Monday, November 22, 2010

As a died in the wool info junkie, the experiment of trying to process less of that particular drug isn’t having the life-affirming effect that one might have expected. And as for spending that time wisely then that’s simply never come to pass. I have started on the bunker improvements though so I imagine the heid nip of that is a substitute of sorts. It takes SO DAMN long to get stuff done. A staunch believer in sensory gratification should have options, right?

Did take some time out yesterday though, to catch the first two-thirds of The Millennium Trilogy at GFT. The six hour shift of a Sunday afternoon was a good investment (I think) and primes me to catch the final third this coming weekend. Probably.

I’m a little sick of the interweb. Nothing updates quick enough and even the BBC seems to be sluggish. My inability to function in terms of being able to write reviews or just compile a simple post isn’t terribly up to snuff either. I do lapse in and out of a feeling of guilt if that’s any consolation? Better out than in, right?

Peter B. Kaufman was kind enough to send me the link to this and from there I found the Amy/Eric clip. I'm very privileged to be able to call three of these performer's friends. These videos really brought that home to me.

The guitar in this is heartbreaking... nice one Young Eck!