Wednesday, October 31, 2007

RIP - Linda Stein

Update 1/11 - Mr Sherwood sent this link in relation to the LS thing. What a shame. I met Linda Stein on a couple of those early UK trips and I have to say that she was always perfectly nice. I can't claim to have known her but she was absolutely key, like Danny Fields to building the foundation of the NY invasion on the UK.
The post here was fitted with auto destruct to disappear into the ether as All Hallows Eve fizzled out. "The Band That Time Forgot"? Perhaps not.
Hallowe'en greetings to all who enter here...

Working at the weekend might have made a miniscule temporary improvement to my ailing finances, but it wreaked untold damage on that most precious commodity - free time.

However, take a swatch at the cover for the upcoming Primevals return to the ring. The full skinny coming soon.

As we close out October here, all I can do is say that I hope to maybe make inroads on the backlog that's accumulated. Being that we don't peddle stuff with a 6 minute lifespan that oughtta be do-able. As some of you are about to witness the return of The Sonics. I hope it goes well. Actually, the fact that I'm not going to be there pracically bloody guarantees it. If I did then they'd probably have turned into Weather Report. Anyways, Friday sees the UK debut of The Boonaraaas!!! at DWC and that's plenty exciting for an ageing geezer like myself. See you in sunny Tufnell Park?

And, oh yeah, bye bye Trident (link courtesy of Mr McLean)