think about the gibbering. I do try to process some general form before it blurts out but am painfully aware that there's a lot of "y'know's" or whatever. My excuse is that I don't do it too often. So gracias to the folks that tuned in and said they dug it. It was a late finish so I headed over to Fortress Cruickshank where we shot the shit and played records into the wee small hours. A very welcome to the day to day bullshit and backstabbing. I could happily exist inside such a bubble from here on out. To have been on the show that was first to present Annika Norlin to the UK (and beyond) was something of an honour.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Boll and indeeed ocks. Amy Rigby and Wreckless Eric tomorrow at The Half Moon in Putney for those of you in London and then on Friday, Amy will be back in NY at the Seaport Music Festival with Robbie Fulks! You lucky blighters in the vicinity of either of those better cut along.
Well, it was back to earth with an almighty thud and a clip around the ear'ole for good measure today. I told Toto that we weren't in Stockholm anymore. Anyways, life is short and filled with stuff and tomorrow night (Wednesday) i'm going to be on the The Late Tom Morton between 11 and midnight or thereabouts. The show runs from 10.30pm to 12.30am. I hope those who tune in will find it entertaining. I think you can e-mail when we're on air and all that. Tom will be in Shetland, I'll be in Glasgow and it'll all be comin' atcha via Aberdeen. The music is guaranteed to include Hello Saferide (our collective new favourite "band") who hit the Swedish Pop Charts at #4 this week. You can see the video for "The Quiz" via that link. See that you do.
A pretty funny link regarding tattoos c/o Tony Slug. Not sure how many of you NBT readers are into shares, options and all that. But investing in companies developing ways to remove tattoos is the way to go IMHO... Just think how all that tribal or flamin' dice shit 'll look like 20 years from now...

Monday, June 26, 2006

RIP - Arif Mardin

This is pretty good. Check it out.
I started to try and piece this together last night. Sitting wondering when (hopefully not if) SAS will find my luggage. Mainly because there’s stuff in there like the Sci-Fi Skane cd that I’d hoped to have listened to by now. Just to sustain a certain level of Stockholm-ness before everything fades back into sharp focus with that steel-toecapped boot spraypainted “reality”. It will come as no surprise to regulars of this parish that I have something beyond a fondness for Sweden and its citizens. The fact that I can’t get on to myspace to listen to Nicke Hellacopter’s Death Breath is a further pain in the arse but what can you do. Having had the chance to catch up with the man in person, I know that the connection with his return to death metal will be a napper-rattling pleasure when it does come.

Stockholm at Midsummer is an even bigger gas than usual. The city more or less evacuates. It’s so quiet. But not at Gearfest. Descending upon the fine Debaser club at 3pm for a Nomads “album-release” event, the cities rock and roll fraternity gathered to pay homage to Scandanivia’s finest celebrating their quarter century with Nomadic Dementia. Curated by myself and titled by Dave Champion. The inclusion of “Skolsången” seems to be controversial but if you ever wanted to know what a Eurovision Sex Pistols song might have sounded then this is the cut for you. Also, most fans of the band never heard it so this will sate the completists. Anyway, this comp will hopefully introduce many to the pleasures of this unique combo but more about that later. Plans are underway to make this available in YOUR territory but you can get it direct from Bengans or CD ON now.

Had a brief stop-off at the recently opened Pet Sounds Bar. Nifty place, just across the street from the shop so there’s something of a Monorail type vibe going on. Actually there are a lot of Glasgow type parallels with the Stockholm music scene in terms of cultural exchange. I find the Scandanavian strain more exotic but then again, I would. However, maybe more about that in a future blether. We’re here to rock, and also to walk many miles of this fabulous place.

Gearfest 2006 was kicked off (no saddo football pun intended) by The Doits. This is pronounced Do Its. They throw great rock shapes and they have their moments but 35 minutes is too long at this juncture. Sometimes less is more and sometimes it’s not enough as we’ll come to learn throughout the duration of this marathon. The Gearclub team pull out all the stops and I doubt you’ll find a better organised event anywhere. A slight runover time accumulates but that’s only to be expected. Problem (from Malmo) are celebrating 30 years and provide a perfectly formed set. In this instance, more would have been justified because the intensity and all-round pop-heartedness was utterly riveting. The Do Its could have donated 15 minutes but ain’t hindsight a wonderful thing. The interests of fairness perhaps have to be considered. Anyway with Problem, the expression of it all turning out beyond alright on the night was never punctuated with such gusto. But anyways… The Last Vegas seem to have a show booked in Dingwall in Scotland this coming week. Attempts to find out exactly why aren’t forthcoming but it seems like an odd shout. The band could do with constraining some of the kinetic energy and replacing it with more of a burn. For all of the aerobic Buckcherry (slightly GNR) action their schtick veers too close to the wrong side of metal. The enthusiasm is not lost an a section of the audience but they’d consumed more alchohol than I had presumably. Eva, Hanna and I provided counselling for one another outside. DM Bob was pretty good and provided some ramshackle blues in the back-room. I think this was prior to TLV but don’t completely recall. Not through any altered state, perish forbid…

However relief is at hand in the shape of Robert Johnson and Punchdrunks. Why this guy isn’t feted across the globe is a gross miscalculation on the part of alleged music fans. Robert is a visionary and an amazing guitar player. His cinematic electronica with shards of surf drags music into the 22nd century and one can only hope that folks will have the gumption to get on board. This was a triumphant performance and he banished the rock demons from next door into abject redundancy. If you haven’t heard this guy then check him out now. Don’t even read the rest of this now just go to his site. We aren’t going anywhere, here’s a passout – I’ll wait here until you come back…

With hardly a pause for breath, The Nomads are on and while it’s no secret that I consider this to be one of the greatest bands that ever was. Their chemistry and ability not to overplay is always refreshing. Their 35 minute set was over way too quickly. First time I saw them play “Ain’t No King of Rock’n’Roll” as well as a well chosen selection of their canon. The set closed with the world debut of their version of “American Beat” with a twist of “nomadic dementia”. Imbibing the Red Star version with a crackle. The mark of a great band is that they always leave you wanting way more.

