Friday, January 15, 2016


The photobook daddy of them all, seemingly longer than forever in the making, Shot In The Dark by my esteemed amigo David Arnoff and hits the streets courtesy of the good offices that are Sympathetic Press, the publishing wing of Sympathy For The Record Industry. The UK launch will take place this coming Sunday – 17th January – at The Islington (E13)  down in "The London".

Tis a door-stop and a half containing images of many your heroes and a few chancers. If you feel the need to browse then you might miss your chance to grab a copy so I would suggest just ordering a copy now. Not sure what the situation is with actual distribution and I wouldn’t want anyone to be repenting in leisure or any other such condition.

Take a look at David’s website should you be unfamiliar with his oeuvre. And, just in case just happened by here by accident, Mr Arnoff is the geezer that shot the covers of The Cramps “Songs The Lord Taught Us”, The Fleshtones “Roman Gods” and Stiv’s “Disconnected”

The sumptuous monochrome is a beautiful thing so if you don’t make it your mission to get one then you will almost certainly regret it in not so later life.