Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The discipline of regular blogging is going through fits and starts here. There are more pressing matters to attend to and those, in conjunction with an alarming ability to procrastinate, generally dictates that it's hard to see anything through to completion. Add to that the almost daily problems with my ISP and losing my internet connection, there's a strong urge to just bodyswerve this damn thing altogether. Call it time out for reasonably faithful behaviour.

How much more information do you need anyway? You're probably stappit to the gunnels, I know I am. Attempts continue to be made to post daily but what I'm essentially trying to say is that there are perhaps situations where that won't happen. Damned bollocks, logistics and plain old lethargy are a lethal mix.

Plus I just got episodes 7, 8 and 9 of the 4th season of The Wire. Tomorrow I'll probably have the first two slices of Generation Kill also. So I have to find an extra five hours somewhere to break even. And that garden ain't gonna tidy itself irrespective of how much I wish...
RIP - David Kahn