Monday, July 13, 2009

Heading for the Springsteen show in Glasgow tomorrow and I think that rain is forecast. Big surprise but anyway much as yours truly isn't disposed to that environment, it'll be an interesting sociological experiment. Can't say I've been terribly enamoured with any recent output apart from "Dream Baby Dream" but it'll be good to see Little Steven and Clarence Clemons up there.

The E-Street band hasn't been this far north since May 1981. The night after The Cramps stormed the Nite Club in Edinburgh. There's nobody else that I'd go to this size of show to see. Not that you can see anyway and with regard to "hear" then best not to overcook expectations. I expect that technology has improved but let’s not expect miracles.

Then there's all the health & safety and security hoopla in addition to the chasm between the act and the audience too. All stacked against an all-round positive experience but heck, let’s give it a go. I can't think of anything worse than attending something like T in the Park. Aside from the of being way too old, there's the music which in my opinion was just one god-awful current phenom after another. And then there's aspect of so many of today's artists looking like brickies.

No disrespect to that particular trade but you expect some element of glamour, however misguided to be involved, right? I'm trying to get my head around the quite legitimate aspect of "it doesn't matter what he/she/they look like it's the music that counts". I'm inclined to along with it in terms of just listening but I don't want to go to a show and see the sonic equivalent of paint drying. And then there are some of the names these things have.

Elbow being a case in point.

It doesn't matter what they're called I hear you scream at whatever you're reading this on. To which I counter, oh yes it bloody well does. Used to be you could buy a record and pretty much tell what it sounded like by the way the act looked. Not anymore because in order to fleece every last sheckle out of you, unscrupulous individuals will style their wares to rope you in. Not that the combo named after that particular bodypart have done this. I have no idea what their albums look like but I know that I don’t care. Chin-stroking was never my forte and believe me I have plenty of them if I ever want to take that particular pastime up.

If you find yourself in Manhattan tonight, check into Otto’s and see the Big A debut of Big Knife. Now there’s an example of a GOOD name.

And blimey, there's another episode of the world according to Wreckless Eric just been uploaded!