Friday, November 07, 2008

RIP - Mark Price (Tin Huey)
One of my least favourite smells in the world is that of soy. Henry's Cellar Bar is part of the restaurant upstairs and it takes a wee while to adjust to the guff that comes with the territory. It's a bit of a howff for sure but magic can happen there and that was typified by the Eric and Amy show last night thrown courtesy of Murray Ramone.

Despite adverse PA conditions, the intrepid duo kicked up quite a stramash. A great set cherrypicking material from their extensive collective back catalogue interspersed with the kind of banter that sets them so far apart from anything else on earth. Yes Patrick, they did "You Tore Me Down".

In addition to being a musical and songwriting tour de force, these two are entertainers. Very few people are all three. They should be more popular than the most popular thing you can think of. Take it from me, they're working on that.

Ignorance is a big factor in the equation. The potential in this, what might seem on paper to be another americana or folkie bunfight is so wide of the mark as to be in another zip code. This is atomic pop, expertly warped that doesn't conform to any comfortable pigeonhole. I'm just about to head out for another helping.

Check the dates here and keep your fingers crossed that they're making a stop near you.
Last night's Edinburgh show went damn well and all roads lead to Glasgow tha'nicht.

I'm running a tad late this morning, just about plotzed when the alarm went off...

A big shout out to Francis and Ciara on the arrival of Hugh on to this post-Bush planet.

More later, quite possibly...