Catching up with a lot of familiar faces and meeting folks that you’ve known for almost forever but never met is a good tonic for the blues. It was great to finally meet Greg and Barbara from Get Hip and we’ll hopefully get a chance to actually hang out somewhere down the line. The Maggots and The Cynics closed the evening’s program of entertainment with lashings of that garage rock stuff. Providing a sonic buffer for the legions of bottled-up Gearfesters to vent their collective spleen. In the end we’d been at Debaser for 12 hours and walked off into the sunrise to find a taxi.

Five hours later, I was in the airport wondering what the hell had just happened. If indeed it had happened at all but I had a stamp on the back of my right hand so I guess it must have. “Nothing lasts forever”. Certainly nothing that you’d want to. Time to cash that reality check before it expires then. Gearfest is a tremendous event, long may it burn rubber during the Stockholm summer. And don’t forget the Gearclub nights that pepper the calendar, treat yourself to a weekend in a city that really doesn’t sleep and take in the rock thrills.
mono presents

Club Beatroot 22

Baby Jane + Nutmeg City plus your usual hosts....... Beatroot

Wednesday 28th June 2006
at mono, 12 Kings Court, King Street, Glasgow t: 0141 553 2400

Doors 8pm Entry £4

'baby jane' are a creepy blend of blues/post-punk/sleaze/rockabilly/baroque 'n' roll.
Check them out at

'nutmeg city' are the occasional band of ex primevals drummer rhod 'lefty' burnett, released cd 'moments intime' in 2002, now expanded to a 5piece, including primeval buddy michael rooney, a theramin, and the cross fertilization of buddy rich and sky saxon, holycow!'!

'beatroot' are the planet's leading purveyors of postindustrialsurfrock !!! 'words are for wimps'
So I'm back after my lightning raid on Stockholm for Gearfest. I did harbour the notion that I'd go into work today in order to save a precious vacation day. However, I can't face it.
Also, the airline managed to forget to put my luggage on the bloody plane so hopefully that will turn up at some point. There are materials that I need from there before I can "file my report". Time flew in so fast that I'm not entirely sure at this point that it wasn't just a vivid dream. I'll get back to you on that when I establish wha' 'appen...

Thursday, June 22, 2006

If it seems I've been rather quiet on this here NBT blog lately, this might be due to me setting up yet another blog: The Chiswick Records blog. Probably my favorite record label for the past three decades. It's just random stuff; whatever turns up while I'm diggin' thru the "archives" here at HQ. Picture sleeves, sheet music, badges, promo shots, you name it. Feel free to dig around and please drop me a line if you've got any additional thingies that might fit...

("I used to have a life... Really!... I swear!... But I think I mis-filed it, 'cause it's no longer there inbetween the Jerry Lee Lewis box-set and the Lime Spiders mini-LP").

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Ok then, coupla things to help you while away the minutes you spend in front of this thing. Me, I’m being surgically removed from the keyboard to plunge headlong into that pool called “a life”. But anyway, don’t expect any posts from me until Sunday at the earliest. As an experiment, it might fall flat on its tush but it’s worth a try? So for those of you in the NY area...

"Yes, dear friend, SUSQUEHANNA INDUSTRIAL TOOL & DIE CO. has finished its spring residency at the Rodeo Bar -- but that doesn't mean we can't return this Friday, June 23rd, for a rehashing of hillbilly-styled hi-jinx, with the ever-mischievous BABY MARIA as special guest...

RODEO BAR 375 Third Avenue (corner of 27th Street) in Kips Bay, Manhattan / Three colossal shows -- promptly at 10:00, 11:00 and 12:00 / No cover! / Should you prefer something Brooklyn way (and are of a reasonably strong constitution), Sunday, June 25th finds SIT & Die Co. at Hank's Saloon for the first ever "Heavy Rebel Northeast Kickoff BBQ" -- a musical marathon of 12 bands, cheap beer and free barbecue...
HANK'S SALOON 46 Third Avenue (corner of Atlantic Avenue) in Borum Hill, Brooklyn / Starting at 2pm, with SIT & Die at 6:00 / $8 "suggested donation" / Again featuring special guest Baby Maria! / Finally, not least, but definitely last -- as in our LAST SHOW of summer...

OTTO'S SHRUNKEN HEAD538 East 14th Street (just west of Avenue B), East Village, Manhattan / 8:00 sharp until 10:00 / With DJ Scratchy ("Yellow, square, solid state"), a free raffle, snacks -- and special guest ROSALIE MORRIS! / No cover / Yes, it's all too much, I'm sure. But seeing you would still be a pleasure, as always.

Yours truly, Michael, Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co. "Ballads, Boogies & Blues" .

And tonight, Hello Saferide is playing in Paris but you can catch LONG LOST PENPAL and THE QUIZ on Youtube.

And while you're at YouTube, check out SUZY Y LOS QUATTRO from The Cavern in Liverpool. Sound isn't great but damn those kids are having fun.

I'm sure there was something else but I really can't recall what it was. I'm gonna watch the Pankrti documentary now. I'll tell you about that down the road apiece. There was also a satisfactory outcome to the stylus quest. I had one delivered superfast by mail order. Next time I don't even have to leave the house. Now that, is what I call, er - progress!

