Saturday, December 31, 2005

So here's the hot ones from the past 12 months as far as I'm concerned. I could list several dozen cool reissues, but since they're nearly all released by the various labels mentioned in the sidebar, I suggest you dig around a bit and select your own picks. Signing off for 2005. Best wishes for the new year to all you NBT readers out there.


A-Lines - A-Lines
Black Lips - Let It Bloom
Black Time - New Vague Times
Cocorosie - Noah's Ark
Dictators - Viva Dictators!
Digger & the Pussycats - Watch Yer Back
Fevers - Love Always Wins
Ghetto Ways - Solid Brown
Nitwitz - Sex, Lies and Duct Tape
Reigning Sound - Home For Orphans
Spinvis - Dagen Van Gras Dagen Van Stro
Teenage Fanclub - Man Made
zZz - Sound Of zZz


Black Lips (Rotterdam)
Black Time (London)
CocoRosie (Utrecht)
Count Bishops (London)
Eddie & the Hot Rods (London)
Lyres (Rotterdam)
Television (Utrecht)

Friday, December 30, 2005

ROKY in The Austin Chronicle
New York Dolls on New Year's Eve!

Hard Rock Cafe - Times Square, 42nd st & 7th ave, NYC

Rock & Roll this new year's eve with a show put on by Little Steven and his Underground Garage... NY Dolls will headline with a 45 min. set supported by The Troggs, The Mooney Suzuki, The Woggles, The Fab Faux and others TBA.

Broadcast live on ESPN & ESPN 2 @ 12:30 am! Also streamed worldwide on

Find out about tickets

Update at 6.51pm - Chuffin' Hell... I just read Kopper's thing about the tickets for this being $300 a pop!? For that m sort of money surely you would expect The Fleshtones and not The Woggles? A rare stab at humour (forgive me or don't). The world hast surely tilted off its axis. Maybe it's like a fine for crossing the threshold of The Hard Rock Cafe. Oh well. The people who would really like to see a show like that would most likely not be able to afford it. Tis an ill-divided planet.

The real action is at Union Pool in Brooklyn. No doubt about it.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

End of the year lists are like the proverbial death and taxes so here's mine. In alphabetical order, cut and paste the artist/title into Google. Many of the act sites are listed on the LH side of this guff.

If you're in NY tonight then head to the Lakeside Lounge for the Amy Rigby show there.

If not then you'll have to make your own entertainment.

Louie Louie – Angel Corpus Christi (Gulcher)

The Barracudas – The Barracudas (NDN Records)

Humming By The Flowered Vine – Laura Cantrell (Matador)

Viva Dictators – The Dictators (Escapi)

Beachhead – The Fleshtones (Yep Roc)

Fuck Y’all EP – Fuck Y’all (Slutty)

Hacienda Brothers – Hacienda Brothers (Proper)

Rock & Roll Is Dead – The Hellacopters (Universal)

Triangle, Dot and Devil – Messer Fur Frau Muller (Aerocccp)

101 Songs about Cars, Girls and Food – The Morells (Almeron)

Think About It – The Morells (Hightone)

We’re An American Band – MX80 (Family Vineyard)

Music For Orphans – Reigning Sound (Sympathy)

Black Hole Rock – Mike Rep and The Quotas (Old Age/No Age)

Little Fugitive – Amy Rigby (Signature Sounds)

Weaselmania – Screeching Weasel (Fat Wreck)

Aloha! Go Bananas – The Spazzys (Fur)

Ready To Go – Suzy & Los Quattro (No Tomorrow)

Feber 2 – Lennart Persson Sweethearts – Various Artists (Amigo Musik)

Designs In Music - Ben Vaughn (Soundstage 15)

Happy trails to you and yours in 2006. Over and out of it.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

While RSI and a rather bizarre infection in my fingers is (still) keeping me away from the computer, the positive side is that I have plenty of time to catch up on reading and spinning discs. Tho' I promise to try to give you a rundown on what I've been into before the end of the year.
In other "news"; Alice 'n me spend last weekend in (former rock-city) Groningen for some Christmas shopping and a visit to the local museum (pictured). Even with the Vera club no longer bein' the hot spot it once was, a trip to Groningen is still well worth the bother. Good/cheap record shops, restaurants and musea will always be a plus... And just today we hit The Hague for a visit to the Gemeente Museum. Which, besides the (excellent) usual collection, had some amazing stuff on display by Constant Nieuwenhuijs and Jessurun de Mesquita. Also did a long walk in the freezin' cold to dig some of the city's architectural highlights, and again it was well worth it. NBT tourist info; Who woulda thunk it?

