Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Psychedelicised space folk ("Teflon Wok") or glistening ramshackle Byrdlike Velvets-esque pop ("Bobblehead Doll"), take your pick but take it soon. This artefact that Amy and Eric have put together reinforces the spell that vinyl is like a huge roaring fire in terms of its ability to radiate warmth.

I'm sure that it sounds proper grand in digital form too but you really want one of these. You don't have a record player? Well sunshine - you need to rectify that.

A seasonal message from Sir T. Phobic...

Amigos, Take one gig into the bathroom? - bugger that - This Saturday Me and Moyni will be plying our dubious talents at two gigs within 2 hours.

First off, we will be at The Lord Hood in Greenwich for the esteemed Modern Love Xmas bash at 8 30pm in a no star line up including Danny and Max(Cherry Reds/Wheelers) Andy from Modern Love. We aim to give a severe kicking to such faves as "I live for Speed, Sonic Reducer, Chinese Rocks and No Fun and festive cheer will be represented by ham fisted versions of sleighride and a merry jingle.

Before the applause and amps cool down, me and the moynster will be hot footing it to the 12 Bar in Denmark Street for a 10pm Phobics set. It's our last gig for 2009 so grab the chance to see us before santa gets his yule log out. Anyone going to both gigs will be presented with a free festive pint so what have you got to lose except your sobriety?

Come on down and see the ghosts of christmas p*st, you know it makes sense!


I was kind of down with the lark of the RATM subterfuge for a short while but am more than over it. It’s all grist to the corporate coffers after all and really, we don’t want that, do we? So if you fancy a wee festive tickle on the Christmas music front then why not try one of these…

On the brand new front, there’s Eagleowl’s “Sleep The Winter”. Available as a fantoosh 7” in a strictly limited run of 500, I’m inclined to take their advice but make sure you secure a copy first because they’ll all be gone by the time that you stir.

Out a year but sparkling like a bright shiny punk rockin’ power poppin’ penny is Vibeke’s EP. 5 deep, crisp and even winners – no need for any partridges (Andy or otherwise, likewise those bloody pear trees).

And in the old chestnut department, (Captain) Jon Graboff ’s "For Christ’s Sake" still rules the roost. A hardy sonic perennial. See how I came back to the aviary type theme there. Bloody blogging gold innit.

And courtesy of Santa Mike... incase you never grabbed it last time out!

The visitor numbers seem to be returning to a more believable rate now. I guess folks do just tap the overused phrase into a search engine as a result of media sooth saying and trumped up Battle of the Bands compy. God only knows what state they’ll be in if they experienced Juanito… hopefully nothing too traumatic. Or maybe they were converted? As you know, optimism isn’t my strong suit but I do live in hope - now and again...