RIP - Top Of The Pops

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

And the results are in, the Pula Art & Music Festival roster looks like this!. 10th - 12th August 2006:
1. Goribor (Bor, Serbia)
2. One Piece Puzzle (Rijeka, Croatia)
3. Sjekire (Rijeka, Croatia)
4. Petrol (Beograd, Serbia)
5. Justin's Johnson (Split, Croatia)
6. Gin Cooler Quartet (Zagreb, Croatia)
7. Erotic Biljan & His Heretics (Zagreb, Croatia)
8. Fetisha (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Confirmed headliners are:
- Bellrays (LA, USA)
- Kultur Shock (Seattle, USA)
- Overflow (Koprivnica, Croatia)
- Jugoplastika (Spain)
special guests:
- Muskat Hamburg (Maribor, Slovenia)
- Barrakuda (Pula, Croatia)

Sell your P in the Dark tickets and get yourself over to Pula instead!

(Thanks to Bigor for the info...)

Monday, June 19, 2006

The Clorox Girls are from California and are on a huge european tour. Sort of Black Flag with pop hooks? A really hard working band that put on one of the best shows you will ever see! (Aram Delgado) - 7pm - 10pm £5 AT THE DOOR!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

HooDoo Girl LIVE!
Saturday June 24th in BERLIN at "White Trash Fastfood"
Sunday June 25th in HAMBURG at Westwerk

Whilst in STOCKHOLM... don't forget GEARFEST!

Proving that there’s a chasm of difference between groups that walk and talk it and those that posture. The Phobics are firmly in the “they mean it” category. The “Down And Out in Deptford” EP should really be a great lost 7”. Like Stiv fronting Sham 69 blurring the line between punk rock and teen glam thunder like the fabulous Newcastle ensemble 16 Forever. This East London combo deliver a stonking line in faster and louder. Keep yourself in check during the title track, the urge to throw beer around the immediate vicinity will be great. Prepare to get your hearing gear around something that is both authentic AND good.
Max Greene is the alter ego of Rod Hohl, sometime collaborator with Mary Lee Kortes (she appears on the track “Images Of You” and many other NY based musicians. “Visiting Hours” is a solid, understated collection of songs that flit between a folk and country vibe. His voice reminds me a little of Paul Simon and these are Sunday morning tunes to be sure. Gentle but memorable. Check out the info, etc. at Surprise Truck.

Keeping up the MLC connection, Mezzrow is the project of Smash Palace drummer, Anthony Bezich and not to be confused with Japanese noiseniks, Merzbow. If you send your mum to pick up an album by either then depending on which you're after - you could be in for a fright. Anyways, this is latter day Anglophilia from South Philly. Pretty accomplished and already lauded by the Not Lame seal of approval. All original material too which further goes to show that those Americanos can still twist that Brit blueprint into something eminently more interesting. Anybody who ever had a thing for those Dwight Twilley albums could do a lot worse than check these guys out. “Pictures” might nick the general harmonic of “Let’s Spend The Night Together” but what the hey. These is youngsters enjoying themselves in the good old fashioned sense not trying to be urban or any of that pish. Apparently this is to be released in The Phillipines sometime soon.
1001 Real Apes isn't an oddity or a novelty. It's composed of monologues based on the stories gathered by David Greenberger during his work at the Duplex Nursing Home in Boston. These have been set to music by Birdsongs of the Mesozoic and this adds a cinematic feel. Like they should be accompanied by film. Maybe film of the people who told them, or situations that they fit but this is a pretty moving experience no matter how you call it. Real life is like that but this isn't an outsider project. The contents "meander, as minds tend to do" and David has been careful to present these verbatim. Maybe some of you aren't familiar with his publication which is 25 years old right about now, "The Duplex Planet"? If not, then check out the site and you'll get a feel for where this all comes from. You have to experience it and react to it yourself, I don't think the figurative clout around the head can really be described in words, particularly on a screen. It's very tactile and this kind of "stream of conciousness" conversation sure makes a lot more sense to me than all the soundbite bullshit that we're presented with on a daily basis. BOTM present the perfect mood backdrop to Greenberger's rich oratory in every case just like it was scored by Bernard Hermann moonlighting with MX80. Please investigate this, it'll take you on an unexpected journey where life might not be beautiful all the time but where the warts and all are part of the landscape. "Obstacles of life" indeed.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

When the package that had “Introducing… Hello Saferide” in it arrived, the rest of the contents kinda went by the wayside. Not that they were bad by any means but let’s just say I got distracted. FIREFOX AK’s “Madame Madame!” is on the Razzia imprint also and is futuristic (in the classical sense) scandanavian pop. Checking out the background info, I see that she has played shows with the likes of Stereo Total and this 10 song album (+ videoclips) are definitely related to that strain of electro. However, this Kraftwerkian synth swing really creeps up on you. Like if Ralf and Florian had bounced Bjorn and Benny out of Abba and hotwired their commercial undertow. It’s not robotic in the slightest though. There’s a warmth to the automation, like Simple Minds circa “Reel To Reel Cacophony” or “Empires and Dance”. FIREFOX AK is the pseudonymn of Andrea Kellerman who also features on HS’s “Long Lost Penpal”. There’s some sort of Swedish masterplan to rule the outright pop world going on and "Madame Madame!" is a hypnotic throb which uses frequencies that’ll make sure her sounds ring in your noggin long after you remove the cd from the player tray.
T’was something of a surprise and an honour to receive a message from Fur Dixon recently. Since then I’ve become acquainted with her most recent music project but let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. A recap for those who might not know, prior to her becoming the rather striking Mohican bass player with The Cramps, Fur had always dabbled in the art of country music. Way before the advent of those “new country” or “Americana” pigeonholes, she was in the Screamin’ Sirens (with Rosie Flores) and then The Hollywood Hillbillys. Someone should release their album.
Anyway we’re down the road apiece now. She hid her light under a bushel during that time with Lux, Ivy and Nick. She has a fabulous warble of a voice which is perfect for the smokin’ folky bluegrass that is “The Pearl and the Swine”. Fur's companion is a guy by the name of Steve Werner and together they’ve crafted a beautiful set of travelling songs and there are 12 of on the album. It’s unashamedly good natured and the two trade off one another effortlessly. The perfect soundtrack to ride a station (or any other kind of) wagon through yer actual and metaphorical desert landscape. They're hauling plenty of liquid to keep you hydrated.