Sunday, December 25, 2005

So, you're looking for some Christmas music to make that party swing right? Well, Mike McEchron has stepped up to the plate and saved you. Click this BLACK CHRISTMAS link and you'll get what you deserve.

If you're playing around on the computer, killing time before the world starts to turn again, visit EVAN JOHNS site. I googled him after pulling out "Please Mr Santa Claus" and there he was.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Circumstances prevent me from covering last night’s BEATSTALKERS show at any great length but I can tell you that they pulled it off. They built the critter and people dragged themselves along to the fabled Glasgow venue where the band played regularly some 40 years ago. Augmented by backing singers and brass there was a certain oomph added to the material which included their recorded work and some “standards”. Particularly impressive was a glam marinated sprint through “Stagger Lee”. The Thanes did what they do prior to The ‘stalkers and turned in a fine, possibly too short set of long forgotten and some never known beat nuggets. I left to catch a train with a flu virus stompin’ on my noggin and it’s showing no signs of abating at the minute. My “Christmas” is pretty much on the ropes. I hope you’re faring somewhat better…

Update @ 15.50 hours - Mr Cruickshank confirmed that Zal Cleminson (SAHB) joined the band onstage toward the end of the show and fired things up a gear. It really was a good-natured affair. Like something set up for a great lost episode of Taggart or something. It was more like a social than your regular Barra's rock show. With a special ambience specific to Glasgow and then some.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Just got the word from Mr Vahlberg that FREAK SCENE RECORDS in Stockholm will be starting a closing-down sale on Tuesday (27th). This is one of the last proper record stores on earth and sad news. Juan Capel has done one heckuva tour of duty but he's had enough. And who could blame him? Juan has been a huge supporter of NBT over the years and we wish him nothing but the best.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Yesterday was supposed to be the shortest day but it didn’t feel like that from where I was sitting. Another relative kick in the ribs was the recent realisation that it is Thursday and not Friday. Bollocks indeed. But anyway, the days are fair drawing out and ‘tis the season that yours truly would prefer to be over. The faux bonhomie is in full swing and the (scum)hordes are buying up tons of stuff neither they or you need. The fact they can spend their brains out until late into Saturday means that all kindsa daftness will probably ensue. I don’t think the stores are closing here at all this year?

Need to get to compiling a list of “gear of the year”, assembling a cd, that type of activity. Roll on 12.30pm tomorrow! Beatstalkers at The Barra'lands tomorrow night, be there and be whisked back to what seem like better days.

Check out this NPR interview with AMY RIGBY. She'll be back out this way (hopefully) in Spring 2006...

Ben Weasel's latest entry really resonated with me and he's a young 'un compared to Methusalah here. I scored a copy of his combo's Weaselmania for my nephew's Christmas, hoping that it'll rub off in some way or other. Screeching Weasel really were something y'know and this latest Fat Wreck release is a belter if you need to hit upside the head to that fact. Then you can stock up on the albums...

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

"To all our friends and enemies alike, we at Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Company offer season's greetings -- hillbilly style, naturally! And we'll be celebrating in such suitable style at Otto's Shrunken Head this Thursday, December 22nd, so stroll, bike or scooter on over and join us, won't you? Next week's show will be our LAST at Otto's until Spring!" Thursday, December 22nd ~ Otto's Shrunken Head ~ 538 East 14th Street (just west of Avenue B), Manhattan ~ From 8:00 until 10:00 sharp ~ No cover ~ Last Otto's show is on December 29th! ~
Seems as though the Lefsetz thing I posted earlier links to an i-Pod commercial so bollocks to that. Too bad because it's very entertaining and the link took me directly to the "podcast". Anyway, nothing is ever simple, it seems.

So what to report? Absolutely sod all happening in this neck of the woods. Gearing up for The Beatstalkers on Friday and very much looking forward to not having to drive to the open prison of a dark foreboding morning until January 4th 2006. I have a dentist appointment on the 9th, gimme that any ol' day!

Let me know if there's anything I should be letting folks in on. Something in your locale perhaps? Don't care where on the planet it's happening, we have readers in every percievable nook and cranny looking for action. Me? I'm getting the bunker ready for some serious batoning of them hatches.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

I think that the "security" isssue is sorted now. Tis early days but fingers and everything else crossed that the bugs won't work, cyberinfection wise...

