Friday, June 05, 2009

It felt like Friday would never come. Like I was staring down some kind of barrel but now it's here. Five new acts to herald the weekend to keep you amused until I get my act as close to together as possible. Normal service is a consideration but it feels like a long way off. It was raining this morning for the first time in over a week. Could be some kind of record or a tape even. Talking of which, I've a mind to start wading through the boxes of cassette clutter that reside here in the bunker.

The Boonaraaas!!! “Destroy that Boy”

Nothing can kick start a Friday evening like the Boonaaas! Plus they’ve revamped their myspace so check the new decor.

Theodor Jensen “Songbird”

The man from The Plan (and Broder Daniel). Grandiose pop don’t come much grandioser. Is that even a word? (Thanks Hugo)

New Math “Welcome To My World”

They’re back to save the world and there’ll be an album done before the years out.

Nightinghales “Don’t Pretend”

From Minnesota, the missing link between Pavlov’s Dog and The Dandy Warhols. Not a typo on the name by the way...

Pat Simon “Small Town”

Saw that Beat Madchen had this posted again and incase you missed it last time I posted a link, don’t miss it this time!

And that's about yer lot. Quite a bit of work to be done around these parts so without further ado. Have a fine Friday nicht. I'm planning on taking it pretty slow with a mind to moving up a gear tomorrow. Of course, that could be subject to review.