“Where Are We Going?” asks track 8, well hopefully in the direction of Europe at some point. Check out some of their songs at the FUR and STEVE website. It’s addictive stuff. Steve Werner’s voice compliments his female accomplice perfectly and the music they make is utterly uncomplicated and all the better for it. If you like pickin’ that’ll make you grin then stop off in these folks company for a while. They appear to exist in a world that revolves at a different pace. I for one chums, am down with that!
Crypt Brooklyn store OPENS FRIDAY JUNE 23!
I can't recall if I posted this already or not. Such is the state of the "heid" department around this 'hood. Anyways, in the probable chance that I didn't, BARRACUDAFFICIANADOS should note that MEANTIME and ENDEAVOUR TO PERSEVERE (with the requisite bonus cuts et al) are being reissued by Japanese label Airmail Recordings in July. The Rt. Hon JEREMY GLUCK has his BUFFALO BILL album reactivated by Diesel Motor as a double-CD with a disc of bonus material including two new tracks. He has also "knocked out a cover" of The Dogs' immortal "Terminal State" for a forthcoming French tribute to their finest rock'n'roll sons.
the chesterfield kings

C/ Tetuan 27 - (Semi-esquina Pza. del Carmen) - metro SOL

Friday, June 16, 2006


"On Wednesday, June 14th 2006, at 6am, the government Inspectorate for the Environment and Spatial Planning brought an excavating machine to the Autonomous Cultural Zone Metelkova, Ljubljana, to tear down one of the buildings of the converted ancient army barracks which they consider to have been erected illegally. The cultural workers and supporters of Metelkova prevented the action. This attempt to destroy one of the liveliest cultural and intellectual locations in Ljubljana was the third in these past few months. Various inspections have recently intensified their interventions during cultural events at Metelkova.
The government of Slovenia is acting in accordance with a recently passed law on catering industries. Under the cover of its strict provisions regulating commercial activities, which cannot be fulfilled by the non- profit associations and NGOs of Metelkova, the executive might as well put an end to the largest agglomeration of alternative cultures in the country. Metelkova provides 40% of the non-commercial music events in the city.
Its attendance can favourably be compared with that of the established Ljubljana Festival. It is the second largest provider of cultural events in Ljubljana. Metelkova is the only location in the city, and one of the few in the country, where youth cultures and alternative cultures are systematically produced and presented to a large and active audience. It is also a forum of impressive intellectual irradiation. During each academic year, it organises the Workers' Punkers' University where the most urgent dilemmas of the contemporary world are discussed by competent international speakers.
Metelkova recently hosted the annual meeting of TransEuropeHalles. During the 13 years of its existence, projects at the Autonomous Cultural Zone Metelkova have been supported by the Ministry of Culture and by the City of Ljubljana, as well as by many international sponsors. Producers from Metelkova have been participating to Documenta, Manifesta, Sao Paolo Biennial, Venice Biennale, Wiener Festwochen? Many international festivals held in Ljubljana locate part of their activities at Metelkova: The City of Women, The Other Music, Jazz Festival Ljubljana, Trnfest? Metelkova has been presented as an outstanding phenomenon by international media: ARD, Arte, BBC, Belarus' State TV, Die Zeit, Falter, Feral Tribune, Los Angeles Times, ORF, Russian State TV, Seattle Times, ZDF? Metelkova is a squat initiated in 1993, when a group of alternative producers and activists occupied the ancient barracks of the army headquarters near the centre of Ljubljana in order to prevent its illegal destruction, which was launched by still unknown agents presumably led by speculative real-estate interest. Although it has never succeeded in achieving a proper legal status, the location was registered as national cultural heritage in 2005. ACZ Metelkova is under attack. Its people are ready to defend it. They need support. Please circulate this information.
If you want to express your support, please write to the Prime Minister: and to the Minister of Culture:"
(Thanks to Bigor for the info)
173 Wood Street, Walthamstow, London E17 3NU

"They say Charity begins at home and thank gawd you lot didn't stay at home for our last gig at The Dublin Castle - huge thanks to everyone who turned out despite the heat, the Portugal match being on TV as we were hitting the stage and the £5 entry fee. The Cancer Charity made a few hundred quid thanks to you so well done. Cheers to Steve for setting it up and to everyone who played, came along, and helped .

Down to business again, gentle reader and as a reward for your charity work our gift to you is a FREE gig this Saturday. Yup, thats right FREE!!! England have qualified for that World cup thing so put down those worry beads come along and be entertained at the mind expanding rovers return that is the Plough in Walthamstow. We'll be on stage around 9ish.
We've been invited back to play with ED TUDOR-POLE by special request! We musta done something right at the first gig, or we owe someone money - come on down and find out! Hey if we're lucky he'll get us to join him at the end of his set like last time to rip through the classic "Swords of a Thousand Men" now ya wouldn't want to miss that fer nothing would ya. A word about Ed - he is a true national treasure and will entertain you throughout and hit you with a bunch of ace tunes too.