Had the misfortune to have to go out in the early afternoon yesterday, Whoa nelly! The scumhordes were out in droves and all the rages that converge to result in the "festive" mulled variety were bubbling away in the cauldron. I made it but it was touch and go for a wee whiley. Today, we're off to see a "heart-lifting" movie called - wait for it- "Merry Christmas" at Filmhouse in Edinburgh. My ticker ain't in the habit of being raised above working level but we'll see how it goes...

Update - Well the movie wasn't awful but not my kinda thing really. Railing perilously close to being a costume drama, it all seems a little contrived to the point of beyond obvious. It also has "Trevor" from Eastenders in it. Can't exactly recommend that it's a good use of two hours to be honest but there y'go...

Way more Christmassy and very likely to warm the cockles of your ticker is the ability to download Angel Corpus Christi's "Still Feels Like Christmas" for the duration of this holiday season. Go get it!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

The amount of decent seasonal tuneage this year is meagre but, completely out of the blue (no pun intended), a lowly 7" by The Come-Ons arrived at this here manger in a sharp hand stamped bag. Three songs, wrapped up in signed brown paper and string. The A-side is an original - "Christmas Lights of Blue", when you flip this baby over there are versions of "Don't Forget To Feed The Reindeer" and "My Favourite Things". I wonder sometimes, how this girl and boys haven't been discovered and thrust upon our undeserving world and then the penny drops. They actually offer entertainment value and our "friends" in the "business" evidently aren't down with that. You (however) can and may download the "Reindeer" portion whist learning about said combo in readiness for the revolution HERE.
Well, after listening to Sounds of the Sixties this morning, I have a desire to buy a Roger Whittaker compilation but that, as they say, is my problem. The other problem with this computer is still persisting so i'm trading warily. As it is, there's sod all to report anyway except to remind you about The Beatstalkers show at the Barra's in Glasgow this coming Friday (23rd). If anything REALLY scintillating turns up then i'll jump on this sucker and will check e-mail periodically. One is thinking of resolution on a number of fronts including my seemingly compuholic tendancies. Of course it wouldn't last but what if it did? What if it did?

Update - The Beatstalkers were on the Janice Forsyth Show on Radio Scotland this morning during the alst hour. You can catch that on the Listen Again feature available through the BBC website. They sound very much up for it and knocked out a groovy version of "Ramble On" in the studio to make sure the listenership got that.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Hello everybody. Getting ready for the Festering Season? Good. There are several hurdles to be overcome on this end including some kinda security issue with this thing I tap away at. I need to get that sorted out before I leave we open to all kindsa nasties which they don't do cream for. Please bear with this. There is almost nada to report anyway so you're not missing owt. If anything REALLY important goes down then I'll brave the cyber cooties to bring it to you. Cannae say fairer than that...

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Human League, The Proclaimers and… The Woggles were among the entertainers that hit up Edinburgh last night. I dragged my arse, through the birdshit canopy that is the underside of the train tracks along the Calton Road to Studio 24 for the latter but due to a coughing fit, I didn’t stay until the end. The venue was bloody Baltic and figure the cold and the smoke must have triggered something to make me feel decidedly gubbed. Anyways, the instro-mental stylings of Preston Pfanz and the Seaton Sands kicked things off quite nattily. With a perfectly measured set both in tuneage and length. Other combos could do well to take a leaf out of their book. I saw The Woggles once before, opening for the very wonderful Girl Trouble in San Francisco. Their Fleshtones approximation disturbed me then and it does so now. It makes me pine for the real super-rock deal and as entertaining as these Atlanta chaps can be, they’re not Zaremba, Streng, Milhiser and Fox. Throwing all the ‘tone shapes, The Woggles work hard but I detect little of themselves in their g*r*ge-r*ck pantomime. These are the Great Grandchildren of Nuggets and the crazy paving to the big burny fire is festooned with good intentions. Sometimes though, that ain't enough.

