Saturday, October 22, 2011

RIP - Edmundo Ros

The bunker is in partial disarray. As is my heid.

Still, one of the main things to steam my bean is the reportage of a certain shite band selling out 150K tickets and getting ready to hoover up another 75K with a third steee-rike. And of course, Eblurt is already awash with tickets. I hope the sellers clean up because I have less than nada sympathy for anyone that would consider spending a penny(bathroom reference is a handy coincidence) on these bastards. None of this is good for my blood pressure.

Of course I'm also cranky that I'm not waking up - or still up - In Madrid.

There's a Veronica Falls instore at Monorail tonight. Think I might toddle across there to a place where the mention of a certain Mancunian band is worse than the worsest curseword.