The Plough Inn is located directly opposite Wood Street British Rail station, one stop from Walthamstow Central or about 15 minutes from Liverpool Street mainline.Bus 230 (from Wood Green) and W16 (from Leytonstone underground) stop outside the venue. Bus 56, 257, 357, W12, W15,W19 also stop nearby at Whipps Cross Hospital, a short walk away.

So an entertaining night is in prospect and it won't cost you nuffink mister or mistress, watch this space for news of upcoming gigs and other fine events too"

Here's something that gets my goat. The use of the word "excellent" as a platitude, generally used by arseholes to convey a faux positive response to whatever pointless drivel that might spew forth from the "person" on the other end. Scoring a fat zero on the sincerometer. It was fine in Wayne's World. It's like the expression "dude". UK dialects can't deliver these words. Why can't your average gimp give some consideration to what comes outta their trap? Particularly if they're within my hearing range? Is that too much to ask?? I personally and actively loathe the spurious nature of general conversation these days because it rarely gets past the loop mentality. They only have a number of standard phrases and repeat them ad nauseum. I'm sure that your average talking toy would present more in the way of variety. I make like a trappist monk (complete with tonsure) rather than get into some bogus dialogue with someone who I'd rather not be around let alone talk to or confide any of my business however meaningless. Call it my inner (and outer) Larry David taking hold, it rarely steers me wrong. Anyway, it's Friday night. I nearly went into Glasgow but decided to hole up in the bunker instead. This time next week, i'll be doing something altogether more fun, with people that I like to be around - so energy and funds require to be conserved. I'm slowly making my way through a pile of cd's and must go and make a note to go get a stylus tomorrow. Not sure from where but that's an important quest. Wish me luck.
If you're on the West Coast (USA) then you won't want to miss a minute of this. Except for the Roky film. Actually no, go along and ask the "director" what his problem is? They have a Gun Club film and tribute performance, The Monks and Long Gone John also appear on screen plus a ton of other great stuff. And to top it off, Redd Kross live. Why can't somebody organise a happening like this here?
June 29th - July 3rd 2006

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Any of you folks fancy being involved with a Nikki Sudden tribute album.
(Thanks to Trevor for the heads-up).
Brother Patrick has taken time out of his hectic schedule to hep you to a couple of shows coming up in the UK. I can’t find the venues or confirm the dates on any listings but anyway… listen to the man. (Have a blast Stateside chief!)

"If the Flamin' Groovies are he most underrated rock'n'roll group ever, then Viva L’American Death Ray Music, of Memphis fame, are challengers for the second place.

All four of their albums are killers (no filler) and each is different Welcome... is a mix of the Velvets, the Modern Lovers debut and Roxy Music (get the picture?). The latest, "In The Meantime" is the kind of record that can change your life, really. The song "Same Suit, Different Tie" is my favourite track of the year so far.

The side projects of this trio are worth seeking out too : Nick Diablo, singer/guitar, former 68 Comeback, is also a member of The Limes (with Jack Oblivian). Bass player - Harlan T. Bobo’s solo album, "Too Much Love" features members of the Reigning Sound - and the album equals the quality of Greg Oblivian group. The drummer is also a member of Polyphonic Spree.

American Death Ray played in Paris yesterday (June 14), they're gonna hit the Pit's tonight and you can catch them in London June 21 and Glasgow June 22. So don't miss the NEXT BIG THING (well if there was any justice in this world)." - PB
You know all these soothsayers banging on about "the great satan" and all that? I think the reportage was misheard and what they were actually foretelling was the great "Sator". As rock-tastic returns to form go this one flies out of the starting blocks and hardly takes a breather. They even make a brief stop at Pig Valley Beach along the way. "Basement Noise" is exactly what you get. The perfect blend of Redd Kross-type pop crunch with all that Ramonic buzzsaw riffola we've come to expect across the years. All topped off with a sprinkling of teenage heavy metal thunder that'd put the collywobbles up combos many years their junior. The strength of this album lies in the fact that they made it for themselves first and foremost. The fact that it turned out to be a pedigree champion is the proverbial icing. Sator pack a sizeable wallop and remind me of a hopped up Teenage Fanclub. Acres of fine tunes, coming at you one after another. What Chips Kiesbye doesn't know about primo punk rock isn't worth knowing and if you ever get a chance to see them hammer it out in person then you should take it. Imagine if (The) Status Quo was born of CBGB's then they might well have come up with "The Ghost Of My Control". "Goodbye Joey" is the latest in a line of fine songs that namecheck the great man. Thirteen cuts of bespoke rock action, straight outta Stockholm. Where else?

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

As the 30th anniversary of their UK debut looms, Those Ramones continue to infiltrate every strata of our daily existence with their version of "Baby I Love You" being used for the latest KFC ad. The ever vigilant Martin Percival found reference to the brudders in the Financial Times and also at the other end of the spectrum, this Ramones name generator(?).
The Hello Saferide ep is out today (June 14th) and Joey is namechecked (along with Audrey Horne) in an Esquivel-flavoured tune called "The Best Night Of Your Life". Make this cool breeze the sound of your summer.

Monday, June 12, 2006

PUNK Magazine Is Coming Back..!...

Hello Friend,
Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co. is going uptown this week -- all the way uptown! Indeed, please join us this Saturday in the lovely Riverdale section of the Bronx for the monthly "Riverdale Round-Up" at An Beal Bocht Cafe, an Irish bar that defines the term. (Umm, "Irish bar", that is.) Your "Round-Up" host, Karen Hudson, promises trivia, prizes and song, and we have no reason to believe that Karen would fib. Oh, and there'll be shepherd's pie, to boot!

