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Alle Macht der Super-8 - Berliner Undergroundfilmer stellen sich vor Catching a Glimpse of West-Berlin Subculture, 1978-1981

"West Berlin at the end of the 1970s: a new generation is looking for the truth of being amongst the debris of the past. The "nouveau sauvage" (Neue Wilde) establish the Galerie am Moritzplatz, the SO 36 opens, and bars like Schizzo, Café Mitropa and Risiko turn the night into day. Everyday life turns into art, and art becomes mundane. 'Nothing is true – everything is possible' is the sign of the times. The films of Alle Macht der Super8 emerged at the margins and in the middle of this transformation. Super8 technology was cheap and easily available. Anyone could work in this medium without expertise or investment. Anyone could materialize his own subjective view of the world and share it with others.

In 1981, these films were collected by a man called padeluun, himself a movie maker, musician and network activist. What emerged from this was Alle Macht der Super8, a nine-hour long compilation of these films that went on tour through West Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the same year.

This DVD presents twelve Super8 films, selected from the original programme and newly restored. Also featured are Knut Hoffmeisters Deutschland, interview clips, and original documents.

These films speak about the paradoxes of a movement that never was a movement and never wanted to be a movement. Alle Macht der Super8 – Berliner Undergroundfilmer stellen sich vor gives a glimpse of West Berlin subculture in the years 1978-1981: radically subjective, riotously funny, without compromise."

01. Pommes Frites statt Körner, Yana Yo FRG 1981, 5:24 min.
02. Ohne Liebe gibt es keinen Tod, Ingrid Maye & Volker Rendschmidt, FRG 1980, 4:35 min.
03. Der Elefant vom Potsdamer Platz, Peter Fischer Piel, FRG 1980, 7:35 min.
04. Berlin – Alamo, Knut Hoffmeister, FRG 1979, 8:50 min.
05. Hammer und Sichel, Walter Gramming, FRG 1978, 4:31 min.
06. Don´t forget to leave the highway, padeluun, FRG 1979/80, 6:58 min.
07. Underground USA, Ika Schier, FRG 1980, 5:39 min.
08. Die Enthüllung des Phantoms, Hella Santarossa, FRG 1978, 8:28 min.
09. Handlich, Ruza Spak, FRG 1980, 8:53 min.
10. 3302, Christoph Doering, FRG 1979, 14:35 min.
11. Nur Geld ist aufregend, Axel Brand & Anette Maschmann FRG 1980, 11:58 min.
12. Darum oder Was erwartest Du?, Jürgen Baldiga, FRG 1980, 6:12 min.

Bonus Material
Deutschland!, Knut Hoffmeister, FRG 1980, 21:15 min.
"Alle Macht der Super8" - Interviews of Yana Yo, Axel Brand, Knut Hoffmeister and padeluun (12:30 min.)
Catalogue "Alle Macht der Super8" (1981) PDF
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Chris Wilson joined The Flamin' Groovies to replace the departing Roy Loney as lead singer and spearheaded their proudly Anglophile masterpieces, including Shake Some Action, Flamin’ Groovies Now! and Jumpin’ In The Night before going on to form The Sneetches. Bringing things up to date, Chris has now moved to London and joined the ressurected Barracudas. With appreciation for the Flamin’ Groovies as high as it’s ever been, Chris figures that there are enough people out there wanting to hear the songs that he recorded and played on during his time with the Groovies. So with the most rabid of fans on board, including members of The Scientists, The Barrracudas, The Scoundrelles and Silver Chapter, be prepared to hear note- (and attitude) perfect renditions of such favourites as the aforementioned, as well as Slow Death, You Tore Me Down, Between The Lines, When I Heard Your Name and many more classics besides.