Monday, August 01, 2011

Rough. That just about covers the demeanour about now. Can’t seem to shake off this sore throat so it’ll just have to run its course. So yeah – Sheffield, way different to the last time I was there to see Springsteen when he toured “Tunnel of Love”. Getting there by train is a wee bit of a palaver but not much and it’s further down than I thought. Hence the urge to get off at Darlington.

Amy and Eric played The Greystones. A nice full room in the back of a bustling pub that seemed to serve a neighbourhood. There’s a full programme of stuff on there and while being in a residential that might not sit right with any major degree of sound volume – I haven’t been to many UK venues of late that are this well appointed. It was great to see them in good spirits. We hung out prior to the show and a bit afterwards. Highest highlights in a top calibre set included “Do You Remember That?”, “Kilburn Lane” and first time in a while – “The Trouble With Jeannie”. Andre filmed several clips that he’ll use to drum up attendees for the London show on November 26th at Union Chapel. Put the date in your diary folks.

And the fates smiled upon us in the accommodation department also. Plumping not to go down the Premier Inn route because it was too expensive – we went to Number Fifteen. A B&B that’s run by the promoter Simon’s wife Judith. Nice people, perfect place. If you’re heading to Sheffield then I unreservedly recommend that you stay there. An excellent breakfast with Sounds of the Sixties playing out in the background and no hangover. Result.

The train back to Edinburgh was cross-country so no changes. Not as comfortable as the East Coast mainline but it does the job. Hit the town a little after three and met Joss and Nadia with Yan and Steph at The Beehive down yon Grassmarket. Always a pleasure and it would have been even more so if the loutish packs of stag party scum could have been shepherded someplace else. Not drinking because I had to drive later perhaps heightened the low threshold of being able to zone out the incessant Neanderthal yelping but it was a small price to pay to watch the youngsters at our table having a good time.

From there it was a dash back to the station to get home and catch the vibes from Risør via a live stream. Imagine the frustration when this was interrupted and our homegal and her crew (Reine Laken) fell off the gas-powered PC radar for a bit. The only thing for it was to head for Tesco in order for A to stock up on tunnocks comestibles and a visit to the chippy. Most of my visitor's culinary jonesing was addressed this past few days methinks including the phenom known as the “crunchy pizza”. Then when we got back, we caught the rest of the RL set and the mission was indeed accomplished.

The drive in the wee hours to Edinburgh airport went without incident on autopilot to some degree. The remainder of Sunday is a blur and it's not a whole heck of a lot better now. Car insurance - that's what I needing to attend to now but the spirit and the flesh are very much in cahoots on this one.