445 West 238th Street (between Waldo and Greystone) /
Show starts at 9:30, with SIT & Die Co. sets at 10:00 and 11:00 / No cover charge!

Truly yours, Michael
Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co. "Ballads, Boogies & Blues"
Sonic Reducer returns, Saturday June 17th!
All hail kits'n'kittens
Yer ever-lovin' Sonic Reducer crew returns to the fray, armed with the finest 45rpm ammo on Saturday June 17th, at a spiffy new venue! As per, your hosts BigKegShandy and TeenSlain will be spinning only the finest soul, garage, punk, funk, country, rock'n'roll, analogue synth, and mutant blues platters in the well-appointed gallery space at the justifiably celebrated Spitz venue in Londinium's Spitalfields Market, on Saturday nights, once a month. Entry is FREE, there's a lovely terrace to relax on, a seriously well-stocked bar to quaff from, and we now run from 7pm-1am! So hoist up yer drawers, check yer change, and make ready for a gratis sesh of backbone-slipping thrills at the all-new, everso-improved Sonic Reducer! Guest DJs to be announced shortly ... See ya at the bar! Selah The Sonic Reducer Tag Team
Sonic Reducer @ The Spitz (gallery space) June 17th & July15th & August 12th & September 16th Spitalfields Market, Londinium E1 7pm-1am, FREE ENTRY , Nearest Tube: Liverpool Street.
The Darling DownsHow Can I Forget This Heart Of Mine?

Kim Salmon and Ron Peno cast as an antipodean latter day Louvin Brothers? Well, this is about as far away from “Swampland” and “Mirror Blues” as you’re likely to get. Bridging a gap between folk and country with a spare, plaintive air. I think there’s always been an affinity with country music in Australia, in much the same way as there is in Scotland. It’s locked into the dna. It’s only fitting that an Appalachian mood could infect a simple acoustic format such as this and the result is an accomplished feat of beating the Americana subculture at its own game. Kim cast as a different type of backwoods man as he sings about with The Scientists. Maybe. Anyway, this is available outside Oz on The Handsome Family’s Carrot Top imprint. Dark and foreboding but with all hope not quite abandoned. Play after twilight.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

I interrupt my heavy rotation of the Hello Saferide EP to bring you this info on what’s hot on the HQ stereo from Slovenia…

Stirje Pravi Dedci translates as something approximating “gang of four” but in a more spiritual team sense. Not the Chinese communist angle that informed their UK forebears. Anyway, this posthumous release presents a discordant funk bridge between The Fun Lovin’ Criminals and The Screaming Blue Messiahs. Muscular and rhythmic crime jazz that rocks. The songs are told like stories over a distressed guitar bass and drum attack. One of ‘em is a CZD cover recorded for a tribute to that unique combo which has still to see the light of day. SPD included the great Igor (BIGor) Basin in its ranks and the bass player is now with Crazed Farmers.

Crazed Farmers “Because” continues their unabated fusion of influences to create an organic fusion of sound that’s practically unclassifiable. Eastern European Cajun Hardcore is just one facet of their oeuvre. This one was produced by Tim Kerr who has had to rope these rogue wildcards to harness a focussed direction for the noise. The version of “Psychotherapy” here is virtually unrecognisable except for their glowing eyes. Sounds like it was recorded by people who’d just been given a double dose. Whereas Gershwin’s “Summertime” is positively baroque. You always know that you’re on to something when an accordion is thrown into the mix and there are cool sprinkles of that here. Žiga and his band of reprobates aren’t afraid to break eggs on their quest to take their noise to the next level. This is a cohesive experiment which will be ongoing, so don’t say you weren’t warned.

Pankrti 06 is a tribute compilation to Llubjlana’s most notorious punk rock combo who have just reactivated in recent weeks. I’m not familiar with the source material but judging by these songs they were more than a match for many of the Western exponents of that ’77 sound. This includes versions of Pankrti songs by the aforementioned CZD and Crazed Farmers as well as surf intonations by The Bitch Boys and some risqué triphop from Gušti and Polona. A broad canvas. I think that it’s worth pointing out here that the youth in this territory were way more at risk of having the authorities cart them off than any spotty oik here in the UK. Eastern European punks were a far hardier breed because they risked being locked up for their beliefs. These kids were prepared to take on the authorities and what they’ve got going now is a testament to that. They made a difference. I’m not sure that punk did here, not the way it’s been absorbed into the mainstream and homogenised. We tend to take things for granted here on this sceptic isle.
“One Day It Will Please Us To Remember Even This”, the upcoming New York Dolls comeback is way better than any of us could have hoped for. However, having seen the NYD movie about Arthur, the fact that it stands up maybe isn’t so much of a surprise. When you think of the shite records that Iggy has made since The Stooges – and I tend to lump The Idiot and LFL among those, and "Skull Ring" – this is all the more remarkable. Of course, Johnny. Jerry and Arthur are gone but Dave and Syl still have the chops. They’re not afraid to send themselves up either. “Evolution is obsolete” is the message in “Dance Like A Monkey” and well, now that the truth is out then we might as well make like the apes. The band sound good without coming on like a carbon copy of the original, untouchable and unstable ingredients. The spirit is intact. That’s what matters. That’s all that ever fucking mattered.

