Monday, July 28, 2008


Here is UGLY THINGS #27. 216 pages / perfect bound / full-color glossy cover. Co-headlining our big cover story this time are The Who and The Small Faces as Andy Neill reports on their controversial 68 tour of Australia and New Zealand, complete with an array of WOW-inducing unpublished photos. Also, for the first time anywhere, the story of Garden Grove garage rock teens The Spats ("She Done Moved," "Gator Tails & Monkey Ribs"), Brooklyn, NY psych rockers The Koala, and 70s NYC punks The Victims. Also on tap, Jon Savages revealing interview with Beatles publicist Derek Taylor about Brian Epstein, a conversation with Animals guitarist Hilton Valentine, drop-dead delicious Sixties beat girl/style icon Gillian Hills, R&B songwriting genius Alonzo B Willis, Mike Hudson of the Pagans, and Johan Kugelbergs countdown of the best junkshop Glam Rock discs. And theres more. Sixties garage rock a-go-go with The Heard ("Stop It Baby"), The Persuaders, The Lost Souls, plus more Garage Rock history from Californias Inland Empire. Also: Exotic beat music from Chile and Venezuela, Jack Downing & the Other Side, and Ade Blackburn of Clinic picks his all-time Psychedelic Top 10. All this and more-including, of course, our extensive review section, covering all the latest reissues and music-related books and DVDs.
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