Preston Pfanz and The Seaton Sands have a 45 available on Forth Bridge Recordings. comprising "Knock Hill Chicane" and "Forth Dimension". The Valves claimed there was "no surf in Portobello", well - there's a fair head of twang to be had in close proximity some 28 years later.
"Hey folks
Jingle balls'n'bells to all you goodly people, especially Andrew & Lisa Perry, lovebirds of this parish, who recently tied the knot! Huzzah!
Saturday the 17th is set for the Sonic Reducer Xmess Thang, a riot of tinsel, bonhomie, alcoholic beverages, and twisted festive funk, soul, garage, punk, soul'n'junk 45s. Expect a snow-capped mountain of tuneage, including Clarence Carter's Back Door Santa, The Sonics' Santa Claus, Otis Redding's White Christmas, Fountains Of Wayne's I Want An Alien For Christmas, and TWO versions of the cockle-warming Christmas In Vietnam (neither by G Glitter!) ...
Our guest spinner for Old Saint Nick's fave hoedown of any annum is Tony 'The Folkie' Bailey, one of yer ever-lovin' SR crew's oldest and bestest friends, and he'll be dishing top drawer 45s from his legendary stash, kept under maximum security at a secret lair, high above the Holloway Road.
Truly, Jambo don't come no better, bar none ...
This Saturday will also mark BigKegShandy's birthday, and you're all invited to come and take the piss out of his increasingly Ray Reardon-ish hairline ... Tips on superior hairpiece manufacturers, under plain cover, will be gratefully accepted ...
If we don't see you at the bar, have a kool yule, and gear noo yerr ...

Selah! Joss & Joe"


Sonic Reducer At Filthy MacNasty's - Saturday December 17th - 7pm - Free
68 Amwell Street EC1
Tube: Angel
Tel: 7837 6067

Next SR: Saturday January 7th ...

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

"The first showing in Scotland of "WE JAM ECONO" The Story of the Minutemen will take place at STEREO on Kelvinhaugh Street, Glasgow on Sunday 18th December. It's at 7pm and entry is a meagre £4 at the door.

All (any?) profits will be sent to the film makers and in addition to the movie there'll be dj's playing the hits and rarities from The Reactionaries on. Plus screeing of live footage of the band in action. Don't choke, do it... econo."

Sunday, December 11, 2005

I made a brief, relatively unsuccesful attempt to attempt some Christmas shopping earlier. Not in a busy, bustling metropolis you understand but basically, my retailophobia is accelerating. The condition is now bordering upon apopleptic with no sign of regress in sight. Even in the relatively quiet backwater that I tried, it's too busy. People buying anything and everything to quell an urge to over extend themselves. You get the same crap everywhere now. Market forces have seen to it that conned-sumers like the limited choice. Of course, you can shop on-line but that too is fraught with problems. The fact that you'd have to factor delivery into the fray is, at this point, not really an option. My mind hurts at the very consideration of another patrol but tomorrow, as they say, is another, er, day. Another can o' worms more like...innit?
RIP - Richard Pryor

Saturday, December 10, 2005

It's too late an outing for Gran'paw here but you young 'uns are cordially encouraged to hightail it along to Optimo in Glasgow tomorrow (Sunday 11th December) to catch Quintron & Miss Pussycat... "The story goes as such: A club owner-turned outlaw flees Chicago and meets an oil painting puppet theatre founder in New Orleans. There, Quintron's Swamp-tech / Noise / Mood meets Miss Pussycat's Puppetry / Minimal Electronic Soundtracks. This one will be mental. You will also be helping the band out if you attend as they sadly lost pretty much their entire studio when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans."
What's with this weather? Less than a week ago it was sub zero, now its miserably damp but mild. Stand by for mutating viruses everybody. Just in time for your Christmas break. Coughs and sneezes are everywhere, Brits have a stiff upper lip, they don't like to stay in until their cold, flu, whatever is gone. They like to share, particularly the denizens of large open plan, call centre-esque offices. However, jockeying for some imaginary position of status will always win out so what's the point in mithering about it.

Don't forget The Woggles show in Edinburgh this coming Tuesday at Studio 24. It's a school night I know but it'll all be over by 11pm so it's kinda like a matinee. Besides Aram needs to cover his stake on this. Maybe Mr Coleman will write something about his encounter with the band at Dirty Water last night over the next day or so to put you in the mood?

Let's see what else... I guess the deadline for objections to The Cameo debacle passed yesterday. let's hope that enough of us responded to get this ridiculous notion banished from our collective radar. It'll be a couple of weeks before we find out what the verdict on the planning application will be. Fingers and everything else crossed then, eh?

