Monday, August 06, 2007

When I got in last night I fully meant to post a review but when I got the Lee news it kind of bummed me out. I couldn’t find the actual facts until early this morning. Running at the last minute, a part of this am was taken up by mild solvent abuse and I’m still kind of under the influence. I guess the adequate ventilation wasn’t what I figured. Punk bloomin’ rock, that’s me. Out and out.

“Bill Hicks, Hunter S. Thompson and Joe Strummer all rolled into one” might be one way of putting it but I never considered Ed Hamell to be a comedian before. Sure he’s funny but it’s peculiar to consider this show as being outside the rock’n’roll arena. It’s still Robbie Fulks via Lou Reed to Ben Vaughn in a satirical context to me. But this setting is a great twist. One that more “entertainers” should consider and the 6pm start time is perfect. Music has sort of become a cul de sac on the way to the club/disco/call it what you fucking like. Hellhole would be my choice. It’s all gotta be over by 10pm or 10.30 at the latest because the alcopop guzzlers are the one’s that keep the venues that are left, open. But anyway, this guy has more energy than your closest power station. The material that makes up The Terrorism (of Everyday Life) is more observation than outright song but the evangelical nature of the delivery makes it part sermon/part seminar. The latter is when we all get to scream “Fuck It!” at the top of our voice several times. Like bringing a wee touch of the Grande Ballroom to the Edinburgh Festival. So yeah, an hour well spent. He’ll start off by telling you that the show isn’t for everybody but bollocks to that. The world would be a better place if it was.

The show is on all through August (except the 15th) so if you can, get your tail down there. If you want to read his diary blog as to how he rates the shows then you’ll find that here. He’s hoping to shoot a film of the show during this run for release on dvd in early 08. Last night I think he hit full stride, yell for “Kick Out The Jams” if you go. Next time I sure as hell will. Tickets, go get ‘em!

And now I've discovered a whole wheen of Stereo Total videos on YouTube. I might be here for a while...