Sunday, June 04, 2017


The soundtracks to Lynch projects have always added an important element to the overall effect. The ideas he “catches” are layered in sound. It’s already been stated in a few places that the music in TP – The Return isn’t up to the Badalamenti/Julee Cruise original but it should be considered that the “Lynchian” sound didn’t really exist before that. Elements came together to make this ethereal, neo-symphonic feel that seems so prevalent now. The low frequency hum that weighs in as sound design is as metal machine muzak as it gets. This too has been a trademark all along.

The idea of closing each episode with a related-sounding act is likely a blessing and a curse for both parties. I’d never knowingly heard Chromatics before the opening salvo of this semester but I must have. They just never made an impression before and while investigation of their catalogue suggests to me that their output is a wee bit patchy, there’s no denying that when they hit their stride, as they do on “Kill For Love” then they’re very good indeed. Episode 3 includes The Cactus Blossoms who out-Isaak Chris isaak to some extent. Michael Shelley has been raving about them for months and again, while I quite like them, I think it’s the familiarity that appeals more than the songs.

Au Revoir Simone closed part 4. I also kind of like them but I can’t eat a whole one. I saw them in London more years ago than it seems possible because the first time Hello Saferide played in the UK was opening for them. They couldn’t hold a candle to Annika Norlin. They didn’t then and they didn’t now. That made me wonder if Lynch is aware of HS or Sakert! This is very post-Twin Peaks music too, albeit of a different calibre. Anyway, I’m not complaining, I’m just stating a fact. I look forward to hearing what else this “Jimmy Stewart from Mars” guy has in store for us. It seems to me like he might be sending himself up to some degree and that everything but the proverbial kitchen sink could be coming at our noggins. One can but hope.