Jings, crivvens, help ma boab... just found this Broons/Oor Wullie site on Tom Morton's Beat Croft blog.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Don't forget the Mose Allison documentary on BBC4 tonight at 9pm then again at 2.30am (Saturday morning). I think it's on again Sunday also (late, going into the wee hours of Monday). They bumped the duet with Amy apparently. Daft but what could one expect. The main thing is that it's on and the music will tower above the pontificating by Mose fans. The thought of Jools Holland giving a demo of the Mose style would be funny if it didn't creep me out so much. However, this is the guy that's done it all and started the whole enchilada. All hail to the king!

Update - Well it could have done with another half hour at least but this was a largely satisfying endeavour. There's a decent balance between Mose himself and his "famous fans". Further clips can be found here including Amy's duet on "Was". This cut will appear on her forthcoming "Everything And Nothing Too", out January 30th 2006 on Shoeshine.

Mose will be in London with his trio at Pizza on the Park from 13-23 January 2006.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

The stupid season is well underway. The time when people get even more cavalier with common sense than normal. It's no secret that I hate Christmas (or pretty much everything) but I do have a soft spot for a decent seasonal tune. The Raveonettes "Christmas Song" being one of the very best examples of the type in a long time. And how did I discover it? Through a blinkin' TV ad for a Garden Centre that pushes trees and all manner of other festive bollocks to the tinsel junkies. But anyway, I digress, much as I just want to hibernate in the bunker - sometimes one has to go amidst the hordes of zomboid subscribers to all this hollow tosh. One doesnae have to like it though and the napper-nipping volume of the Christmas music in my local supermarket tonight caused me to formally complain to the cashier about it. People around nodded in agreement and someone was sent to turn it down. If it had been The Ramones, loud wouldnae have been a problem, but Whitney Houston and East-feckin'-17? - just say no. Thankyou but no. No.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Soon available on Norton is a set of Dictators rarities and previously unreleased material. These songs have been doin' the rounds among fans for ages (see the DIY sleeve on the left that I found on the web), but it's great to finally see 'm appear legit. The album will be preceded by a 45 featuring the stellar 16 Forever in it's original 1978 incarnation. Demand a rush release here!
Some good things happenin' en France c/o Rockin' Prod. So mark your calenders.
More details on the Fleshtones tour as soon as they come in...
Don't let this be your winter of discontent, friend! Please come join Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co. in December for its final four shows of the winter at Otto's Shrunken Head. Brrrr!

538 East 14th Street (just west of Avenue B) /
Two BIG shows, from 8:00 until 10:00 sharp / No cover!

Michael "Ballads, Boogies & Blues"
In a galaxy far, far removed from all the bullshit awards and Hall’s of Fame that plague our daily existence, there are people who really deserve the accolades that these corporate could never understand. Take Feathered Apple Records from Switzerland as an example. Serving up long-lost slabs of sixties beat of the kind that that simply can’t be. The Sevens were from Basel where the label is based. The joins between the covers and their own fare comes together like a cool piece of invisible patchwork comprising fragments of the brit-scene that inspired them. Fairly Animal-istic. The album is available on cd and vinyl, the latter in a neat repro sleeve with a heavy stock poster tucked into the jacket. The reverse of said wall adornment has the liners and some memorabilia and photos, all curated painstakingly to give the group a voice in 2005.

The Jackie Fountains were a Swedish combo that have unwittingly part of The Stranglers Family Tree. However, before you roll your eyes and think – oh god, not those hippie bandwagoning shysters then rest easy, this was way before all of that bollocks. One of the founding members, Hasse ended up in the pre-Burnel version of that band and co-wrote their “Strange Little Girl”. Anyways, the rich seam of Swedish beat proves that country has always been ahead and The Fountains twang resonates as wantonly today as it did when it was cut. If you have the slightest interest in the period then you oughtta be hightailing it over to the FA emporium. Thrills guaranteed bird-flu free.