(Thanks to Brian for the copy of this – that’s one guy that never stopped believing)

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Just heard something on the news about “intelligence” and that big police raid in London last Friday or whenever it was. Talk about leaving yerself wide open… Anyway, it’s the 11am bulletin because Wreckless Eric was on Jonathan Ross. The "play it again" feature is a real godsend for situations where you just can’t be in front of the radio. Of course, you WANT to be but it isn’t possible sometimes. Even the most seasoned shut-in has to venture outdoors now and again. I had to go and have an eye test. Some would say I should have had my napper checked at the same time but the offer wasn’t made. I’m sure the relevant authorities are keeping tabs on the situation. But anyway, I’m safely back indoors. Not basking in the sun here, in Florida or anywhere else. This is just a hobby for me, etc. Got a bunch of music to tell you about. Eventually.

Friday, June 09, 2006

So this is working again now? I hope the "migrating databases" angle works because it's been a right royal pain the arse trying to post stuff this past couple of days. Not that I'm complaining exactly but one expects these newfangled addictions to be available as and when necessary. On top of that, it's abnormally hot so you're getting the picture. I doubt if there's anybody less interested in this tournament over in Germany that will take over much of the media for the next month than me. If there is then I salute you.

Anyway, will try to play catch up with the e-mail and news backlog over the weekend. You've heard that one before I know. It's like the postal order from Australia. But you never can tell. David Johansen is on the Janice Forsyth Show on BBC Radio Scotland tomorrow at 10am. It's a funny ol' world and no mistake. When we were basking in the glow of watching The Dolls on the Whistle Test all those moons ago, who woulda thunk it?

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Wreckless Eric's pension plan (I hope)... (with thanks to Joris for the link)

All the fun you can stand... Midsummer in Stockholm!

MONDO A GOGO @ LAST NIGHT OF THE VENUE. The Edinburgh Nightclub Institution opens its doors to close them for the last time, and we are very honoured to be spinning the tunes on the top floor for this very special night. This will be part of a 3-floor (one door entry) event. Entry £10 on the night. Tickets £8 available from Ripping Records, South Bridge, and Ticket Scotland. Would advise being early if you've no got a ticket. DJ's Tall Paul Robinson and Angus will be there - playing 60s, Garage, Mod, Soul, Beat, and Ska.

Saturday 10th June, 11pm til 3am, in The Loft @ The Venue, Calton Road.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Neil Young busking outside Glasgow Central Station in 1976. Only on Youtube! You can clearly see what would become the entrance to the Shoeshine/Spit and Polish Empire in the background as the camera pans around. Where do the folks that post on YT find this stuff? Thanks to Paul Kerr for the link.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Which member of the New York Dolls are you?

You're Billy Murcia!Poor Poor Billy M. Your Hot, talented, and OH SO tragic. You like to drink and party AND fight with people, (this gets you into some trouble sometimes). You don't always make the best choices but youre still wonderful, original, and the best of your time. Youre the type everyone needs, and misses dearly when youre gone. Congrats man, you're almost perfect.(Billy Murcia was the original drummer for the NYD who tragically drowned while intoxicated sometime during a party (he took the night off from hanging with the band after a vicious and embarassing attack by David Jo, soon after Jerry takes the floor but things are never the same, loved by all he proved to be the personality AND the crisis).
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RIP: Billy Preston
Tarnation! According to the timepieces around here, that last missive should have been an ol' 666 special but mysterious forces (of maybe dodgy clocks) threw it off course. This final attempt at making such a ritualistic posting is clearly something that the de'il is making me dae. Or whatever.

Spooky, this one was sent taking into account the time difference and according to the blogger clock, it was the same as the computer time. Now I'm spooked. It obviously wasn't meant to be. How could this have happened? Maybe it'll blow up into a major news story by the end of the day?? And then again, perhaps it willnae.

Fuck it. I'm in the huff now.
So here we are, the end of the world, some person called Auntie Christ is said to be making an appearance right about now, and there's a remake of The Omen to help it along. I'm surprised its not a Public Holiday with Hallmark cards to help it along but hey, y'can't have everything. Or indeed anything. Anyway if we're still around, here's a date for your diary...

"...16 (stone) forever! THE CAMPUS TRAMPS come out of the closet for a bit of hi-vaultage "hows your father?" rock 'n' roll at the CORN ROCKET CLUB london on the 12th August. It'll be an afternoon set, before the band heads off to witness THEE MIGHTY COYOTEMEN do battle with THE NIGHTS OF THE NEW CRUSADE that very same night at the DIRTY WATER CLUB...'n' if the Tramps can manage to still speak to each other after the show they MIGHT drag their fat arses to play the ROTTERDAM RUMBLE when September comes..."

Monday, June 05, 2006

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Those Boonaraaa girls are back and the seven songs on this teaser disc for the prospective new album are all crackers. If there’s a label out there that’s looking for top of the range femme punk rock’n’roll action then let me know and I’ll make the introduction. This is high octane and real, not some fake hipster pantomime. The B’s pound it out with an exhilarating gusto which they can more than deliver live. So yeah, this short sharp burst of energy really hit the spot. Better than a crate of Red Bull.

Coming as it did after a particularly turbulent week, those cobwebs were well and truly consigned to the dumper. Six pop-tastic originals and a cover of Fabian’s “Stop Thief” is the fare that's come together and they’re working on (I think) another 7 to complete the long-awaited follow up to Go Get Goo Goo. Can’t come soon enough for my liking…

The girls are playing at the Sounds Of The Suburbs festival on September 16th in Essen, Germany with all manner of daft punk (not the French duo) acts past and present including The Boys (Yeah!) and Cockney Rejects (Jury is out on that one). Could be quite a ruckus. Before that they have a show on July 15th in Coburg - Outside Rodeo - Bei Adam / Germany + The Schogettes
RIP - Vince Welnick (The Tubes)

