Saturday, January 05, 2013

So here goes... the long threatened return to blogging (perhaps) but there’s some big news to convey of a genuinely earth-shattering event that will take place this coming Monday – 7th January.

That’s the day that The Barracudas “God Bless The 45” will “hit the stands”. Well actually it won’t - because this 3 track return to the ring isn’t available from any shops or outlets other than direct from the portals of PurePop Recordings. All the clickable bells and whistles can be accessed here and you can secure your desired number of copies from the comfort of your lair.

No having to go outside. No interaction with surly store assistants. This baby will make its way to you. As you probably understand, this is a power pop paen to the definitive format for the form. The flipside comprises “Festival Pop” and “East European Girls”.

The band also has a show at The Lexington in London on March 17th but I wouldn’t wait until then to snaffle a copy of the single. They’ll probably all be gone by then.

“Cut the crap, get to the chorus” – I second that emulsion!