While we’re on the subject of beatsville ala 60's, don’t forget about The Beatstalkers pre-Christmas extravaganza at The Glasgow Barrowland Ballroom. They’ll be frugging it up with The Thanes and are promising all kinds of surprises on the night. See you down thonder!
Make plans for Rockville now to start the new year off with a Rumble, but not before sending this old year off by Crashing The Party here in Brooklyn, USA with MC Mighty Hannibal as the A-Bones and their special guests the Black Lips (insane new album LET IT BLOOM on In The Red label, kids!) blast off on New Years Eve at Union Pool, with the creme of the local disc jockey crew spinnin' their tiny little brains out: WFMU's Dave The Spazz and Rex of Fool's Paradise fame, Crypt Records' Tim Warren and the Little Killers' Andy Maltz. Union Pool boasts a beautacious old bar, excellent bathroom facilities, and a new showroom with all new fabulous sound system, lights, dance floor and full bar-- plus a great big stage with velvet curtains, plus under the stars patio smoke-n-booze patio lounge for huffers, puffers and overheated Booty Greeners! Rumor has it that the Mighty Hannibal will instruct the curious with Fishing Pole dance lessons, and that the Great Gaylord may be squatting to the E! Also, the 24 hour Kellog Diner is a block away for wee hour eggs and grits! Pass the hot sauce! Union Pool, 484 Union Ave at Meeker, Brooklyn NY (718) 609-0484

Monday, December 05, 2005

Black Lips - Let It Bloom (In The Red). The Black Lips were the big surprise of the Rotterdam Primitive festival earlier this year. What with their previous discs only hinting at what was a rather spectacular live set.
With their latest album Let It Bloom they have finally managed to capture their brand of hi-octane rocket fuel on wax. There's a strong Back From The Grave-like feel to the proceedings but without a hint of retro-isms. This is strictly here and now. Great songs and a scope that is way beyond the reach of your average garage band, this is a strong contender for album of the year.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

The closing dates for the SAVE THE CAMEO campaign are looming large. If you haven't already done so, please DO IT NOW! Even if you're not from around these parts, if you have time, lodge an objection. The more, the better the chance that the Council will notice the error of this way.

Apparently the "for sale" signs are soon to go up if they haven't already. Dark days for those of us who neeb independent cinema like oxygen.
So, Amy "did" Edinburgh last night and people came out. The show was also louder than the Glasgow set and underlined the fact that this Cabaret Voltaire place will be more than ready to take over from The Venue when it ceases to operate. It's a great space. Ms Rigby and co were blowing a head of steam just two days into the adventure. It really is something to see her front a band and I hope this is the start of a boost to her status here. It's about fucking time is an understatement. During her visit we also became acquainted with the great Wreckless Eric whose "Whole Wide World" makes an appearance in Amy's set. Eric is magnanimous when he says she should change the gender but the girl plays it in the original male perspective. Check the Amy Rigby site and if she's in your 'hood then do yourself a favour and cut along. The wheels are in no danger of falling off this time out.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

MOSE ALLISON documentary "EVER SINCE I STOLE THE BLUES" to air on BBC4, December 9th.
Mr Rooney sent a message to the effect that this very Sunday night, 11pm - Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds at The Sub Club in Glasgow. He might even sneak out and go... I just got back from seeing The Damned, it didn't move me and the keyboard player made it sound fairly heinous here and there. Wreckless Eric did the bizzo though, his half hour delivered more vitriol than the Carry On Up The Punk Rock Oldies seem to be able to conjure up here at the close of 2005. The sooner this year is over, the better!

Friday, December 02, 2005

+ Preston Pfanz & the Seaton Sands @Studio 24.
Tuesday 13th December 7:30pm-11pm
Tickets £4 at the door.
24-46 Calton Rd.
Edinburgh. T:0131 558 3758

"All the way from America. Combine a splash of surf, a pinch of rhythm and blues, a few fistfuls of soul, a whole lotta 60's-inspired rock n' roll, and you get the musical phenomenon that is The Woggles. From songs that shake the rafters to shows that tear the roof off, The Woggles are a four-man delivery system for 200-proof butt-shakin' r-o-c-k."
Amy Rigby's first UK show with a purpose built band kicked off last night at The Riverside Club in Glasgow. Considering this was the combo's first public outing it all went off swimmingly. Much of the set was culled from the latest album, "Little Fugitive" but there were also airings of a full-scale "All I Want" plus a groovin' flamey "You Tore Me Down".

By the time these folks get a few shows notched up this is gonna be a nifty outfit. Skewing away from the trad country path and into twang pop brush. Catch the show in Edinburgh on Saturday at Cabaret Voltaire in Edinburgh. It starts at 7pm.

Sad to hear that The Weirdos had to cancel their tour with The Damned because of personal stuff. It was the main reason for going. Also Patricia Morrison isn't with The Damned either. Bummer. Just have to close my peepers and let the ol' soul drift over to Ljubljana where The Nomads will be tearin' it up as only they can.

Anyway, that's the scoop. More later...