Saturday, June 03, 2006

“Would You Let Me Play This EP 10 Times A Day?” is the new Hello Saferide EP which comes out on June 14th. You can order one now HERE. It follows seamlessly on from the “Introducing…” album that’s been on heavy rotation here since its arrival that seems like only yesterday. There’s a raucous quiet majesty to this material which makes it seem almost understated. The neuroses are intact and Annika’s apparent losses are very much our gain because these songs, lyrically and structurally are sublime. By the time the torch-soul classic “Leaving You Behind” fades out you’ll feel like you’ve been through the wringer. The Colliery band style brass will give you chills or at least it does me. These 5 songs are world class snapshots of what real music is capable of. When all the hype and bullshit that we’re bombarded with daily/hourly is washed away then there’s something like this to pick you up no matter how far you reckon you’ve fallen. Recorded and mixed in less than a week, HS oozes grace. The like of which many lesser acts could never capture in four times that. Here’s to the next big Swedish export, remember where you heard about it – perhaps not first – but at least early.
Lost the plot somewhere between last night and today. Meant to list a bunch of shows like the last live music night at STEREO in Glasgow, presumably before it moves to its new location. There's also the Shock and Awe/Electra thing at Opium in Edinburgh and Robin Guthrie at The Cameo cinema. These are happening tonight and if you're looking for last minute kicks then go for it.

A little further afield there's HEAVY TRASH in Newcastle this coming Tuesday (June 6th) at The Cluny. This is the furthest North they're coming so...

I had to make a move in tidying up the HQ garden area and now I'm paying for it allergy-wise so nae gallavanting for me. Incessant sneezing during a set is not an attractive quality to my mind, particularly if it includes spray. So best stay in the bunker, Bigor and Ziga will be on Radio Student tonight doing a show about the recent All Tomorrows Parties weekend that included the Mudhoney-curated day.

The brief spells of what passes for summer seem to be upon us. I saw sights earlier today that endorse this belief and there's only so much bright white blubber a guy can stand. Surely "let it all hang out" shouldn't be taken so literally, particularly around eating times. But heck, it takes all sorts and the rain will be back soon enough. On that upbeat notion...

Update at 8.22pm... the Radio Student ATP review is in full swing and where else could you possibly catch The Scientists back to back with Teenage Fanclub? Not in this chuffing country that's for sure.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Been listening to the Bob Dylan Theme Night XM shows and he's been playing some great stuff. Imagine the surprise of hearing him open the "baseball" show with The Skeletons version of "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" from the 1988 NBT release, "In The Flesh". That and 7 new Boonaraaas songs in the mail. I'm sure it's all heading down the swannee from here...
RIP - Stinky Sono Buoni (Mad Daddys)

Thursday, June 01, 2006

This is the closest you'll come on this site to anything to do with the impending football bollocks that is set take over most (allegedly normal) people's lives in a weeks time. For Wreckless Eric, I'll make an exception. The video is HERE.
Being asked to compile this beastie was a trip. How do you whittle a catalogue like that of The Nomads down to just one disc? Of course, the band is familiar to NBT regulars but there are many thousands out there who have yet to have the pleasure. First exposure to these guys is up there with the first time you saw “It’s a Wonderful Life” or some other life-changing cultural event. Like watching The Sopranos. Check out the Mike Judge style cover art which shows the Kings of this particular hill getting ready to play a 25th anniversary show at Debaser, Stockholm this Midsummer. The set includes one brand new cut, “Ain’t No King of R’n’R Tonight”, the rare Dom Galna Hundarna belter “Skolsången” and killer liner notes by Jan Gradvall. So here’s to the best of the first 25 years and also to the next. Here’s a combo that’s at the very top of it’s game and showing no signs of fading. Raise a glass and toast their ability to raise a real boss racket whilst blasting their music as loud as your asbo (that's anti-social behaviour order for non-British citizens) will allow. Here’s the tracklist…

1. (I’m) Out of It
2. Wasn’t Born To Work
3. Primordial Ooze
4. Ain’t No King of R’n’R tonight
5. The Way (You Touch My Hand)
6. Where The Wolfbane Blooms
7. The Fast Can’t Lose
8. Call Off Your Dogs
9. Crystal Ball
10. The King of Night Train (single version)
11. She Pays the Rent
12. Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls
13. Fire and Brimstone
14. Don’t Pull My Strings
15. The Goodbye Look
16. Twilight Fades
17. Bad Vibes
18. Salvation by Damnation
19. I Can’t Wait Forever
20. Skolsången

Pre-order your copy at CD ON now. Release date is June 25th.
Bloody June 1st already? I must be getting old because time is verily racing by. Time is a precious commodity and it’s at a premium around here. It’s practically a week since Mary Lee’s Corvette was here and if you’re here in the UK, the shows are all over. You missed a rare old treat. Smash Palace did a great job of delivering a twang-tastic backdrop to let the material fly the way it does on record. Mayhap because Stephen Butler was heavily involved in harnessing what has become Love Loss and Lunacy. Anyway, hopefully it won’t be too long before the ‘vette can shoot back this way again. Check the MLC site for details of Stateside shows to celebrate the domestic release. This includes a schlep out west with Eric Ambel and the Roscoe Trio. If there’s somewhere I’d like to be tonight then that’d be Llubljana. Limbering up for an appearance by HQ favourites, The Bambi Molesters. I’m practicing my astral travelling in the vague hope that I can leave my earthly shackles and scoot over there but I’m fairly certain that I’ll have to make do with watching the dvd documentary at home. One of these days though, one of these days…
Congratulations to Jackson Heights residents, Laura Cantrell and Jeremy Tepper on the world debut of Miss Isabella May Cantrell Tepper. Born May 27th. I trust all is well and she'll have her own show at Sirius before we know it. All the best...