Monday, January 19, 2009

I do get myself into some fankles. This often comes as a by-product of not wanting to let people down. Other times it's borne of the reality of "if you need something doing, do it yourself, then you only have one person that you can blame".

Your reporter here excels in both avenues and also in the art of procrastination. Lately I've been seriously considering trying to spend less time at a computer. Being that I achieve the desired reduction at work then this will have to be tackled at home. However, it's proving to be easier to consider than do. I many ways, it's as bad as those who seemed to be glued to a mobile phone. At least I have no truck with that particularly bad habit.

While I have been known to use one, I do so very seldom. My desire to be like a small number of folks who will have nothing to do with such a device is an aspiration that is within my reach. At the same time, I appreciate the necessary evil status when logistics get futzed but then, and only then.

I can guarantee that when we get to the pub or wherever then the bloody thing is switched off. Honest injun. Are you even allowed to say that in this day and age of political correctness. The need to apply that same sort of discipline to my computer habits is where I'm at. Not sure how many steps it takes but I'll get there. Eventually. Possibly.
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