Friday, April 07, 2006

"hi kids,

if you can pull yourself off the easter bunny and chocolate over the next couple of weeks come and see The Phobics roll away the stone for easter at Indie Spin on Wednesday 26 April 2006

it's at The Rhythm Factory , 16-18 Whitechapel Road, London E1 1EW. and only a fiver in for 5 (count em) doses of rock n roll. nearest tubes are whitechapel or aldgate east.

8pm start five bands plus DJ Wayne Bootleg. "An evening of alternative and new sounds" (dunno which we come under!!)

GNA ( Global Noise Attack )... industrial rock theatre.
The Phobics know what we do.
The Spider House ...NW London songsmithquartet Glorious...delivering sharp 3 minute gems
Plus... an exciting act , come and find out for yourself !

we'll be checking your hands and feet for holes so make sure you have one of our fliers cos they'll pay us if there's enough of ya.

help the poor and needy, dance to the beat of the living dead and see us finish a set with all members concious

Just incase you haven't got the energy to go to Eric's site and follow the link to the World Cafe interview like Little Randy suggested in his comment then here's a direct conduit. A British (inter)National treasure on American Radio.

Kingly Books launch Val Lewton's "No Bed Of Her Own" at Mono this coming Wednesday 12th April at 8pm... more details here.